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How Does An NBA Player Get Their Jersey Retired?

We’ve gotten the privilege of seeing it a lot throughout the years, star players getting their jerseys retired by their franchise. It’s usually a wonderful moment between both sides as it cements them in the history books of their organization. However, it isn’t often that this happens.

How Does an NBA Player Get His Jersey Retired? There could be a few reasons why a player gets their jersey retired. The first and most obvious one is their play on the court. If there is a superstar player out there that dominates the competition and brings historic levels of postseason success, then there’s no question that his jersey will be retired.

Other players could get their jersey retired due to franchise impact. Even if they are there for only a couple of years, the impact left behind could be enough. Then finally, loyalty could get the job done. If a player stays on the same team for a lengthy career, then when he eventually retires the team may honor him with his jersey being retired.

There may be multiple methods to get a jersey retired by a franchise, but none of them are easy to do by any stretch of the imagination. Plus, there are a handful of great players that have yet to receive this honor despite being retired.

On-Court Dominance

The first thing we mentioned is that statistical and on-court dominance can get a player’s jersey retired by their team. That was the case for a lot of players, including Michael Jordan. Jordan saw the Chicago Bulls retire his jersey after he retired and it was because he dominated everybody in his path. He won six NBA Championships with the organization and averaged 30.1 points per game, the best career scoring average in the history of the league. Plus, the organization hasn’t been nearly as successful when he isn’t on the team. For example, they have only been able to make it into the Conference Finals one time without Jordan, and they didn’t even win that series. Another player would be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers were a team that just couldn’t make it over the hump before Kareem. They lost eight out of their nine total NBA Finals appearances and needed that next star to come in and push them over the top. When Kareem joined, he won five championships in 14 seasons. The Lakers were forever looked at differently. Then finally, we have Larry Bird. Bird was a mix of loyalty and on-court dominance but he was too good to be left off of this section. Bird played all 13 years of his career for the Boston Celtics and he won three NBA Championships against ridiculously talented competition including Magic Johnson and Julius Erving. He’s won the MVP award and consistently dominated the opposing team with his trash talk and winning mentality. Nowadays, he is known as arguably the best player to ever put on the Boston Celtics jersey and that’s something that will likely never be changed moving forward. 


The first and most notable person that comes to mind when talking about loyalty is Dirk Nowitzki. Nowitzki was a member of the Dallas Mavericks throughout his entire career from 1998 all the way to 2019. Each of those years saw him dominate and help bring a winning culture and mentality to the organization moving forward. Plus, he also came away with one of the more unexpected NBA Championship runs that the league has ever seen. Even taking down the Miami Heat big three in the NBA Finals which included LeBron James. Dirk will forever be known in Maverick’s history and this jersey retirement solidified that. Another player would be Kobe Bryant. He was initially drafted by the Charlotte Hornets then traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. From that point on, he didn’t play anywhere else. Kobe won multiple championships and dominated alongside Shaquille O’Neal. Bryant made it clear that he never wanted to play anywhere else and became a legend in their franchise. His mentality and work ethic also played a major factor in his retirement ceremony. Then finally, we come to Nick Collison. Unlike those previous two names, Collison wasn’t a championship winner and superstar player. He simply was a veteran leader and mentor for years and years. He spent all of his career with one organization, getting drafted to the Seattle Supersonics and staying there as they were rebranded as the Oklahoma City Thunder. He helped the team in a variety of ways on and off the court and is a personality that the team decided to memorialize forever.

What does it mean to have a Jersey Retired?

Typically when a member of an NBA Franchise has their jersey retired, it will be hung in the rafters, they will be presented with a framed version and the number will be removed from availability. No player will wear that jersey number for the Franchise again. This is a great honor and one of the most foundational ways a Franchise can honor a person. Most commonly it would be a player of great standing, either through longevity, loyalty or achievement. However many Franchises choose to honor owners, coaches, broadcasters, stadium announcers. The Miami Heat have even retired their #13 Jersey in honor of legendary Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino. There is no official rule on jersey retirements dictated by the NBA, each Franchise is free to create and follow their own traditions.

