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How do I buy Cheap NBA Jerseys?

Every NBA fan likes buying a new jersey to show off to their friends. However, what makes a jersey extra special is getting a discount on the jersey. When I started writing this article I got excited as I love finding a bargain. You may be wondering how do I buy cheap NBA Jerseys?

How do I buy a cheap NBA Jerseys? There are a number of ways to buy cheap NBA Jerseys. Signing up to newsletters and buying jerseys at specific sale time during the year can help get a cheaper jersey. There are also cashback sites and chrome extensions to help get discounts.

I pride myself on getting discounts on jerseys. I really do believe that nobody should be having to purchase jerseys at full price. The following article has my tips on how to obtain a discounted jersey and I really hope these tips gets you money off a jersey.


Newsletters may feel like spam into your email box every week or month however, these are a gold mine when it comes for discounts. Firstly, if you are on a newsletter it shows that you are interested in the product which the online store wants to sell, in this case basketball jerseys. By being on a newsletter an online store has a greater chance of converting your sale. Therefore, stores will regularly send incentives in newsletters to keep you on the mailing list. This could be an incentive such as spend $150 and you get a free hat or a flash sale whereby you get 20% of products for one day.

Another way of getting discount on a newsletter is through the initial sign up to the newsletter. Retailers will offer an introductory offer in order to get you on the email list. This offer can be around 10% to 15%; for instance the NBA store offers you 10% off to join their mailing list. However, this is for first time subscribers but I have wondered whether a ten minute email sign up would still get you the discount.

Pouch Chrome Extension

If you haven’t used Pouch, my personal favourite chrome extension, or Honey then you are really missing out on a treat of easy discounts, particularly on basketball jerseys. Download Pouch from the Google Chrome Extension store and continue to shop as normal. When you get to the payment page of the site where you are buying your jersey, check the top right corner of Google Chrome and Pouch will have a notification. If you click this notification, it will run through all the discount codes on the site, saving you an endless amount of time Googling.

Basketball Jersey Sales

There are times of the year where there are always sales and this is always an ideal time to get discounts. For instance, Black Friday weekend, mother’s and father’s day, public holidays in the USA. If you are close to these dates when wanting to buy a jersey hold off and wait for the public holidays, as there is a strong chance there will be discounts on the website.

Leaving items in the basket

As people may or may not be aware, there are certain suppliers who may offer a discount on your product if you abandon a basket online with it in. I have had this happen to me when I was buying some tech, I had actually got distracted and forgot about it. A week later, I received an email from the tech giant giving me 10% off to complete the sale. I don’t know if this works on sites which sell NBA jerseys however, it is worth a go if there is no urgency with the purchase.

Cashback website

Cashback websites are significantly, under estimated. If you are not aware of cashback sites let me explain what happens. You go to a cashback site and use their link which will return a purchase of the sale to you within 90 days. There are many cashback sites however, my personal favourite is How much can you make back on Quidco? At the time of writing, the NBA store only offers 1.4% which isn’t going to make you rich but it’s still better than no discount. Fanatics on the other hand have a 4% cashback on Quidco. This is not to be scoffed at as if the store has a sale or you have a discount code then an additional 4% on top can make the price of a jersey even more attractive. If you click this link here you can sign up with Quidco and make a saving.

Basketball Jersey Discount Codes (Stacking)

With the invention of add-ons such as Pouch, you can find discounts for the NBA Store and Fanatics at your finger tips. However, like with any tool, the tool is only as good as the codes which are put into the extension . For example our code BASKETBALLNOISE which can be used on the NBA store is not in Pouch or Honey. Therefore, it is always worth checking online to find discount codes for basketball stores and see if any of them work. It takes two seconds to Google Fanatics discount code etc and can get you a discount.

The title uses the word ‘stacking’ and you may think ‘what is stacking when it comes to discount codes?’ This is a very neat trick which occasionally works and when it does the discounts are significant. There are two stages to stacking and it’s very easy to do:

  1. Find as many discounts codes as possible and try them all in the hope that there isn’t a one limit use of a discount. If multiple discounts work you can increase your discount significantly. I did this once on men’s suits and I got three suits for the price of one by stacking discount codes.
  2. This is always worth a go but at best is a low chance of succeeding. If you have a 10% discount code try it again. Nine times out of ten you will get a message saying you have already used this code. However, again I have had instances where I have reduced my basket by using the same discount code again and again.

Student Discounts

This one is only open to a few who are at college. However, if you are a student then most of the basketball websites offer a discount to students. If you are going to blow your student loan then you may as well get a bit extra off of a jersey.

Gift Cards

From time to time big corporations such as Amazon and Walmart have discounts on gift cards. They may offer 10% off gift cards for Footlocker for example. Therefore, this is a simple way to get discount, as if you purchase a $200 gift card to buy an authentic jersey, then you will only need to pay $180. Every little helps.

Outlet Store

If you are looking for the biggest discounts on NBA jerseys then one of the places that you should visit is the online stores outlet store. The outlet section is where a limited amount of stock is sold or end of line products. This is where stores offer the biggest discounts on products as the store will want to get rid of them. However, there will only be limited sizes of the products in the outlet store and it can be a real mix of products. However, it is always worth a look.

Ebay Outlet Store

It’s important remember that stores such as Fanatics also have Ebay outlet stores. Again don’t expect to find the bargain that you need. Like with the outlet section of the stores website, there is not going to be an extensive selection. However, it is well worth checking as there are some bargains if you can find the right size.

Basketball Jerseys Vintage Shops

I love vintage shops. The reason being is that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and I whole heartily support this statement. It is important to remember that some people know the prices of what the jersey is worth and others do not. The latter part of the statement can be a positive or a negative. If someone has undervalued the jersey then you are in line to pick up a bargain however, if someone has overestimated a jersey then you could be setting yourself up for a fall.

Therefore, make sure that you know what you are looking for, if you can’t see the labels clearly then make sure you ask for more photos. If sellers can’t be bothered to give you photos then do you want to buy jerseys off them, probably not. If your gut is telling you no or it looks too good to be true, walk away.

Goodwill Store or Charity Shops

Goodwill stores and charity shops are excellent places to pick up jerseys. However, understand that unless you are in the shop looking at the jersey, you’re not going to get great photos. You can’t contact charity shops for many pictures. You will therefore, need to make an educated guess. If you can take a risk then you may find a little gold mine of jerseys or you may end up with a few duds.

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