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How to get Basketball on your Google Mini

A Google Mini is an excellent present to receive. I have two in my house and I use them daily however, I was wondering how could I get all the latest NBA information in order to make my day simpler. What I mean by simpler, is that when I am eating my breakfast in the morning, can I find out the latest information about my beloved Indiana Pacers. Therefore, I wondered How to get basketball on your Google Mini?

How to get basketball on your Google Mini? There a number of things you can do immediately with Google Mini, you can find the result of your match, you can find out how your team is doing, upcoming fixtures and much more.

Due to the sheer number of queries you can ask a Google Mini to do with basketball, we have put together a helpful list of all the relevant queries you can ask google and which will make your day a lot easier. For all the examples below, replace Indiana Pacers with any NBA team name. This also works for NCAA and WNBA.

If you are aware of how a Google Mini works already, then the commands to find out NBA news is as follows:

Google CommandNBA News Returned by Google
Hey Google, what was the score of the [Insert NBA Team Name] game?Google supplies the current score or the last score of that NBA teams game.
Hey Google, how are [Insert NBA Team Name] doing?Google gives that NBA teams current standing and win/loss record.
Hey Google, what is [Insert NBA Team Name] standing?Google will tell you where that NBA team is currently in the league.
Hey Google, who’s playing in the NBA today?Google will tell you all the fixtures which are being played today.
Hey Google, Did my [Insert NBA team] win or lose?Google will tell you if your NBA team won or lost their last game.

You can then use these items to create a routine which is set off by a unique command phrase. Unsure, of how to do this then read on.

Find Out a NBA Score

Let’s start off with a nice and easy query. I don’t catch many games, unless they are early tip offs in the US therefore, I am generally playing catch up the day after the game. Therefore, having a Google Mini in your kitchen in the morning can help me find out how the Pacers performed last night.

As I press my shirt, I say:

Hey Google, What was the score of the Indiana Pacers game.

Google comes back saying what the score of the last Indiana Pacers game was and what the final score was.

How to Find out a NBA Win/Loss Record

As mentioned, if there is an early tip off I will try and catch the game however, having two young kids doesn’t always mean I get a chance to watch a game and sometimes I can only listen to a game. If the Indiana Pacers aren’t currently playing and you ask Google:

How are the Indiana Pacers doing?

I will be given the current league standings of the Indiana Pacers and their win/loss record.

If there is a game on going when I ask this question, google will update me of the score of the match in progress.

Find Your NBA Teams Standing

If you want to find out where your NBA team is in the league just ask:

Hey google, What is the  Indiana Pacers standing?

Pretty simple and self explanatory.

Hear the NBA Fixtures for the day.

Now this a beauty of a request, perhaps there is a game I want to see today but I am specifically unsure of the time or unsure of any of the fixtrures for the day. Therefore, I ask Google

Hey Google, who’s playing in the NBA today.

My lovely Google Mini kindly lists all the games which are happening today. Also if you only want to hear one teams fixtures you can do by asking who the Indiana pacers are playing today.

Did My NBA Team Win or Lose

A pretty easy one if you want quick information, just ask google did the Indiana pacers win or lose.

This is all very nice however, I am immensely lazy and trying to remember all these commands without googling what to ask is a problem. Therefore, you need to set up a basketball routine.

How to set up a basketball routine on Google Mini

As mentioned you can set up a routine to hear all the basketball newe. Therefore, we have put this setting up a routine for basketball news, in a helpful list below:

  1. Open your google home app;
  2. Click routines;
  3. Click edit;
  4. Click Add Routine;

5. The first item you will need to your routine is a command. This something you will say to Google and it will kick start the routine. I went for all the key catchphrases from NBA Jam (yes you can have as many as you like). Therefore, when I say ‘Hey Google, Boomshakalaka’ my routine will start.

6. I put music on as my first action of the routine this will play in the background, I put an upbeat number of Can’t Hold us by Macklemore. This plays in the background whilst Google tells me the following items of my routine.

7. I then insert all the queries I want to hear, in the assistant will section. You can reorder these at any time. I then ask the Google Mini to play music after the song has finished.

8. The most important part of this process is ensuring you click save after your routine.

9. Once you have completed the routine, just ask your Google Mini you prompt command and you will have something like this.