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Nike Showtime Jacket Review – A Complete Guide


The Nike Showtime Jacket is worn by NBA players in the warm up to basketball games. The Nike Showtime Jacket is an evolution of the NBA shooting shirts however, with advances in technology this is more than just a shooting jacket.

I purchased a Nike Showtime Jacket, as I liked the look of them. It wasn’t so much to be used for basketball warms but more as a fashion accessory that I could wear. This guide explains everything you need to know about the Nike Showtime Jacket.

What can you expect from this guide

I have played basketball for a long time and have worn various items to warm up in t-shirts, jerseys and jumpers. I also have two kids which have helped me test the Nike Showtime Jacket to a considerable degree.

I have had the Nike Showtime Jacket for four months and have worn it most weeks. Therefore, I have had a reasonable amount of time to see what was a great about the Jacket and what I would like to see improved.

The Positives

There are many positives to the NBA Showtime Jacket:

  • Lightweight jacket which can be used for warming up or casually;
  • Takes sweat off the skin;
  • Good peripheral vision;
  • Lightweight material; and
  • Side zips to help with shooting.

Why a Showtime Jacket?

2018-2019 Showtime Jacket

People may ask why a Showtime Jacket? I have always worn jacket however, I always feel a bit restricted to wearing jackets in the winter. Whereas, a Showtime Jacket is great due to the zipper. However, the big difference between a jacket and the Showtime Jacket is that it is lightweight which is great if you are warming up in the jacket, as jackets are usually quite heavy to watch. The Showtime jacket is lightweight and although it absorbs the sweat off of your body it is very easy to wash.

Unique Features

When Nike took over from Adidas as the main kit sponsors of the NBA, there was a sea of change which subtly happened. Obviously, one of the biggest changes was the introduction of sponsors on NBA jerseys (check out the article we wrote there here). However, the introduction of a jacket was one of the subtle changes that Nike made to the NBA.

The NBA were not the biggest fans of jackets or seeing their players in jackets. David Stern had banned NBA teams from wearing jackets following the leagues dress code change in the early 2000’s. This was for a number of reasons from health and safety to a jackets association with gang culture. Just look how the NBA responded to NBA players wearing throwback jerseys to NBA games (click this link to read more).

However, the NBA appreciated that NBA players did not look unified on the bench or in the warm up. Some players would be wearing t shirts, others would be wearing shooting shirts and some players would just be in jerseys. The one message we are aware of from the NBA is the need for unity on and off the court, it was what makes the NBA stand apart from other sports.

When Nike suggested a jacket, the NBA requested that the jacket be performance led, if it was to be considered as a viable option. Nike went away and came up with the current design and we look at this in more detail below.

The Hood

How did Nike deal with the concerns that the NBA had with jackets? Firstly the NBA were concerned that if these were conventional jackets and a player had their hood up they may be hit by a stray ball, as a players peripheral vision would be blocked by the hood. Therefore, Nike designed a hood which was curved and did not block the peripheral vision of a player. In turn the player had a less significant chance of not seeing a basketball coming in their direction.

The NBA were also concerned about players not being able to hear a team mate, if a ball was coming in their direction. Therefore, Nike inserted mesh around the hood which means that players will be able to hear their team mates. The hood is also fitted. These combined features helped Nike convince the NBA to let the NBA players wear these jackets.

2019-2020 Nike Showtime Jacket

The Side Zips

A nice feature which is very useful is the side zips which are on the lower third of the Showtime jacket. These zips can be undone which allows NBA greater movement when getting warm and shooting.

Elasticated Wrists

The cuffs of the Nike Showtime Jacket are elasticated, this allows greater movement with the ball (great for ball handlers) and also to help with shooting form.

The Logos

On the 2018-2019 Nike Showtime Jacket, The logo of each team is stitched onto the jacket. On the 2018-19 jacket, the NBA logo is on the arm of the jacket. However, on the 2019-20 jacket, the NBA logo is underneath the Nike logo on the front.

Moisture Technology

The Nike Showtime Jacket is made of a stretch material which gives a lot, which is great for the movement of a basketball players. The jacket also has moisture technology to ensure that the sweat is kept away from your body and you keep dry.


The Nike Showtime Jacket has a pocket on either side of the jacket which is an unusual but nice feature. What is great is that on the right hand side of the jacket is a hidden pocket which can be used to store your phone if you are listening to music. Don’t keep your phone in the normal pocket with the jacket, I found it fell out a lot. This was negated by using the inner pocket.

Team Branding

This feature only appears on the 2019-20 NBA Showtime Jacket. On the back of the jacket is the team name in the team branding, which is a cool feature.

2019-2020 Nike Showtime Jacket

Washing Instructions

How to Wash

You need to wash the jacket with like colours. You must also wash the jacket inside out. The jacket should be washed on a 30 degree wash.

Do Nots

Do not leave the jacket in the washing machine for a long period of time after the wash has finished. Do not use fabric softener on the jacket.


Under no circumstances should you iron the jacket, it will ruin it.

Is the Jacket worth it?

Without a shadow of a doubt the Nike Showtime Jacket is 100% worth the price tag £90 (c.$110). At first when I saw how much the jacket cost, I was dubious. However, I have been categorically proved wrong. The jacket is easily my favourite apparel piece in my wardrobe and is regularly worn around the house (it’s too nice to wear for basketball). It keeps me warm and it looks so good.

The jacket is slim fitting and I went for a 2XL (which is one size up from my usual size), this gave me a baggier fit which I like. The jacket is a quality piece and it is going to last me a significant amount of time. It washes well and I expect it to be in my wardrobe for a considerable length of time.

Where ca I buy a showtime jacket?

There are two main places to buy the Nike Thermaflex Showtime Jacket and depends on the location that you are in. We have put the locations below.


If you are based in the United States of America then the best place to get a Nike Thermaflex Showtime Jacket is Fanatics. These jackets are around the $112 mark. Click the button below to be taken to Fanatics.


If you are based in the UK or Europe the best place to purchase the Nike Termaflex Showtime Jacket is the NBA Store. The jackets are around the £90-£100 mark. Click the button below to be taken to the NBA store.