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Reggie Miller Jersey Guide

Reggie Miller was an iconic player within the Indiana Pacers franchise and the NBA. He was unable to win a NBA championship with the Pacers. However, he was a dominant force within the Eastern Conference during his time at the Pacers which spanned over three decades. We take a look at the NBA jerseys which Reggie Miller wore during his basketball career. It’s important to remember that Reggie Miller jerseys are hard to come by. This is due to Miller not agreeing for his jersey to be reproduced. Therefore, any jerseys need to be off a reputable if to be authentic.

UCLA Jersey

Reggie Miller played for UCLA who wore the iconic blue and gold and white jersey. Miller wore the number 31 jersey which is the number that he wore for his entire career.

Miller was one of UCLA’s greatest shooters only coming second in UCLA’s all-time scoring list to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Although Miller could not lead UCLA to a NCAA title, his ability was valued by UCLA and his jersey was retired by UCLA.

Where can I buy a Reggie Miller UCLA Jersey

The UCLA Reggie Miller can be purchased from a number of stores on the internet. Whether they are authentic or not is what needs to be studied.

Reggie Miller Draft Jersey

Reggie Miller was drafted in the First round and was the number 11th pick. The Indiana Pacers drafted Miller however, this decision was booed by the Pacers fans at the NBA draft. Some people even said that the Pacers should have drafted his sister, Cheryl, who was a formidable basketball player in her own right. Reggie Miller wasn’t in the hall at the time and was at home when he heard the news that he was drafted by the Indiana Pacers (checkout the video above).

When Reggie Miller was drafted the NBA Jerseys were very simple for teams, you had the Home Whites which was the home kit and then a Road Jersey which again has a self explanatory title. If you want to find out more about the different types of jerseys that can be purchased and what changes have been made, then check out our article explaining the different jerseys.

Home Whites

The Home Whites for the Indiana Pacers in 1987 were almost the reverse of the road jersey. Like most of the NBA teams the Pacers home whites were white. On the jersey was a mid blue stripe with the word Pacers written on top in gold. The numbers on the jersey were a mid blue with a gold trim.

Road Jersey

The Road Jersey was a mid blue, with a gold band on the front on the with the word Pacers on top in the mid blue colour. The numbers on the jersey are white with a gold trim.

In Reggie Millers first year he played 82 games with only one start. However, Miller did put score on average 10 points a game and had a 80% free throw percentage. The jersey that Reggie Miller was first drafted in was the Pacers jersey until 1989.

Where can I buy a 1987 Reggie Miller Jersey

If you are looking for an original piece from the 1980’s then you will have to delve into the depths of ebay to find a vintage Reggie Miller jersey from 1987.

This is one of my favourite Indiana Pacers jersey however, you have to keep a keen eye out to spot one these days.

Reggie Miller 1990 All-Star Jersey

In 1990 Reggie Miller made the NBA All Star Team. Along with greats such Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird. The jersey work by the Eastern Conference All Star team was white with red lettering and numbers were blue.

You can still buy All Star Jerseys from (Link takes you to all start jersey page). However, we have been unable to find a Reggie Miller one as of yet but keep looking.

Reggie Miller 1990 Indiana Pacers Jersey

By 1990 Reggie Miller was a regular in the Indiana Pacers team starting 82 games. The Indiana Pacers changed their kit in 1990 (check out post on the history of the Indiana Pacers jersey here) to the iconic geometric jersey.

The geometric jersey was worn from 1990-1997, the road jersey was worn for one of the most iconic moments of Millers career.

In the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals in 1995, the Pacers came up against the New York Knicks. The Knicks were in the lead however, Miller scored 8 points in 9 seconds to get the win for the Pacers.

The Road Jersey defined another event with the New York Knicks in Game 5 of the NBA Players in 1994. Spike Lee had been trash talking Reggie Miller. Miller dropped 39 points on the Knicks and gave Spike Lee the infamous choke sign.

Home Whites

The Jersey was white with a gold and blue triangle on the left hand side of the jersey. The lettering and numbering of the jersey was in dark blue with gold shadowing.

Road Jersey

The jersey was dark blue with a gold and white triangle on the left hand side of the jersey. The numbering and lettering were in white with gold shadowing.

