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If you clicked this profile then you have found me James and one of the founding members of Basketball Noise (Louis is the other one). I started playing basketball when I was 15 years old and the local council built a basketball court by my house. From the start I was hooked. I started supporting the Indiana Pacers, they made it to the Finals in my first year of supporting them.

IT was basketball let introduced Louis and I. We met an annual basketball tournament and became good friends. A few years ago, I briefly built a site called Swish Kicks but we never took it seriously enough. Fast forward to 2019 and we begun building Basketball Noise with Louis involved as well.

Was I any good at basketball?

A question which is probably wondered, is am I any good at basketball. I used to be an ok basketball player. I started late as a basketball player and never reached dizzy heights but I am proud of what I achieved. When I was 17 I played South East England for the Under 23s and we won the South East Competition, I then got a small scholarship to a British University. It was at the age of 17 where I played against a future NBA player, Joel Freeland (I will do a YouTube video on that). That first year was amazing, although I studied history the basketball coach let us set in on all the sports science lessons and I was playing basketball six days a week. However, in my second year the coach left and I became stagnant.

I then came home and played local league, I have never been the player I once was but I still enjoy the game and I don’t mind being a bench player.

My Basketball Jersey Collection

Like Ady and Louis, I love Basketball Jerseys. You can see my jersey collection below where I go through it in under 1 minute.

My complete collection is as follows:

  • Vince Carter Toronto Raptors Jersey
  • Michael Jordan Washington Wizards Throwback
  • Nicholas Batum Charlotte Hornets Jersey
  • Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls Jersey
  • Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey
  • Ben Simmons Sixers Jersey
  • Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey
  • Anthony Davis Pelicans Jersey
  • Jason Richardson Warriors Jersey
  • Magic Johnson Lakers Jersey
  • Reggie Miller Jersey

Basketball Bucket List

We all have basketball bucket lists and I am no different this is mine.

  • To go to a NBA all star game (Louis and Ady have done this)
  • Meet Shaq and LeBron
  • Make Basketball Noise so big I can quit my day job
  • Get the Basketball Noise YouTube Channel past 1000 subscribers. (I have done this now on to 2000!)