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Where to buy a NBA Jersey for a Baby

In the last few weeks I have become a father for a second time. Being a dad is great as you get to dress the child up in any clothes you wish. If you support a rubbish sports team (Sorry Knicks Fans), then dress them up in the kit of your choice. Make sure to take lots of photos of your child in these kits and do this before they can voice any disagreement. Then your team will have a new fan for life. When it comes to NBA jerseys have you ever wondered where you can get an NBA jersey in a baby size?

Where do you purchase a NBA jersey for a baby? There are a number of elements you need to consider when purchasing a baby sized NBA jersey. How long do you want the child to stay in the jersey and do you want them to be matching with a jersey you have? Once you have the answer to these questions, head over to the NBA site or Fanatics site and purchase one.

NBA Store Baby Jerseys

The first step you need to take to own an NBA baby jersey, is go to the the NBA store and purchase a jersey of your choice. Obviously, this will most likely be your favourite team or player. Now although it is really cool to buy a jersey for your new baby, its important to consider that a baby will not wear a jersey for a long period of time and that it maybe more financially prudent to buy a jersey for when the child is two to three years old. Any newborn jerseys bought will only be worn  a number of times before the baby is too big. We are on week three and my new child is already in size three to six month clothes. This is even more important to remember if you are buying the jersey as a gift.

If like me, you count the pennies, I would recommend getting a baby grow of your favourite team. Below is a picture of the New Orlean Pelicans Jersey baby grow, which I received as a gift from Ady for my daughter. Basketball apparel is like good dust in the UK. However, Ady and Louis went to the NBA All Star game in New Orleans and picked up the baby grow for me as a memento of their trip. I also really hope that Ady and Louis write an article about their All Star weekend adventures and who they met.

No parent could deny, it is extremely cool when you get a your child dressed up in matching clothes with a sibling or yourself. Therefore, I would strongly recommend buying a matching jerseys for you and your child.

Baby Jordan Jersey

Which child wouldn’t want to wear the G.O.A.T. Jersey? The answer is no one and this is why you need to purchase a Jordan jersey, as a minimum duty of being a parent. Every child should learn, as part of their basketball education, how great Michael Jordan was. You know you have completed your job as a parent when the baby photos come out in future years and your child goes ‘oh my god’, I was Jordan fan back then! The best place to buy these jerseys is footlocker.

There is also Air Jordan Jerseys on Amazon which means you can make your baby look the part of a basketball player. Lets face it, what basketball dotting parent hasn’t thought about putting their child in an Air Jordan Bulls Jersey and moving their child into such a position that the baby mimics the free throw line dunk. We have all thought of it and I would recommend buying a baby Jordan Jersey just to do this!

Custom Baby Basketball Jersey

You can also have your own custom basketball jersey made. Ideally this would be a baby grow which is designed to reflect your favorite NBA team. There are a number of ways which you can purchase a custom baby grow . Firstly, you could use a service such as Spreadshirt which enables you to make your own clothes. This gives you an opportunity to create a witty basketball jersey or try and make your own version of an NBA jersey, keeping in mind copyright laws . Below I have made a tribute to the LA Clippers when they used to be known as Lob City. Although not a basketball jersey you can turn a baby grow into anything related to basketball.

There are other websites which make custom baby basketball jerseys. The NBA store offers custom made jerseys. Although these are more expensive then making your own, they are 100% the real deal. Check out the Chicago Bulls Custom Baby Jersey (the link takes you to the NBA Store).

Infant basketball Jersey

Infant basketball jersey’s is where the range increase significantly and get more interesting for a parent. The NBA Store has a great selection of all teams, including the Indiana Pacers as per below, in infant sizes. Obviously you can have your favorite players name or put your own surname on the back.

Baby Lakers Jersey Lebron

Obviously LeBron is a dominant force in the NBA and now that the Lakers have Anthony Davis it is more than likely that the Lakers will go deep into the playoffs this year, if not with the NBA championship. Therefore, if you’re expecting a baby in or around May, why don’t your order a LeBron baby jersey now, as they may be short in stock come the birth.

The NBA Store obviously stock the LeBron Lakers Jersey and this should be your first port of call when searching for one.