Reggie Miller 1995 All Star Jersey

The 1995 NBA All Star game saw Reggie Miller get the most minutes he would ever receive in his five NBA All Star appearances and recording a tally of nine points. A notable absence from the NBA All Star team was Michael Jordan who was currently playing baseball at this time.

The NBA All Star Jerseys were a lot different to when Reggie played in 1990. This time Miller was the road team and wore a purple jersey with an orange star with a cactus within the star. The cactus featured on the Western Conference White Jersey (the Home Team), this pays homage to the game being held in Phoenix.

Reggie Miller 1996 Olympics Jersey

Reggie Miller played for Team USA in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and won a gold medal. The Team USA had to have their jerseys numbered from 4 – 15. This meant that Miller couldn’t have his normal jersey number of 31. Miller chose the number 10 Jersey instead of 31 and this is the only time he wore a different number on court. Team USA Olympic jerseys were made by Champion and like with the NBA there was a Home White jersey and there was a Road jersey.

Home White

The Home White jersey had USA in red going diagonal across the front of the jersey and underlined in dark blue. The trim of the Jersey armholes was red, with the neck trim being dark blue. Down the side of the jersey was a blue stripe with a white stars.

Road Jersey

The Olympic road Jersey was a dark blue with the USA in white going diagonally across the front of the jersey. The trim of the jersey was red and on the side there was a red stripe with the white stars. Both jerseys represented the red white and blue the United States flag.

The United state dominated the entire men’s basketball Olympics and won the final against Yugoslavia 95 to 69. Reggie Miller lit up the Olympic final with 20 points and 4 assists.

Reggie Miller 1996 All Star Jersey

In 1996 Reggie Miller made the NBA All Start Team. Above you can see Miller wear the iconic teal jersey of the Eastern NBA All Star Team. The jersey is still able to be purchased today and can be found at the Fanatics store.

Reggie Miller Jersey NBA Finals

The last jerseys that Reggie Miller wore for the Indiana Pacers remained the same from 1998-2005. It was these jerseys which Miller would wear to the NBA finals and also narrowly missing out in the Eastern Conference Finals twice (one to Chicago Bulls and another to Detroit).

We all looked at the Bulls as the standard model of success. They were considered the best at that time. But we felt, and I feel to this day, we were the better team. The whole thing is, there was whispers that this was going to be Mike’s last year. So I think a perfect storm was brewing. In my mind, I was thinking … ‘this is it. You’re going to retire Michael Jordan

Reggie Miller from the Last Dance Documentary

Unfortunately, the last for Reggie Miller as an Indiana Pacers involved the Malice in the Palace which impacted the Pacers season significantly. The three jerseys that Miller wore during this period were the Home Whites, Road and Alternate Jersey.

Home White Jersey

The Home White jersey was white with a gold trim and a thin blue pinstripe on the jersey. The jersey numbers with dark blue with a gold trim. There was a gold trim down the side of the jersey.

Reggie Miller made the NBA Finals in 2000 and came up against the Lakers who dropped the Pacers. This was the closest that Miller got to a NBA title.

Road Jersey

The Roads Jersey for this period was dark blue with a thin gold pinstripe on the jersey. The jersey had a gold side with a white trim. The numbers and lettering were also gold with a white trim.

Alternate Jersey

The Alternate jersey was a all gold jersey with a dark blue pinstripe. The wording and number on jersey were dark blue with a white trim. The trim and the sides of the jersey were dark blue.

Reggie Miller 1998 NBA All Star Jersey

The 1998 All Star Game was held in New York City, which was an Eastern Conference home game. Rather than have their own unique kits, the Eastern All Star team wore Home Whites of their team. Whilst the All Stars of the Western Conference wore their respective teams Road Jersey for the game. Therefore, Reggie Miller wore the Home Whites of the Indiana Pacers for the game. This was Reggier Millers highest scoring game in all of his All Star appearances where he bagged himself 14 points.

Reggie Miller 2000 NBA All Star Jersey

This was Reggie Millers last NBA All Star Game. The Eastern Conference wore Home Whites again however, the NBA All Star game was held at the Oakland Arena in California.