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How to Customise a NBA Jersey?

Everyone loves buying a new basketball jersey. There is nothing like receiving a parcel with a Jersey inside and getting to wear that jersey for the first time. You can make your jersey extra special by having the jersey customised . However, you maybe wondering how to customise a NBA jersey?

How to customise a NBA jersey? There are two ways you can customise a NBA jersey. Firstly you can add an NBA players name and number on a Jersey, the second option is to put your name and number on the NBA jersey.

Obviously deciding how to customise a NBA jersey is down to the individual purchaser. However, how to complete customisation preferences on each sports site can be confusing. Therefore, we have gone through each site and listed the ways you can customise your jersey.

How to Customise a Jersey on Fanatics?

The first step in customising your jersey is to decide what type of jersey you are going to purchase. If yoiu are unsure of what type of jersey to buy then check out our video below which explains this for you.

When you are on Fanatics the custom jerseys will have 00 on the back and will say any name above the 00. When you click through to a jersey you will be given the option of either choosing a players name or customising the jersey with your own name or number. The reason for the players name option is that there maybe a player in the roster who you like and this option means you can chose any player on the roster.

If you decide to customise it with your own name or number then you can do by inserting a number and name in the box below the players (see below). You then choose your size and click purchase. There is no extra cost for this personalisation however, you will not see a mock up of the finish jersey. You will only see what it looks like when the mail man brings you your delivery.

How to Customise a jersey at the NBA Store?

The NBA Store has a different set up to Fanatics on customising a jersey. Firstly, The jerseys which can be customised will have 00 like fanatics but will have the words your name above the 00. You have to choose your size before you can customise on the NBA Store. Once you have a chosen a size the menu will extend and will show a drop down for players names. Like Fanatics, the players drop down box gives you the option to have any players name from the roster.

Click here to go directly to the Jersey Customisation page on NBA Store

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If you are choosing a customation option then your name is limited to 10 characters and you can only choose a number with two digits. If you choose the personalisation option then you will have to wait an extra 3-5 days to get your jersey.

How to customise a Mitchell and Ness Jersey?

Mitchell and Ness do not offer customisation on their jerseys. This is due to the fact that you are buying a classic jersey and get a classic name with their number on the back. Why on earth would you want to customise a Hardwood Classic.

How to customise a Nike NBA Jersey?

Unfortunately, you cannot customise a jersey on therefore, if you wish to customise an NBA jersey you need to visit eithier or the NBA store.