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Where do I buy a Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey?

He Got Game is one of the greatest basketball films ever made. The film follows the story of Jesus shuttlesworth on his quest to go from High School to NBA superstar. In the movie, Jesus plays for Lincoln High School which is in New York City. The movie is a culture classic and a true basketball fan would be lying if they said they didn’t start wearing elastic bands on their wrist after seeing the movie. I love He Got Game and it made me wonder where do I buy a Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey from?

Where do I buy a Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey? Due to the Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey not being a licensed product you can pick up the jersey relatively cheaply. I personally purchased the jersey from

The reason why I purchased the Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey was because you would only be aware of the jersey if you’d watch the movie He Got Game. Therefore, it is obvious that only a true basketball fan would own such a jersey. In this current age of basketball, people’s allegiance to teams seem to switch like the weather however having a jersey like Lincoln High School basketball jersey shows who are and are not die-hard basketball fans.

Is the only shop that sells the Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey?

There is more than one website that sells the Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey. However, due to the price of the jersey which I purchased from, it was the cheapest one on the market. I was a bit apprehensive buying the jersey as I have previously used and I have been disappointed with the final product. However, in this case the product was absolutely brilliant and was well worth the cheap price I paid.

Having reviewed other Jesus Shuttlesworth jerseys on other websites across the internet, I came to the conclusion that all jerseys are imported from China. Therefore, buying a jersey off (who is the sponsor of the LA Lakers) made no sense to me and with their regular discounts seemed like the best deal. In total I paid £17 for the Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey off of However, I had a 50% discount code which meant that the total I spent on the jersey was £8.50, a bargain in my eyes. If you’re willing to wait for the jersey it is worth it, it took 17 days from ordering the jersey to the product coming through my letterbox.

If you see people selling Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey on Amazon for a substantial amount then they have probably bulk ordered the jerseys from China. I suspect that these jerseys are just purchased from China or such like and just sold for considerable profit on Amazon. Therefore, if you’re interested in buying a jersey such as the Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey, I would really recommend going to I was skeptical when ordering the Jersey however, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the jersey.

Front of the Lincoln High School Jersey
Back of the Lincoln High School Jersey

One point to be aware of is that when reading the reviews of the Jersey on the, it was obvious that I would have to to order a larger size. Usually I am an extra large size in basketball jerseys however, it is recommended that you order the size above so I ordered a 2XL jersey. The quality of the jersey is very good the words and jersey numbers embroidered into the jersey. This was better then what I expected the jersey to have printed numbers, this was a pleasant surprise. If I were to order the jersey again, I would order a size above in the jersey I would go for two sizes above my usual size just because I felt a little bit of tightness on the shoulders when putting on the Jersey.

Are there any other Jesus Shuttlesworth Jerseys?

The iconic jersey in the movie is the blue Lincoln High School Jersey which is what Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey. It is this jersey which is used when introducing Jesus and his teammates in the film.

It is possible to purchase a red Lincoln High School Jersey which is not predominantly seen in the film. However, it is seen in a mixtape which is shown in the movie about Jesus. The mixtape shows Jesus’s abilities being shown on a Sports network. Ray Allen who played Jesus Shuttlesworth in He Got Game has worn a Miami Heat Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey. The Miami Heat Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey was worn for a number of games in the 2013 NBA season. It was possible to buy a Miami Heat Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey at the time for around £100. I suspect in years to come that these jerseys will be sought-after piece of fan memorabilia.

Why is He Got Game so Iconic to Basketball Fans?

The movie is so iconic to basketball fans because he shows the true grittiness of High School student trying to decide what NCAA university to go to. It shows the trials and tribulations that a player has to go through to decide where to play and where their future lies. The movie also shows the impact that external factors such as friends, families and acquaintances can have on a person’s decision. What makes the film so unique was it was directed by Spike Lee who who is an avid New York Knicks fan and is regularly in the news for his antics on the side of the court. He was the original trash talker way before Drake came on the scene. Furthermore, the film includes NBA star Ray Allen has Jesus Shuttlesworth (originally Kobe was going to play Jesus Shuttlesworth however, he decided to concentrate in the off-season on his game rather than a film ma in order to get a ring).

Why is the Lincoln High School jersey so Iconic?

The jersey is iconic because Jesus was named after the best basketball player and his birth.

Jesus is an outstanding high school prospect and has all the big names are talking about him. In the highlight reel alone you have Michael Jordan, the greatest of all time supporting the view that Jesus is the best player that has been and ever will be. As a teenager at the time of release of the movie, a lot of people can relate to Jesus and it was most teenage basketball players high school fantasy to be a NBA superstar. Therefore, the Lincoln High School jersey was iconic due to the association of a high school superstar trying to make the NBA. In reality LeBron James is the embodiment of High School player of supreme skill going to the NBA. He Got Game was the fictional story before it became a reality.