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NBA Standings: All-time

There are only 3 Franchises that have competed in all 77 seasons of the NBA. These are the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors. The newest franchise is the New Orleans Pelicans, playing just 21 seasons. The San Antonio Spurs have the best regular season winning percentage of all time (60.3%) the only franchise above 60%. The worst winning percentage belongs to the Minnesota Timberwolves (40.2%). When it comes to the playoffs the LA Lakers boast the best winning percentage at 59.7%, once again it’s the Wolves bringing up the rear with just 33.3% on only 11 trips to the playoffs.

We have pulled all our data before the start of the 2023-24 season and used the official NBA Franchise history to calculate wins, losses and seasons in the NBA. For example, the Golden State Warriors 77 listed seasons include the history for the Philadelphia Warriors, San Francisco Warriors and the current Golden State Warriors. While the Philadelphia 76ers 74 seasons include the Syracuse Nationals and the current Philadelphia 76ers records. We have not included any records from seasons played in the ABA, as these do not form part of official NBA history (sorry Indiana!).

NBA standings all time: Regular Season

Below we have ranked the historical records of the 30 current NBA franchises by regular season winning percentage. Accurate up to the end of the 2022-23 season. We have also listed the number of seasons played in the NBA, number of trips to the NBA Playoffs and number of titles won.

NBA All Time Winning Percentage: Regular Season
FranchiseGames PlayedWinsLossesWin %NBA SeasonsWins per SeasonPlayoff TripsNBA Titles
San Antonio Spurs37852283150260.3%4749395
Boston Celtics60323571246159.2%77466017
Los Angeles Lakers59223503241959.2%75476317
Utah Jazz39502146180454.3%4944310
Phoenix Suns44432380206353.6%5543320
OKC Thunder45242413211153.3%5643331
Portland Trail Blazers42802271200953.1%5343371
Milwaukee Bucks44432340210352.7%5543352
Miami Heat28031475132852.6%3542243
Philadelphia 76ers58593054280552.1%7441533
Houston Rockets45242328219651.5%5642342
Chicago Bulls45982344225451.0%5840376
Dallas Mavericks34611747171450.5%4341241
Denver Nuggets37871897189050.1%4740291
Indiana Pacers37861883190349.7%5634270
Atlanta Hawks58562893296349.4%7439491
New York Knicks60232924309948.5%7738442
Golden State Warriors60212923309848.5%7738377
Toronto Raptors22281071115748.1%2838141
Detroit Pistons59162813310347.5%7538423
Orlando Magic27211268145346.6%3437160
Cleveland Cavaliers42711984228746.5%5337231
New Orleans Pelicans168678290446.4%213790
Sacramento Kings59232702322145.6%7536301
Washington Wizards50052257274845.1%6236301
Charlotte Hornets26311153147843.8%3335100
Memphis Grizzlies2229971125843.6%2835130
Brooklyn Nets37861620216642.8%4734240
Los Angeles Clippers42781792248641.9%5334170
Minnesota Timberwolves27121091162140.2%3432110

Largely due to the Tim Duncan years that saw them win 5 titles, the San Antonio Spurs have the all-time best winning percentage in the NBA. Long time coach Greg Popovich has one of the best winning records in all of sports and with the recent drafting of french megastar Victor Wembanyama it’s going to take something to knock them off the top and keep them down.

As you would expect to see, the Lakers & Celtics, boasting 17 titles each, sit in the top 3. Very impressive given they have played in almost every NBA season. Lakers in-town rivals’ the LA Clippers sit second from bottom, having made the playoffs as many times as the Lakers have won the title. Bottom of all 30 current franchises are the Minnesota Timberwolves, having only played 34 seasons, their winning percentage of 40.2% is the lowest of all-time in the NBA.

What NBA Franchises have made the playoffs the most often?

On the table below we have sorted the data to rank all 30 NBA teams by the percentage of their NBA seasons they have made the playoffs.