Complete List of Retired NBA Jerseys

Below is a comprehensive list of NBA Jersey retirements, including, number, position and years served in the Franchise:

Jersey NumberNameFranchiseYears with franchisePosition
9Bob PettitAtlanta Hawks1954–1965Forward
21Dominique WilkinsAtlanta Hawks1982–1994Forward
23Lou HudsonAtlanta Hawks1966–1977Forward
44Pete MaravichAtlanta Hawks1970–1974Guard
55Dikembe MutomboAtlanta Hawks1996–2001Center
59Kasim ReedAtlanta Hawks2010–201859th Mayor
Ted TurnerAtlanta Hawks1977–2001Owner
0Robert ParishBoston Celtics1980–1994Center
1Walter A. BrownBoston Celtics1946–1964Founder
2Red AuerbachBoston Celtics1950–2006Legend
3Dennis JohnsonBoston Celtics1983–1990Guard
5Kevin GarnettBoston Celtics2007–2013Forward
6Bill RussellBoston Celtics1956–1969Center
10Jo Jo WhiteBoston Celtics1969–1979Guard
14Bob CousyBoston Celtics1950–1963Guard
15Tom HeinsohnBoston Celtics1956–1965Forward
16Satch SandersBoston Celtics1960–1973Forward
17John HavlicekBoston Celtics1962–1978Forward
18Dave CowensBoston Celtics1970–1980Center
19Don NelsonBoston Celtics1965–1976Forward
21Bill SharmanBoston Celtics1951–1961Guard
22Ed MacauleyBoston Celtics1950–1956Center
23Frank RamseyBoston Celtics1954–1964Forward
24Sam JonesBoston Celtics1957–1969Guard
25K. C. JonesBoston Celtics1958–1967Guard
31Cedric MaxwellBoston Celtics1977–1985Forward
32Kevin McHaleBoston Celtics1980–1993Forward
33Larry BirdBoston Celtics1979–1992Forward
34Paul PierceBoston Celtics1998–2013Forward
35Reggie LewisBoston Celtics1987–1993Guard
LOSCYJim LoscutoffBoston Celtics1955–1964Forward
Johnny MostBoston Celtics1953–1990Broadcaster
3Dražen PetrovićBrooklyn Nets1991–1993Guard
5Jason KiddBrooklyn Nets2001–2008Guard
23John WilliamsonBrooklyn Nets1973–1980Guard
25Bill MelchionniBrooklyn Nets1969–1976Guard
32Julius ErvingBrooklyn Nets1973–1976Forward
52Buck WilliamsBrooklyn Nets1981–1989Forward
13Bobby PhillsCharlotte Hornets1997–2000Guard
4Jerry SloanChicago Bulls1966–1976Guard
10Bob LoveChicago Bulls1968–1976Forward
23Michael JordanChicago Bulls1984–1993
33Scottie PippenChicago Bulls1987–1998
Phil Jackson[2]Chicago Bulls1989–1998Head Coach
Jerry Krause[2]Chicago Bulls1985–2003GM
7Bingo SmithCleveland Cavaliers1970–1979Forward
11Zydrunas IlgauskasCleveland Cavaliers1997–2010Center
22Larry NanceCleveland Cavaliers1988–1994Forward
25Mark PriceCleveland Cavaliers1986–1995Guard
34Austin CarrCleveland Cavaliers1971–1980Guard
42Nate ThurmondCleveland Cavaliers1975–1977Center
43Brad DaughertyCleveland Cavaliers1986–1994Center
Joe TaitCleveland Cavaliers1970–1981
12Derek HarperDallas Mavericks1983–1994
15Brad DavisDallas Mavericks1980–1992Guard
22Rolando BlackmanDallas Mavericks1981–1992Guard
41Dirk NowitzkiDallas Mavericks1998–2019Forward
2Alex EnglishDenver Nuggets1980–1990Forward
12Fat LeverDenver Nuggets1984–1990Guard
33David ThompsonDenver Nuggets1975–1982Forward
40Byron BeckDenver Nuggets1967–1977Center
44Dan IsselDenver Nuggets1975–1985Center
55Dikembe MutomboDenver Nuggets1991–1996Center
432Doug MoeDenver Nuggets1980–1990Head Coach
1Chauncey BillupsDetroit Pistons2002–2008
2Chuck DalyDetroit Pistons1983–1992Head Coach
3Ben WallaceDetroit Pistons2000–2006
4Joe DumarsDetroit Pistons1985–1999Guard
10Dennis RodmanDetroit Pistons1986–1993Forward
11Isiah ThomasDetroit Pistons1981–1994Guard
15Vinnie JohnsonDetroit Pistons1981–1991Guard
16Bob LanierDetroit Pistons1970–1980Center
