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He Got Game Jersey Review bought from

He Got Game is one of a number of iconic basketball films of the 1990s, The Lincoln High School jersey is iconic within the movie. I like many people wanted the jersey when I was growing up and owning the jersey would show that I had an appreciation of one of the greatest basketball films going. There are a number of places on the internet that sell the He Got Game Lincoln High School jersey however, we have gone to to purchase a basketball jersey for $10 and we have given a review of this Jersey.

Is the He Got Game Jersey from come any good? The He Got Game jersey from is reasonable for the money that you pay. The cost of the jersey was $10 from and quality is average, the main issues with the jersey are the sizing and also the delivery time.

A lot of people selling he got game on the internet for inflated prices and I suspect these jerseys are just the jerseys from We have therefore given a comprehensive review of the jersey so you can see what the quality of the jersey. This review will show whether the jersey meets your needs and you can purchase it.

Purchasing Basketball Jerseys from

The first point you have to consider when purchasing He Got Game jersey from is that the basketball jersey will not be an authentic jersey. When it comes to to movie jerseys, such as the He Got Game jersey, they aren’t officially licensed (in some cases they maybe but in this scenario this is not the case). Due to this it makes sense to at least look and explore the options of buying a jersey off of However if you intend to buy an NBA Basketball jersey from than it is most likely that is will be a fake. Up until now have not been able to find any NBA jersey of an NBA team on which is authentic.

Buying a jersey on is quite straightforward, I downloaded the app onto my phone and searched for the He Got Game jersey. There were two Lincoln High School Jerseys for purchase, there was the blue and white jersey which was in the movie as the Lincoln High School players were introducing themselves. There is also a white jersey which I believe was in the mixtape real which Jesus Shuttlesworth watched of himself during the movie. One of the most important factors of buying a jersey of is getting the sizing right due to the products being made in China (the sizing is a little off). It’s safe to say that you at least need to go two sizes up as a minimum in ordering the He Got Game jersey to get your correct size. Make sure you check the size chart before you purchase anything. If there are no size charts in contact the seller and ask them for the appropriate sizing making sure you get all the portions whether this be your chest, neck and also arm sizes so you can ensure that you get a good fit of Jersey.

This is the size I chart I had to use however, sellers change and therefore, sizes vary.

I have no objection of buying the jersey through However I did use PayPal just to ensure extra safety when purchasing the jersey even though the Jersey came in at $10. I believed this to be priced reasonably. The He Got Game jersey is a nice jersey to have in your collection when you are going wear it casually and not in a formal event. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be 100% on point, it is just making the statement that I appreciate the movie. The process to buy the jersey was very simple and it was very clear on what was going to happen. However, the downside of is the delivery time it took around 6 to 7 weeks for the jersey to get to my house in the UK from the time of purchase.

The one factor I do not like about is the constant bombardment of sale offers which come through on the Wish app. Obviously you can turn these off in settings however, if you don’t know how to do this it can be quite frustrating and to be honest once I bought this jersey I just turned the app off.

Was the He Got Game jersey any good?

When I first unpacked the jersey I was impressed at the jersey. It looked very good unlike the Jordan jersey which I purchased previously. For example the neck had been sewn together very well and this had not been the case on the Jordan jersey. The Jersey looks like how I expected it to look however it was within a few seconds that I noticed a few things that showed that I only paid $10 for the Jersey. For instance, when I turned the jersey inside out it soon became apparent that the jerseys was produced in a mass scale very quickly. There were loose seams around the edges of the jersey and there were still sewing threads still connected in the jersey and paper was still on the reverse of the numbers and letters.

This was one of the seams from the He Got Game Jersey

One of the most frustrating things about the jersey was that there were a few small stains on the number on the front of the jersey. This is obviously quite noticeable as it is on the white lettering and number. Furthermore the blue of the jersey had stained the writing on the front to a certain degree so it wasn’t pure white it was just a bluey white colour.

As you can see threads still connected and paper still on the jersey

How did the He Got Game jersey fit?

In terms of length the jersey fit very well and it was quite long. However, one of the biggest problems I had was actually putting the jersey on as it was very narrow in the midriff and that is one of the problems that I found with the Jordan jersey which I purchased from Apart from this issue, I was able to stretch when I had the jersey on and given that it was just for casual wear they shouldn’t be too many problems but just a little bit frustrating given that I’ve gone two sizes larger than I am.

What happens when you wash the He Got Game jersey?

There are no instructions on how to wash the jersey, there is only one label within the garment and that is the size. I suspect the best way to wash this Jersey is to either hand-wash it however, I decided to do a quick wash on a low setting. I don’t believe any of these jerseys should be tumble dried I think that’s asking for trouble therefore, I hung dry this Jersey.

Can you buy the He Got Game jersey from anywhere else?

The problem with the He Got Game jersey is that the product is unlicensed and therefore anyone could make a version of the jersey. I have seen a lot of these jerseys for sale on Amazon my one concern is that these have just been bought from and they’ve just been put up on Amazon for triple the price that they are on If I was to purchase this jersey on another other site and it did not meet the quality standards that I would expect to pay for $30 then I would return it.

Would you buy the He Got Game Jersey again?

I would buy the He Got Game jersey again as long as it resembles what the jersey looks like in the movie and that it lasts for a period of time. The only downside to purchasing this jersey from is having to wait 6 to 7 weeks for delivery and also that the sizing is a bit out. As I mentioned throughout the article I did find out the workmanship was a little bit off. However I did only pay $10 for this jersey and therefore you get what you pay for and I find it acceptable for the price I paid.