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Where can I buy NBA Jerseys online?

Knowing where to buy basketball jerseys online is key to ensure that you do not end up with a fake jersey. There is nothing worse than being duped by a fake NBA website, we see this quite a lot particularly with Instagram ads and the offer of significant discount.

Where can I buy NBA jerseys online? NBA jerseys can be purchased at Fanatics who are the official retailers of the NBA. Other legitimate stores include the NBA Store, and Mitchell and Ness.

We have reviewed each site to ensure that you understand where and where you cannot buy NBA jerseys.

Legitimate sites selling NBA jerseys

The following stores sell NBA jerseys legitimately. For ease of reference we have put the sellers into a table and linked to their websites to ensure that you are purchasing forma an official seller.

WebsiteDescriptionLink to website
FanaticsOfficial retailer of the NBAClick here to visit Fanatics
NBA StoreLicensed retailer of the NBAClick here to Visit the NBA Store
Mitchell & NessLicensed retailer of vintage NBA jerseysClick here to visit Mitchell & Ness
NikeOfficial Kit ManufacturerClick here to visit Nike

The above is the top four places you should try for your jerseys and are moist likely to have the best selection. However, there are sports retailers that will sell NBA jerseys such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Hibbett Sports, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Footlocker and Kickz although the jersey selection could be limited. You can trust these retailers and you have your consumer rights if you are not happy with the jersey.

Sites selling NBA jerseys which you should be cautious of

You have to be cautious of buying your jerseys off of Amazon and eBay. Although there are authentic NBA jerseys and apparel on these sites. There is also a huge amount of fakes or replicas as they are known. The first give away is the price, for instance the Black Mamba jersey was released in August 2020 and sold out instantly. Currently, the official jersey is selling around $500 on resale sites. Therefore, someone on eBay will not be selling the Black Mamba jersey for $15. If it is too good to be true then it is.

This jersey is rare and would not be sold for so little.

If you are unaware of the Black Mamba jersey then checkout the video I put together of how the Black Mamba jersey came to be.

Amazon is another site which you have to be cautious of when buying basketball jerseys. The reason being is fake jerseys appear on the website. For instance all the jerseys below are all fake. As we have said before if it is too good to be true it probably is.

Sites that do not sell legitimate NBA jerseys

There are a number of websites which do not sell legitimate jerseys, one of the main culprits of this is I find Wish selling fake NBA jerseys absolutely bizarre given the fact hat it sponsors the Los Angeles Lakers, why the NBA hasn’t called them out on this is an absolutely mystery. Perhaps its because have the most expensive sponsorship deal in the NBA. Below you can see my review of a NBA jersey from

DHGate is another website which sells fakes jerseys and is very familiar to Other websites which tend to sell fakes usually post Instagram ads. These ads will take you to websites that are too good to be true and they do look like legitimate websites however, they are not. The give away is usually a limited time sale or the URL being unusual.

If you are desperate to get a jersey make sure you get a legitimate the reason jerseys are so cheap is that they are made by people who are probably being paid very little and this alone is a main reason why you should buy legitimate jerseys. If you want tot save money on a jersey then follow my tips below which shows you how to get money off legitimate nba jerseys.