21Dave BingDetroit Pistons1966–1975Guard
32Richard HamiltonDetroit Pistons2002–2011Guard
40Bill LaimbeerDetroit Pistons1982–1993Center
William DavidsonDetroit Pistons1974–2009Owner
Jack McCloskeyDetroit Pistons1979–1992GM
13Wilt ChamberlainGolden State Warriors1959–1965Center
14Tom MescheryGolden State Warriors1961–1967Forward
16Al AttlesGolden State Warriors1960–1971Guard
17Chris MullinGolden State Warriors1985–1997
24Rick BarryGolden State Warriors1965–1967
42Nate ThurmondGolden State Warriors1963–1974Center
11Yao MingHouston Rockets2002–2011Center
22Clyde DrexlerHouston Rockets1995–1998Guard
23Calvin MurphyHouston Rockets1970–1983Guard
24Moses MaloneHouston Rockets1976–1982Center
34Hakeem OlajuwonHouston Rockets1984–2001Center
45Rudy TomjanovichHouston Rockets1970–1981Forward
CDCarroll DawsonHouston Rockets1980–2007GM
30George McGinnisIndiana Pacers1971–1975
31Reggie MillerIndiana Pacers1987–2005Guard
34Mel DanielsIndiana Pacers1967–1974Center
35Roger BrownIndiana Pacers1967–1974Forward
529Bobby LeonardIndiana Pacers1968–1980Head Coach
8Kobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers1996–2006Guard
13Wilt ChamberlainLos Angeles Lakers1968–1973Center
22Elgin BaylorLos Angeles Lakers1958–1971Forward
24Kobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers2006–2016Guard
25Gail GoodrichLos Angeles Lakers1965–1968
32Earvin “Magic” JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers1979–1991
33Kareem Abdul-JabbarLos Angeles Lakers1975–1989Center
34Shaquille O’NealLos Angeles Lakers1996–2004Center
42James WorthyLos Angeles Lakers1982–1994Forward
44Jerry WestLos Angeles Lakers1960–1974Guard
52Jamaal WilkesLos Angeles Lakers1977–1985Forward
Chick HearnLos Angeles Lakers1961–2002Broadcaster
50Zach RandolphMemphis Grizzlies2009–2017Forward
Don PoierMemphis Grizzlies1995–2005Broadcaster
1Chris BoshMiami Heat2010–2016Forward
3Dwyane WadeMiami Heat2003–2016
10Tim HardawayMiami Heat1996–2001Guard
13Dan MarinoMiami HeatQuarter Back
23Michael JordanMiami HeatG.O.A.T
32Shaquille O’NealMiami Heat2004–2008Center
33Alonzo MourningMiami Heat1995–2002
1Oscar RobertsonMilwaukee Bucks1970–1974Guard
2Junior BridgemanMilwaukee Bucks1975–1984
4Sidney MoncriefMilwaukee Bucks1979–1989Guard
8Marques JohnsonMilwaukee Bucks1977–1984Forward
10Bob DandridgeMilwaukee Bucks1969–1977
14Jon McGlocklinMilwaukee Bucks1968–1976Guard
16Bob LanierMilwaukee Bucks1980–1984Center
32Brian WintersMilwaukee Bucks1975–1983Guard
33Kareem Abdul-JabbarMilwaukee Bucks1969–1975Center
2Malik SealyMinnesota Timberwolves1997–2000Forward
FlipFlip SaundersMinnesota Timberwolves1995–2005
Head Coach
7Pete MaravichNew Orleans PelicansGuard
10Walt FrazierNew York Knicks1967–1977Guard
12Dick BarnettNew York Knicks1965–1973Guard
15Earl MonroeNew York Knicks1971–1980Guard
15Dick McGuireNew York Knicks1949–1957Guard
19Willis ReedNew York Knicks1964–1974Center
22Dave DeBusschereNew York Knicks1968–1974Forward
24Bill BradleyNew York Knicks1967–1977Forward
33Patrick EwingNew York Knicks1985–2000Center
613Red HolzmanNew York Knicks1967–1977
Head Coach
4Nick CollisonOklahoma City Thunder2003–2018Forward
6Sixth manOrlando MagicThe Fans
2Moses MalonePhiladelphia 76ers1982–1986
3Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ers1996–2006
4Dolph SchayesPhiladelphia 76ers1949–1964Centre
6Julius ErvingPhiladelphia 76ers1976–1987Forward
10Maurice CheeksPhiladelphia 76ers1978–1989Guard
