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What is the NBA Jersey Size?

The size of the Jersey depends on the make of the jersey, there been a number suppliers over the years and each manufacturer has made the jerseys a slightly different size. We put the table below for ease of reference.

Type of JerseySize TypeSmall (inches)Medium
XL (Inches)2XL (inches)
Adidas ReplicaSize4044485256
Adidas ReplicaChest4044485256
Adidas ReplicaFront Length3132333435
Adidas ReplicaBack Length3132333435
Adidas AuthenticSize4244464850
Adidas AuthenticChest38.440.442.444.446.4
Adidas AuthenticFront Length35.836.437.237.938.7
Adidas AuthenticBack Length35.836.437.237.938.7
Adidas SwingmanSize4144475053
Adidas SwingmanChest4144475053
Adidas SwingmanFront Length31.7532.8753435.12536.25
Adidas SwingmanBack Length33.2534.8753637.12538.25
Mitchell & Ness AuthenticSize37-3941-4345-4749-5153-56
Mitchell & Ness AuthenticChest37-3941-4345-4749-5153-56
Mitchell & Ness AuthenticFront Length29.5-30.530.5-31.531.5-32.532.5-33.533.5-34.5
Mitchell & Ness AuthenticBack Length29.5-30.530.5-31.531.5-32.532.5-33.533.5-34.5
Mitchell & Ness SwingmanSize3842465054
Mitchell & Ness SwingmanChest3842465054
Mitchell & Ness SwingmanFront Length28.529.530.531.532.5
Mitchell & Ness SwingmanBack Length28.529.530.531.532.5
NikeNumeric Size4044485256
Puma Pro CutSize3640444852
Puma Pro CutChest3640444852
Reebok Pro CutSize4044464850
Reebok Pro CutChest4044464850
Reebok AuthenticSize4044465054
Reebok AuthenticChest4044465054
Reebok SwingmanSize4044465054
Reebok SwingmanChest4044465054

Is also important that you measure yourself so you can ensure that you get the correct jersey in the correct fit. Different Jersey types have different sizes in terms of chest width. Therefore by measuring yourself correctly you ensure that you get the best fitting jersey for yourself in this guide will show you how to measure yourself and we also show you different types of Jersey size from the current NBA Jersey size all the way through to the vintage jerseys which were made by sand knit. However, we will look at the most recent jerseys.

How to measure yourself for a NBA Jersey

The most important action you must take before you purchase is a jersey is to measure yourself and it takes two seconds to do. The reason why this is the most important step in the process is that each manufacturer may vary their jerseys slightly when it comes to chest size. For instance, I would personally be a Large in a Nike Jersey but I would be an XL in an Adidas Jersey. Therefore, it is best to know your sizes so you’re not disappointed when the jersey turns up. There is nothing worse than not being a happy with a jersey.

Measure from the sternum
You’ll need a soft tape measure

The equipment that you will require for taking the measurement is a soft tape measure, yourself and potentially an assistant. The key here it to place the tape measure on your sternum and take the tape measure round the widest section of your chest. This will then give you the size chest you have. In the example below, I measure myself and I have a 48 inch chest.

Nike NBA Jersey Size 2017 – Present

Nike took over from Adidas as the official manufacturer of NBA jerseys in 2017 and have a specific sizes for their jersey. It is important to remember that there are different types of jersey (if you don’t know the different types then read Adys article on the types) and that the Swingman jersey is slightly shorter than the authentic jersey. The sizes of the Nike manufactured jerseys are listed below.

Numeric Size4044485256

The Nike Authentic jerseys are slightly longer in length than the swingman or replica jerseys. This is because the authentic jerseys exactly replicate what is worn on the court by the players. The jerseys that the NBA players play in have slightly longer length. If you are thinking of being an NBA Nike jersey then visit Fanatics who the official retailer of the NBA. You can see all the Nike jerseys by clicking here.

Swingman Jersey Sizing

Adidas NBA Jersey Size 2006-2017

Like with the Nike jerseys there are three main types of jersey Authentic, Swingman and Replica. This also means that there are three size charts for those jerseys and gain the size can change from jersey to jersey. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that all Adidas jerseys are the same size. If you are looking for a an Adidas jersey then you can take your chances on eBay (read our eBay article here) or go to the official NBA retailer. By clicking here you will see all the jerseys Fanatics have in store.

