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Editorial Policy for Basketball Noise

Mission Statement: Basketball Noise is dedicated to delivering informative and engaging content about the NBA and basketball to fans of all levels of interest. We aim to provide easy-to-read articles enriched with stats, unique graphics, and videos.

Content Guidelines:

  • All content is created by Louis and James, ensuring a unique and original perspective on NBA-related topics.
  • Louis focuses on articles, while James specializes in graphics and videos.

Content Focus:

  • The primary focus is on NBA-related subjects, with occasional coverage of Euroleague and the UK basketball scene.

Content Types:

  • The blog primarily features blog posts with statistical analyses, along with reviews of basketball jerseys and related products.

Tone and Style:

  • The writing style is casual and conversational, designed to engage readers as if they were having a discussion with a friend in a relaxed setting.

Frequency of Publication:

  • We aim to publish two to three articles per week, although the schedule is not rigid due to personal commitments.

Sourcing and Citations:

  • All content is thoroughly researched, and sources are cited for factual accuracy and transparency.
  • We prioritize primary sources, official statements, and reputable sports news outlets.

Originality and Plagiarism:

  • All content is 100% original, and we do not accept or tolerate plagiarism.

Comments and User-Generated Content:

  • Comments are moderated to ensure they align with our standards of respectful discourse. Negative or rude comments will be deleted.

Contributors and Guest Posts:

  • We do not accept guest posts or contributions from external authors.

Product Reviews:

  • We review jerseys and products based on firsthand experience or feedback from trusted sources.

Transparency and Conflicts of Interest:

  • We disclose any affiliations or partnerships with brands to maintain transparency and integrity in our reviews.

Corrections and Updates:

  • We acknowledge and rectify factual inaccuracies or outdated information promptly, providing clear updates to the original post.

Legal and Ethical Standards:

  • We are committed to upholding all legal and ethical standards, including copyright and privacy considerations.