NBA All Time Winning Percentage: Regular Season
FranchiseNBA SeasonsWins per SeasonPlayoff TripsNBA Titles% of postseason trips
Los Angeles Lakers7547631784.0%
San Antonio Spurs474939583.0%
Boston Celtics7746601777.9%
Philadelphia 76ers744153371.6%
Portland Trail Blazers534337169.8%
Miami Heat354224368.6%
Atlanta Hawks743949166.2%
Chicago Bulls584037663.8%
Milwaukee Bucks554335263.6%
Utah Jazz494431063.3%
Denver Nuggets474029161.7%
Houston Rockets564234260.7%
OKC Thunder564333158.9%
Phoenix Suns554332058.2%
New York Knicks773844257.1%
Detroit Pistons753842356.0%
Dallas Mavericks434124155.8%
Brooklyn Nets473424051.1%
Toronto Raptors283814150.0%
Washington Wizards623630148.4%
Indiana Pacers563427048.2%
Golden State Warriors773837748.1%
Orlando Magic343716047.1%
Memphis Grizzlies283513046.4%
Cleveland Cavaliers533723143.4%
New Orleans Pelicans21379042.9%
Sacramento Kings753630140.0%
Minnesota Timberwolves343211032.4%
Los Angeles Clippers533417032.1%
Charlotte Hornets333510030.3%

Top of the board once again are the Lakers, Spurs and Celtics. Franchises that rarely take seasons off. Interestingly the Lebron James era could be seen as a failure for the Lakers who qualify for the NBA Playoffs 84% of the time. Since signing Lebron they have made the Playoffs only 3 out of 5 seasons just 60%. In addition they have “only” won 1 NBA title just 20% of the time. Historically the Lakers win the title 22.5% of the seasons they have played in the NBA.

Obviously this is a small sample size and winning even 1 title in the modern NBA is a massive achievement, but it goes to speak to the staggering history of the Lakers that The Kings time in LA could be considered a barren period. A big caveat is that prior to his arrival in LA the Lakers had missed the playoffs a franchise record 5 times in a row, making it 6 when Lebron got injured in his debut season before leading them to the 2019-20 NBA title the following year.

Propping up the foot of the table are the Charlotte Hornets (30.3%) with just 10 payoff trips in 33 seasons. Joined, predictably, by the Clippers and the Wolves.

NBA standings all time: Post Season (NBA Playoffs)

The below table is ranked by post season winning percentage and shows the teams that rise to the top when it matters most, the NBA Playoffs.

NBA All Time Winning Percentage: NBA Playoffs
FranchiseGames PlayedWinsLossesWin %NBA SeasonsWins per SeasonPlayoff TripsNBA Titles
Los Angeles Lakers78046631459.7%756.26317
Boston Celtics71940731256.6%775.36017
Miami Heat29016212855.9%354.6243
Golden State Warriors38421217255.2%772.8377
San Antonio Spurs40322218155.1%474.7395
Cleveland Cavaliers23412610853.8%532.4231
Chicago Bulls34918716253.6%583.2376
Philadelphia 76ers48324923451.6%743.4533
Detroit Pistons37218918350.8%752.5423
Phoenix Suns32016016050.0%552.9320
OKC Thunder33116416749.5%562.9331
New York Knicks39119319849.4%772.5442
Houston Rockets32215816449.1%562.8342
Milwaukee Bucks30615015649.0%552.7352
Indiana Pacers24111512647.7%562.1270
Toronto Raptors123576646.3%282.0141
Dallas Mavericks22710512246.3%432.4241
Utah Jazz29213515746.2%492.8310
Orlando Magic133597444.4%341.7160
Los Angeles Clippers147648343.5%531.2170
Portland Trail Blazers27411915543.4%532.2371
Atlanta Hawks39317022343.3%742.3491
Denver Nuggets2309813242.6%472.1291
Sacramento Kings1958311242.6%751.1301
Washington Wizards2379913841.8%621.6301
Brooklyn Nets1717010140.9%471.5240
New Orleans Pelicans55223340.0%211.090
Memphis Grizzlies98386038.8%281.4130
Charlotte Hornets63234036.5%330.7100
Minnesota Timberwolves63214233.3%340.6110

The Miami Heat are worth talking about here. They have the third best playoff winning percentage, behind only the Lakers and the Celtics. This is a start improvement on their regular season record where they rank 9th. The Heat have won only 52% of their regular season games, where in contrast they win 59% of their postseason games. A franchise that truly rises to the occasion.

