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How to fold a Basketball Jersey?

If like me you have a Basketball Jersey collection which is your pride and joy. Then you will know that one of the biggest frustrations you can have when owning a basketball jersey is getting a crease in the numbering or lettering of the jersey. A simple crease can spoil an entire basketball jersey and can be very difficult to get out. You therefore may be wondering how to fold an basketball jersey?

How to fold a basketball jersey? Fold the back of the jersey’s side in and then fold the bottom of the jersey up two-thirds of the jersey and the top down a third of the jersey. The jersey will be folded and the lettering and numbering will be protected.

The above explanation is pretty simple and it’s quite easy to fold a basketball jersey however, if this is your first time folding a basketball jersey and you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing follow our step by step guide.

Step by step guide to folding a basketball Jersey

Step One

Lay your Jersey on a flat surface with the back of the jersey facing upwards.

Step Two

Fold the sides of the jerseys in to make a rectangle but ensure that you do not fold any of the lettering on the back.

Step Three

Fold the bottom of the jersey up two between the gap of the numbering and the players name.

Step Four

Fold the top of the Jersey down past the players name and to make a complete square.

Step Five

Turn over the Jersey to ensure that you haven’t folded over any of the lettering or number on the front.

Step Six

Place in your draw.

Video Tutorial on how to fold a basketball jersey

If you want a video tutorial which is less than one minute on how to do this then please click on the video below. If you enjoy the video below please subscribe to our YouTube channel.