13Wilt ChamberlainPhiladelphia 76ers1965–1968Center
15Hal GreerPhiladelphia 76ers1958–1973Guard
24Bobby JonesPhiladelphia 76ers1978–1986Forward
32Billy CunninghamPhiladelphia 76ers1965–1972
34Charles BarkleyPhiladelphia 76ers1984–1992Forward
Dave ZinkoffPhiladelphia 76ers1963–1981
5Dick Van ArsdalePhoenix Suns1968–1977Guard
6Walter DavisPhoenix Suns1977–1988Guard
7Kevin JohnsonPhoenix Suns1987–1998
33Alvan AdamsPhoenix Suns1975–1988Center
42Connie HawkinsPhoenix Suns1968–1974Forward
44Paul WestphalPhoenix Suns1975–1980
Jerry ColangeloPhoenix Suns1968–2005Owner, Head Coach
Cotton FitzsimmonsPhoenix Suns1970–1972
Head Coach
John MacLeodPhoenix Suns1973–1987Head Coach
Joe ProskiPhoenix Suns1968–2000Trainer
Al McCoyPhoenix Suns1972–presentBroadcaster
1Larry WeinbergPortland Trail Blazers1970–1988Founder
13Dave TwardzikPortland Trail Blazers1976–1981Guard
14Lionel HollinsPortland Trail Blazers1975–1981Guard
15Larry SteelePortland Trail Blazers1971–1981Guard
20Maurice LucasPortland Trail Blazers1976–1981
22Clyde DrexlerPortland Trail Blazers1983–1995Guard
30Terry PorterPortland Trail Blazers1985–1995Guard
30Bob GrossPortland Trail Blazers1975–1982Forward
32Bill WaltonPortland Trail Blazers1974–1978Center
36Lloyd NealPortland Trail Blazers1972–1979Center
45Geoff PetriePortland Trail Blazers1970–1976Guard
(19)77Jack RamsayPortland Trail Blazers1976–1986Head Coach
Bill SchonelyPortland Trail Blazers1970–1998Broadcaster
1Nate ArchibaldSacramento Kings1970–1976Guard
2Mitch RichmondSacramento Kings1991–1998Guard
4Chris WebberSacramento Kings1998–2005Forward
6Sixth manSacramento KingsThe Fans
11Bob DaviesSacramento Kings1948–1955Guard
12Maurice StokesSacramento Kings1955–1958Forward
14Oscar RobertsonSacramento Kings1960–1970Guard
16Peja StojakovicSacramento Kings1999–2006Forward
21Vlade DivacSacramento Kings1999–2004Center
27Jack TwymanSacramento Kings1955–1966Forward
44Sam LaceySacramento Kings1970–1981Center
0Johnny MooreSan Antonio Spurs1980–1988
6Avery JohnsonSan Antonio Spurs1991
9Tony ParkerSan Antonio Spurs2001–2018Guard
12Bruce BowenSan Antonio Spurs2001–2009Forward
13James SilasSan Antonio Spurs1973–1981Guard
20Manu GinobiliSan Antonio Spurs2002–2018Guard
21Tim DuncanSan Antonio Spurs1997–2016Forward
32Sean ElliottSan Antonio Spurs1989–1993
44George GervinSan Antonio Spurs1974–1985Guard
50David RobinsonSan Antonio Spurs1989–2003Center
1Gus WilliamsSeattle SuperSonics1976–1985Guard
10Nate McMillanSeattle SuperSonics1985–1998Guard
19Lenny WilkensSeattle SuperSonics1968–1972Guard
24Spencer HaywoodSeattle SuperSonics1971–1975Forward
32Fred BrownSeattle SuperSonics1971–1984Guard
43Jack SikmaSeattle SuperSonics1977–1986Center
6Bob BlackburnSeattle SuperSonics1967–1992Announcer
1Frank LaydenUtah Jazz1981–1988Head Coach
4Adrian DantleyUtah Jazz1979–1986Forward
7Pete MaravichUtah Jazz1974–1979Guard
9Larry MillerUtah Jazz1985–2009Owner
12John StocktonUtah Jazz1984–2003Guard
14Jeff HornacekUtah Jazz1994–2000Guard
32Karl MaloneUtah Jazz1985–2003Forward
35Darrell GriffithUtah Jazz1980–1991Guard
53Mark EatonUtah Jazz1982–1993Center
1223Jerry SloanUtah Jazz1988–2011Head Coach
Hot Rod HundleyUtah Jazz1974–2009Broadcaster
10Earl MonroeWashington Wizards1967–1971Guard
11Elvin HayesWashington Wizards1972–1981Forward
25Gus JohnsonWashington Wizards1963–1972Forward
41Wes UnseldWashington Wizards1968–1981Center
45Phil ChenierWashington Wizards1971–1979Guard