We should give praise to the Clippers here as well. They don’t make the Playoffs very often, but when they do they outperform their regular season record. Moving from 29th to 20th. If Kawhi and Paul George can stay healthy for the 2023-24 season maybe we’ll see a trip to the Finals coming the Clippers way.

What NBA Franchises win titles the most often?

The following table lists only the 20 current franchises that have won NBA titles. We have ranked them by the percentage of seasons in which they have won an NBA title.

NBA All Time Winning Percentage: NBA Playoffs
FranchiseNBA SeasonsWins per SeasonPlayoff TripsNBA TitlesTitles per season
Los Angeles Lakers756.2631722.7%
Boston Celtics775.3601722.1%
San Antonio Spurs474.739510.6%
Chicago Bulls583.237610.3%
Golden State Warriors772.83779.1%
Miami Heat354.62438.6%
Philadelphia 76ers743.45334.1%
Detroit Pistons752.54234.0%
Milwaukee Bucks552.73523.6%
Houston Rockets562.83423.6%
Toronto Raptors282.01413.6%
New York Knicks772.54422.6%
Dallas Mavericks432.42412.3%
Denver Nuggets472.12912.1%
Cleveland Cavaliers532.42311.9%
Portland Trail Blazers532.23711.9%
OKC Thunder562.93311.8%
Washington Wizards621.63011.6%
Atlanta Hawks742.34911.4%
Sacramento Kings751.13011.3%

The Lakers just clip the Celtics here, having both won 17 titles, but with the Celtics playing 2 more seasons. There’s a huge drop off to the Bulls and the Spurs in 3rd and 4th place. These two franchises are unique in that they have won many titles, but only in one era of the franchise. The Bulls won all 6 of their titles in the 1990’s with Jordan and Pippen dominating the NBA. The Spurs won all 5 of their titles with Tim Duncan controlling the paint. The Warriors in 5th have won titles in 3 era’s. Most recently 4 with Steph, Klay & Dray (Durant may have helped on a couple), in 1975 with Rick Barry and before that in 1956 and 1947 while based in Philadelphia.

What defunct NBA franchise has won a title?

As you may have noticed the current 30 NBA franchises have won 76 of the 77 NBA titles between them. There is only 1 NBA franchise that won a title and is now defunct. Do you know who it is? It’s not the Seattle Supersonics, their record was rolled up with the OKC Thunder when they moved locations and changed names.

The only NBA franchise that has won a title and no longer exists was the original Bullets franchise. The original Baltimore Bullets franchise played 8 seasons in the NBA between the 1947-48 and 1954-55 seasons. The original Bullets posted an all time 158-292 winning record, just 35.1%, by far the lowest of any NBA franchise with a title. The Bullets would only make the Playoffs 3 times winning the title in their first season in the NBA, 1947-48. There is often confusion around this title as the league was known at the time as the Basketball Association of America (BAA) only becoming the NBA by name for the 1949-50 season. The NBA itself counts those first seasons from 1946-47 as part of NBA history.

More confusion is piled on this franchise’s title winning season with the creation of the franchise currently known as the Washington Wizards. The current franchise was established in 1961 as the Chicago Packers, renamed the Chicago Zephyrs after 1 season. Then in 1963, they moved to Baltimore, and became the Baltimore Bullets, taking the name from a previous title winning franchise, but not their history. In 1973, the team moved to the Washington metropolitan area and was renamed the Capital Bullets, then the following season to Washington Bullets. Finally in 1997 they rebranded themselves as the Washington Wizards. In 1978, while known as the Washington Bullets, they won the franchises only NBA title.