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What are NBA City Edition jerseys?

You’ll notice that the NBA teams you’re watching wear different jerseys throughout the season. Some of these versions of the jerseys you are probably familiar with: traditionally referred to as the “home” and “road” jerseys. You’ll also notice that teams are wearing different, special edition jerseys that seem to be here for one season and gone the next, replaced by a new version. One of these jersey editions is called the City edition jerseys.

What are NBA City edition jerseys? City Edition NBA jerseys are a special edition made by Nike, the NBA’s current jersey manufacturer. These jerseys pay tribute to the history of a franchise and its city, and are a means of connecting the team, the city, and its fanbase. 

Nike reveals a new version of the City Edition jersey for every season. For the 2021/2022 season, Nike designed the City Edition jerseys to honor the NBA’s 75th anniversary, showcasing each franchise’s key moments through symbolic design. These jerseys are referred to as “Moments Mixtape” City Edition jerseys.

When were City Edition jerseys introduced?

The City Edition jerseys were introduced in the 2017/2018 season. This was Nike’s first year of producing jerseys for the NBA. Nike signed an 8-year licensing deal with the NBA to manufacture jerseys. The license was previously held by Adidas. Nike used to manufacture jerseys for the NBA before the Adidas license; however, they did not produce City Edition jerseys during that time.

When are City Editions jerseys revealed?

The new City Edition jerseys are revealed during the early part of the NBA season. In past years, Nike has unveiled the designs during the months of November/December. For reference, the 2021/2022 City Edition jerseys were revealed on November 1st, 2021. Once designs have been revealed, you can expect to see players wear the City Edition jerseys on the court shortly afterward, and will be worn throughout the season.

When do teams wear the City Edition jerseys?

Teams can choose to wear their City Edition jerseys based on the schedule given to them by the NBA. City Edition jerseys are not restricted to a “home” or “road” designation. Since Nike’s licensing deal with the NBA, jerseys are no longer limited to be worn at home or on the road, hence City Edition jerseys can be worn anytime as dictated by the NBA’s specific schedule.

Does every team receive a new City Edition jersey every season?

No, not every team gets a new City Edition jersey every season. For example, the Phoenix Suns and the Utah Jazz have retained their City Edition versions from the 2020/2021 season to be used in the current 2021/2022 season. However, most teams have received a new City Edition jersey every season.

Do City Edition jerseys come in “home” and “road” colors?

No, City Edition jerseys do not come in “home” and “road” colors. City Edition jerseys come in one version only. In terms of color, City Edition jerseys can be, and often are, colors unrelated to the franchise’s current uniform colors. Two examples are the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets, whose City Edition jerseys vastly differ from their traditional colors.

Are City Edition jerseys made available to fans?

Yes, City Edition jerseys are made available to fans to purchase. City Edition jerseys are available at select retailers only, such as Nike, the NBA Store, and team stores, among others. These jerseys may or may not come with the sponsor patch, depending on where the jersey was purchased from. City Edition jerseys are made available to fans soon after the designs are revealed for the first time. For reference, the 2021/2022 City Edition jerseys were made available to fans on November 15th, 2021 (2 weeks after the reveal of the designs).

How much do City Edition jerseys cost?

City Edition jerseys come in three versions: authentic, swingman, and replica. Authentic jerseys are designed to resemble what the players wear on-court. Swingman jerseys are a mid-level option made for fans, similar in design to the authentic versions but with lesser material. A City Edition men’s authentic jersey costs $225. A City Edition men’s swingman jersey costs $130. Both authentic and swingman City Edition jerseys are made by Nike. “Replica” NBA jerseys are made by Fanatics and are called “Fast Break” jerseys. “Fast Break” jerseys are the lowest-priced option for fans. They have a basic design and material that differs from the authentic and swingman versions made by Nike. A City Edition “Fast Break” jersey costs $74.99.

How do the 2021/2022 City Edition jerseys differ from previous versions?

The 2021/2022 City Edition jerseys differ in two ways from previous versions. Firstly, the 2021/2022 City Edition jerseys are inspired by their respective franchise’s iconic history, leading to a mashup of symbolic designs dubbed the “Moments Mixtape” City Edition jerseys. Previous City Edition jerseys were a testament to the cities and regions that each NBA franchise is based in.

Secondly, the 2021/2022 City Edition jerseys have the diamond Nike logo as well as the diamond NBA logo; these features are specific to the 2021/2022 season jerseys, as it’s the 75th NBA anniversary season. It should be noted that teams that retained their 2020/2021 City Edition jerseys will not have the diamond Nike and NBA logos.

What other jersey editions exist?

The City Edition jerseys are one of the four jersey editions that Nike manufactures every season for each NBA team. The other editions include the Association Edition, the Icon Edition, and the Statement Edition. The Association Edition and the Icon Edition jerseys have replaced the traditional “home” and “road” versions, respectively, while the Statement Edition versions can be considered to have replaced the “alternate” jerseys. However, as noted earlier in the article, these jerseys are not restricted to home or away games but rather how the NBA schedules them to be worn.

The Association Edition jerseys have a white-based design, while Icon Edition jerseys use the traditional design and colors of the franchises. The Statement Edition jerseys offer a unique, bold look to every team, designed to be worn for big games. Statement Edition jerseys have the Jordan Brand logo instead of the Nike logo.

What other jersey editions exist?

There are other jersey editions that exist, but they are limited to certain teams or certain occasions. Examples include the Earned Edition and the Classic Edition jerseys.