Bill Russell; the number 6 jersey retured in every franchise

On 11th August 2022, 12 Days after the legend Bill Russell passed away at the age of 88 the NBA announced that the 11 time champions number 6 jersey would be retired across all franchises.

This is a massive mark of respect for a man who represented the NBA impeccably, both on and off the court for his entire life.

The players who currently wear the iconic number 6 jersey are listed below. The NBA has stated that they may continue wearing number 6 indefinitely, although the number cannot be issued again by any NBA Franchises. The Celtics retired Russell’s No. 6 in 1972, it was not worn by a Celtic between then and his final season in 1968-69.

There are 18 current players wearing the number 6 jersey, they may choose to change their number in honour of Russell before the season starts, listed below;

  • LeBron James – Lakers
  • Alex Caruso – Bulls
  • Kristaps Porzingis – Wizards
  • Lou Williams – Hawks
  • Lance Stephenson – Pacers
  • Nickeil Alexander-Walker – Jazz
  • Hamidou Diallo – Pistons
  • Bryn Forbes – Timberwolves (last wore 6 in Denver)
  • Quentin Grimes – Knicks
  • Jalen McDaniels – Hornets
  • Jordan McLaughlin – Timberwolves
  • Kenyon Martin Jr. – Rockets
  • Moses Brown – Mavericks
  • David Duke Jr. – Nets
  • Melvin Frazier – Thunder
  • Keon Johnson – Blazers
  • Javonte Smart – Heat
  • Rayjon Tucker – Bucks

Currently 7 teams, including the Celtics have already retired the number 6 jersey, listed below;

  • Boston Celtics – Bill Russell
  • Orlando Magic – 6th Man (The Fans)
  • Philadelphia 76ers – Julius Erving
  • Pheonix Suns – Walter Davis
  • Scaramento Kings – 6th Man (The Fans)
  • San Antonio Spurs – Avery Johnson
  • Seattle Supersonics – Bob Blackburn

There are 12 players, including Russell currently in the Basketball Hall of Fame who wore the number 6 jersey at some point during their time in the NBA. The full list:

  • Bill Russell – Number 6 Jersey Retired
  • Julius Erving – Number 6 Jersey Retired
  • Patrick Ewing
  • Ben Wallace
  • Don Barksdale
  • Chuck Coopee
  • Larry Costello
  • Tom Gola
  • Cliff Hagan
  • Alex Hannum
  • Buddy Jeanette
  • Neil Johnston

Why is Michael Jordan’s Jersey retired in Miami?

You may have noticed that the Miami Heat have retired the Number 23 Jersey. This was done to honor the GOATs contributions to Basketball after his final retirement from the Washington Wizards in 2003. Famously it meant that Lebron James had to change from his customary 23, to number 6 when he joined the Heat, despite the fact his idol Jordan had never even played for the Franchise.

What NBA Franchise has retired the most Jerseys? (list)

In total (as of 2022) there have been 210 jerseys retired by NBA Franchises.

Boston have retired the most, with 25 Jerseys hanging in their rafters. At the other end of the spectrum, the Raptors and the Clippers have not retired any Jerseys. The only Franchise no longer in operation with Jerseys listed as retired is the Seattle SuperSonics, who retired 7 Jerseys before they moved to Oklahoma and rebranded as the Thunder.

