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Seven Reason Why Authentic NBA Jerseys are the best to buy

NBA Authentic Jerseys are the best jersey to have in your basketball jersey collection. The authentic jersey comes with significantly increased price tag. Due to the increased price, we put together seven reasons together as to why are the authentic jersey and the best jersey purchase to make.

1. Designed to exact specification of NBA players

Authentic jerseys are designed to the exact specification as the jersey which the NBA players wear on court, hence the name authentic. Due to the jersey being the exactly the same as the jerseys that the NBA players wear, the price of an authentic charity is almost double that of a swingman jersey.

2. Larry O’Brien Trophy on the jersey

If the authentic jersey that you are buying is of an NBA team that has won an NBA Championship, then on the back of the authentic jerseys by the neck line there will be a tag which shows how many championships that NBA team has won. The tag features the Larry O’Brien Trophy and the number of championships that team has won next to the trophy This is a unique feature of authentic jersey.

3. Lighter than other NBA jerseys

Following Nikes take over as sponsor of NBA jerseys, the NBA jerseys have significantly reduced the weight of the authentic jerseys. Nike have taken away the excess technology of authentic jerseys which used to be quite heavy. Following this removal of weight it has reduced the overall weight of the authentic jerseys by a third. This means that the authentic jerseys are lighter than they used to be.

4. Slim Fit Jersey

Authentic jerseys are slim fit, which is the fit that the NBA players wear on court. As mentioned previously the authentic jersey is the same as what NBA players wear on court in every way. In previous years, NBA jerseys were quite baggy which matched the image of the baggy shorts (check out our article about baggy basketball shorts here). Any other NBA jersey purchased, such as the swingman, will not have the slim fit feel.

5. Different Arm Hole Fit

The cut of the armhole on the authentic jerseys are very different to that of a Swingman jersey. As mentioned the jerseys are the exact same as what the NBA players wear on court. NBA players want a smooth shooting action and the traditional jersey hole is not sufficient for the NBA athletes. The authentic jersey has a more snug fit around the Whereas, the fanatics jersey has an open hole rather than the snug fit.

6. Are Authentic Jerseys Stitched?

A regular question about authentic jerseys are, is an authentic jersey stitched? The answer is yes they are stitched. The letters and numbering are stitched on an authentic jersey, where as the other jerseys that are produced are screen printed rather than stitched. This adds to the uniqueness and the overall quality of the authentic jersey.

7. Jock Tag

The label at the bottom of the authentic jersey is unique. The label features the NBA logo on the label with the word authentic. The label also includes the size of the jersey and has a code on the label (ady is this unique). The label comes with the Nike Connect feature where users can access unique content for the team of the jersey that they have purchased.