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Where can I buy authentic NBA Jerseys online?

Authentic NBA Jerseys are the best type of NBA jersey that a fan can buy. The authentic jersey is the exact same jersey as NBA players wear on court and this is the reason why authentic jerseys carry a much higher price tag. However, if you are new to the NBA you maybe wondering where can I buy authentic NBA Jerseys online?

Where can I buy authentic NBA Jerseys online? The four main online stores that sell authentic NBA jerseys are,, and

Before we review the stores that sell Authentic NBA Jerseys you maybe wondering why the authentic jersey is so much more expensive compared to the swingman and fast break jerseys. The authentic jersey ha the unique feature of the Larry O Brien Trophy on the back neckline and has the number of championships the jersey’s team has won. The Nike authentic jerseys’ are notably lighter and are slim fit compared with with the swingman jersey. Therefore, if you want to a jersey that exactly as the NBA players wear on court, read on.

Authentic NBA Jerseys from is the operator of the NBA e-commerce site. However, you can buy NBA Authentic Jerseys directly from has a huge amount of NBA jerseys and if you are not based in the USE then there is still a large number of NBA Authentic jerseys on has close to 100 Authentic jerseys in its shop and each jersey has a size guide to ensure that the customer gets the best fit jersey. This includes the current range of NBA jerseys worn by the NBA teams for this season. have regular sales on their website and student discount is offered on Fanatics products. Furthermore, if you buy a jersey from Fanatics and for whatever reason it doesn’t met the standards expected, then the customer can return the jersey up to 365 days from the shipping date of the jersey.

Authentic NBA Jerseys from the

The NBA Store is officially licensed to sell NBA jerseys and the website is run by Fanatics. Like Fanatics the NBA store has a European store for customers not based in America. The NBA store has less Authentic NBA jerseys compared to, with the NBA store coming in with 50 jersey’s. A large number of those jerseys are Authentic Hardwood Classic’s Jersey which are supplied by Mitchell & Ness.

In terms of returns the NBA Store allows returns up to 30 days following purchase of a jersey and it takes up to 14 days for a refund to take place. The sales on the NBA store are good but from what I have seen not at the same frequency as the discounts. Within the NBA store there is a newsletter which a customer and can sign up to obtain a 10% discount.

Authentic NBA Jerseys at

Nike, who have manufacture the NBA jerseys since the 2017-2018 NBA season, sell NBA Jerseys on their website. However, the number of Authentic NBA Jersey’s that Nike sell are limited. At the time of writing this article Nike only stocked four authentic jerseys, which compared to the two previous sites is a significantly limited number.

Nike have a 60 day returns policy which is double the length of the NBA Store but some way short of Nike has sporadic sales throughout the year but not at the same rate as Fanatics.

Authentic NBA Jerseys at Mitchell and Ness

Mitchell and Ness specialise in Authentic Hardwood Classic Jerseys. The Authentic Hardwood Classic Jerseys are the exact same design as when the NBA players wore the jersey. The NBA licences Mitchell and Ness to make the vintage jerseys. Michell and Ness pride their whole business on authenticity and if you want to find an Authentic Hardwood Classic Jersey then Mitchell and Ness should be your first stop.

Mitchell & Ness (PRNewsFoto/Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co.)

If you are unhappy with your purchase from Mitchell and Ness then you have 28 days to return the product.