Swingman Jersey Sizing

Authentic Adidas NBA Jersey Size

Size Adidas AuthenticSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length35.836.437.237.938.7
Back Length35.836.437.237.938.7

Swingman Adidas NBA Jersey Size

Size – Adidas SwingmanSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length31.7532.8753435.12536.25
Back Length33.2534.8753637.12538.25

Replica Adidas NBA Jersey Size

Size – Adidas ReplicaSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length3132333435
Back Length3132333435

Reebok NBA Jersey Size 2001 – 2006

Reebok first started making jerseys for some teams in 2001 and made all the jerseys in the NBA by 2006. However, the NBA for some reason, that I do not know at this time but I will find out, had manufacturers for different teams. In fact Reebok restarted the trend of all teams having one jersey manufacturer in 2006.

The jerseys worn by NBA players which from 2007 onwards have been manufactured by Adidas and then Nike, have been known as Authentic jerseys. However, Reebok called the jerseys worn by NBA players, pro cut jerseys.

Pro-Cut Reebok NBA Jersey Size 2001-2006

Reebok Pro CutSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length     
Back Length     

Authentic Reebok NBA Jersey Size 2001-2006

The Reebok authentic jerseys were very similar to the pro-cut jerseys however, they had a slightly different jock tag and the stitching on the jersey was slightly different. However, the authentic jersey has the same sizing as the pro-cut jersey.

Reebok AuthenticSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length     
Back Length     

Swingman Reebok NBA Jersey Size 2001-2006

The Reebok Swingman jersey has a different sizing to the Reebok pro-cut and Reebok Authentic.

Reebook SwingmanSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length –– – – – 
Back Length –– – – – 
Swingman Jersey Sizing

Puma NBA Jersey Size 1999-2001

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s NBA jerseys had multiple manufacturers. One of these manufacturers was Puma who made jerseys for the Indiana Pacers, Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavailers, Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves and the Sacremento Kings. Puma had taken over the Starter Brand which had previously manufactured jersey’s for these teams. This period was the only time that Puma made jerseys for the NBA. Puma produced Pro-Cut jerseys and authentic jerseys.

Pro-Cut and Authentic have the same sizing

Pro-Cut Puma NBA Jersey Size 1999-2001

Puma Pro CutSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length     
Back Length     

Authentic Puma NBA Jersey Size 1999-2001

Puma AuthenticSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length     
Back Length     

Champion NBA Jersey Size 1990-2002

Champion was one of the early brands that made basketball jerseys for all NBA teams. There were three types of jersey that were produced these were the Pro-Cut, Authentic and Replica jersey. All of which has the same sizing.

Pro-Cut Champion NBA Jersey Size 1990-2002

Champion Pro-CutSmallMediumLargeXL2XL

Authentic Champion NBA Jersey Size 1990-2002

Champion Pro-CutSmallMediumLargeXL2XL

Replica Champion NBA Jersey Size 1990-2002

Champion Pro-CutSmallMediumLargeXL2XL

Mitchell & Ness Jerseys

Mitchell and Ness are the official supplier of the reproduction of throwback jerseys, also know as Hardwood Classics. Mitchell and Ness is licensed by the NBA to make vintage clothing and the specifications of the jerseys created are the same as when the jersey was worn.

Hardwood Classics are an awesome jersey to have in the collection. Jerseys can be purchased directly from Mitchell & Ness or from Fanatics. The following link takes you to all the Hardwood Classics on Fanatics.

Swingman Mitchell & Ness sizing

Mitchell & Ness Authentic Jersey Sizing

Mitchell & Ness AuthenticSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length29.5-30.530.5-31.531.5-32.532.5-33.533.5-34.5
Back Length29.5-30.530.5-31.531.5-32.532.5-33.533.5-34.5

Mitchell & Ness Swingman Jersey Sizing

Mitchell & Ness SwingmanSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Front Length28.529.530.531.532.5
Back Length28.529.530.531.532.5

NBA Jersey Size Video

If you don’t want to do a lot of reading you can watch it in our video.