Full list of retired Jerseys by NBA Franchise is listed below:

List of Retired Jerseys by NBA Franchise
FranchiseNumber of retired Jerseys
Boston Celtics25
Detroit Pistons13
Portland Trail Blazers13
Los Angeles Lakers12
Philadelphia 76ers11
Phoenix Suns11
Sacramento Kings11
Utah Jazz11
San Antonio Spurs10
Milwaukee Bucks9
New York Knicks9
Cleveland Cavaliers8
Atlanta Hawks7
Denver Nuggets7
Houston Rockets7
Miami Heat7
Seattle SuperSonics7
Brooklyn Nets6
Chicago Bulls6
Golden State Warriors6
Indiana Pacers5
Washington Wizards5
Dallas Mavericks4
Memphis Grizzlies2
Minnesota Timberwolves2
Charlotte Hornets1
New Orleans Pelicans1
Oklahoma City Thunder1
Orlando Magic1
LA Clippers0
Toronto Raptors0

What player has the most Jerseys retired?

Due to the nature of Jersey retirements implying a long standing loyalty to a franchise the amount of players with multiple jerseys retired is quite low. 15 Players have had their Jersey retired more than once. In addition The Sacramento Kings and Orlando Magic have both retired Jersey number 6 representing the “Sixth Man” – the Fans.

Kobe Bryant has had his Jersey retired twice by the same Franchise. Both his original number 8 and later career, 24, jerseys hang in the rafters when the Lakers play. He is the only player with this distinction.

The list of players with their jersey retired by 2 franchises reads as follows:

  • Bob Lanier – (Pistons, Bucks)
  • Clyde Drexler (Rockets, Blazers)
  • Dikembe Mutombo (Hawks, Nuggets)
  • Earl Monroe (Knicks, Wizards)
  • Jerry Sloan (Bulls, Jazz as Coach)
  • Julius Erving (Nets, 76ers)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Bucks Lakers)
  • Moses Malone (Rockets, 76ers)
  • Nate Thurmond (Cavs, Warriors)
  • Michael Jordan (Bulls, Heat)
  • Oscar Robertson (Bucks, Kings)
  • Shaquille O’Neal (Lakers, Heat)

The two players with the most Jerseys retired by NBA Franchises are Wilt Chamberlain and Pete Maravich. They both have 3 Jerseys retired.

Pete Maravich has jerseys retired by the Atlanta Hawks, New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz. Maravich played in New Orleans for the Jazz, before they moved to Salt Lake City. The Pelicans Franchise decided to retire his Jersey in honor of his services to New Orleans Basketball, despite him never actually playing for the Franchise.

Wilt Chamberlain has jerseys retired by the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers. Wilt played for the Warriors in both Philadelphia and San Francisco, so both franchises have honored the 100 point man with a jersey retirement.

Why do non-playing staff have their Jersey retired?

It takes a village to raise a child. This saying can mean many things, but to NBA Franchises it means that it’s not just the GM or the Head Coach or even the Star Player who brings success to a Franchise. The act of retiring a jersey is designed to honor a person for their loyal service to a franchise. This is why we see many retirements for broadcasters, GMs, coaches, announcers and even one Mayor (Atlantas 59th Mayor, Kasim Reed). Service comes in many forms.

Head Coaches are usually honored with the amount of Wins they gained for the franchise in place of the jersey number. Broadcast teams are often represented by a microphone. Each franchise has their own unique way of doing things.

Players That Should Get Their Jerseys Retired

The first player that should get their jersey retired is Dennis Rodman. Now, he does have it retired with the Detroit Pistons, but a lot of people remember him throughout his years with the Chicago Bulls. Chicago hasn’t decided to retire his jersey. Rodman won multiple championships with both Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, each of whom have seen their jersey lifted into the rafters. However, Rodman’s 5.2 points and 15.3 rebounds per game apparently wasn’t enough to get solidified. There is still an opportunity for him to get put up there, but it’s shocking that it hasn’t been done already. Another player would be Tracy McGrady. T-Mac did have stellar runs with multiple teams, but neither has put him into the rafters. He was stellar on both the Orlando Magic and the Houston Rockets, with major moments coming on both franchises. However, the majority of them came with a Rockets jersey on, which is why they should decide to retire his jersey for good. Just remember when he scored 13 points in 35 seconds with them. Then finally, Amar’e Stoudemire should get retired by the Phoenix Suns. Stoudemire was excellent alongside Steve Nash with Phoenix and was there for eight seasons. He won the Rookie of the Year award and was named to the All-Star team five times along with All-NBA honors four times.