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Where can I buy a LeBron James jersey?

LeBron James is a global superstar who is known throughout the world. LeBron is often branded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time and is without a shadow of a doubt the most popular player in the NBA. Therefore, you may be looking to buy a LeBron James jersey and wondering where to buy one from.

Where can I buy a LeBron James jersey? There are four main online stores that sell LeBron James jerseys are,, and

LeBron James Jerseys from

Fanatics is the official supplier of NBA merchandise and therefore, this is the first port of call if you are wishing to buy a LeBron James jersey. Obviously, LeBron plays for the LA Lakers however, Fanatics does stock some of LeBrons previous teams jerseys such as the Cleveland Cavaliers If you click the link it will take you to the LeBron James jerseys

The Los Angeles Statement Jersey is available at Fanatics for 9.

The Los Angeles Icon Jersey is available at Fanatics for 9

LeBron James Jerseys from NBA Store

The NBA Store sells LeBron James jerseys, like the Fanatics store however, the NBA Store has a few a more jerseys to select from. The NBA Store include the icon and statement jerseys as well as city jerseys and the LeBron James All Star Jerseys.

The LeBron James City jersey is available to purchase from the NBA Store

The 2020 NBA All Star Jersey with LeBron James on the back is available from the NBA Store

LeBron James Jerseys from Nike

Nike are the official manufacturers of NBA Jerseys and therefore, they sell LeBron James jerseys. The great thing about Nike is that if you become a Nike member (which is free to do) then you get free delivery on your purchases. Nike sell jerseys such as the Statement and Icon jerseys as well the latest city jerseys.

Nike sells the Icon Jersey

The LeBron James city jersey is also available at Nike

The Lebron James Statement Jersey is available at Nike

LeBron James Jerseys at Mitchell & Ness

Mitchell and Ness are the official suppliers of throwback jerseys. Mitchell & Ness produce the jerseys to the exact same quality as when the jerseys first came out. Mitchell and Ness have LeBron James 2009 All Star Jersey for sale for $230.