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I fell in love with Basketball when I was about 9 years old. Since then I have played on, coached and organised many teams. I’ve followed the NBA ever since. With no home team I’ve always rooted for teams and players I like the style of. The last 2 decades that’s meant Greg Popoviches Spurs for the most part. My favourite NBA podcasts are The Lowe Post, Open Floor and The Ringers “The Mismatch.

What I want to achieve with Basketball Noise

To me Basketball is everything. It provides me with friendship, entertainment, a creative outlet, competition, something to work on and get better at – oh and exercise!

When the opportunity came around to start working with two of my great friends on Basketball Noise and actually write about the game I love, I jumped at it. Basketball can be many things to many people, some people will latch onto our articles about style, clothing and kicks. Some will lean toward our work on the X’s and O’s of the on court drama. For some it’s about the history, who did what when and why it matters now. The there’s the over growing fascination with the drama of the present. Who tweeted what about who, dropped a dis-track or committed something to wax that they just aren’t going to be able to take back now the internet has it. For me it’s everything. I love it all. I hope you enjoy reading Basketball Noise as much as I love writing it.

Basketball teams I have played for

I started relatively late with Basketball. Having always focused on more traditional British sports like Football (the one with the feet) and Athletics. Once I got going though I played for many teams.

Ultimately leaving University and starting a local club. Shortly after I moved onto coaching both men’s and women’s teams. Currently I play for fun, wherever I can find a run and wait eagerly for my daughter to get the bug!

What NBA Team do I support?

Not having a local team to support in the NBA I’ve always leaned towards coaches or players who catch my imagination.

For the last 20+ years that’s mostly been Greg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs. Manu Ginobili is my spirit player, all heart and hustle. I’m an equal fan of both greatness and the underdog. So naturally Lebron James has captured my imagination. From watching him on grainy YouTube clips in his high school games, through 17 years (and counting) on top of the NBA he’s somehow managed to be both the greatest player of his generation and a perennial underdog almost every June.

Favorite NBA Moment

My favourite NBA moment has to be the combination of seeing the Spurs collapse under the weight of Ray Allen’s shot in 2013, followed by their precision demolition of Lebron’s Miami heat 12 months later. Lebron vs the Spurs was always going to be a heart wrencher for me. I don’t think it could have played out more perfectly.

My Basketball Story

One of my most personal connections with Basketball is the family Christmas Championship I used to play against my brother every year. Stemming from a desire from our Mum just to get us out the house as testosterone fuelled teenagers, we battled it out, in rain, ice and snow for over a decade every Christmas Day. You can find YouTube clips of some of it here, although it’s far from elite level!

Basketball Bucket List

Having the opportunity to head out to New Orleans in 2017 to watch the Allstar game was an NBA highlight for me. I’d love to play down at Venice beach before my joints seize up completely!