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Can you return NBA jerseys?

I love buying basketball jerseys, sometimes I like buying brand new jerseys and other times I like buying vintage jerseys. Have you ever bought a jersey and its not been quite right, perhaps the fit isn’t right or you have noticed that there is a little bit damage to the jersey or if buying second hand that its actually a fake. You maybe wondering can you return NBA jerseys?

Can you return NBA jerseys? Yes you can return NBA jerseys to any of the official suppliers within the time frame. Buying second hand jerseys from eBay or a vintage store you may have to check the small print carefully.

We have taken a look at the various stores which sell NBA jerseys such as Fanatics, the NBA Store, Nike and eBay to find the terms of what and when you can return your NBA Jersey. If you are interested in buying a NBA Jersey then click to go to Fanatics who are my personal favourite supplier to use when buying jerseys.

How do I return my NBA jersey to Fanatics?

If you are buy your NBA jersey from the American Fanatics site (there is an International site for the rest of the world which I will come on to), then you can return your jersey up to 365 days after the day of purchase. However, items that are on final sale or purchased through the Fanatics Outlet cannot be returned for any reason.

You must be aware that the jersey must be in its original condition and have the original tags attached to it. You can return your jersey for a refund or you can choose to receive an e-gift card.

You may want to return your jersey due to a player moving to a new team therefore, you can get jersey assurance with Fanatics and American Express. There are a lot of catches which I explain in the below video.

Fanatics International is a little different to when returning a NBA jersey. Fanatics International also has a 365 day return policy. However, it’s important to note that if you have ordered DVD’s or computer games from Fanatics and they’ve been opened you cannot return them. If you buy a personalised jersey it is non-returnable and you will only get a refund if the jersey is faulty, damaged or wrong. Unlike, Fanatics International do not have the jersey assurance program. Therefore, if a player leaves a team or the player makes a number change then you cannot get a refund or return for the jersey. With fanatics International you can cancel your order within 14 days of the purchase and get a full refund as well as the 365 day returns policy.

How do I return my NBA Jersey to the NBA Store

The NBA Store policy for returns has a shorter time frame compared to Fanatics. The NBA Store requires you to return your NBA jersey within 90 days from the date of dispatch of your NBA jersey. If you have bought a NBA Jersey and its not right for you you have the right to cancel within 14 working days of your purchase to receive a full refund. Similarly to the Fanatics Store personalised items are non-refundable and will only be permitted if the NBA jersey is faulty damaged or wrong. Also there is no NBA Jersey assurance program with the NBA Store and therefore if a player leaves the team you cannot get a new NBA jersey.

How do I return my NBA Jersey to Nike?

Nike has a 60 day returns policy however this is a temporary measure and will go back to 30 days in the future. The returns policy does not cover items bought in the Nike outlet. You can return your NBA Jersey within those 30 days for any reason.

Ensure that you sign up as a Nike member as you get free returns which saves you money and cost nothing to sign up to.

How do I return my NBA Jersey to Mitchell & Ness?

Mitchell & allow you to return a NBA jersey within 30 days of having the jersey sent to you. If the product is in the brand new condition and still has all the tags on the product. Like Fanatics, NBA Store and Nike final sale products may not be returned for refunds or exchange. If Mitchell & Ness think that you have worn the NBA Jersey because it smells of aftershave or smoke or those visible stains or marks then they will refuse the product and you will not get a refund.

Mitchell & Ness UK is a little bit different to the US Store. You have 28 days to return your NBA jersey in order to get a refund and exchange. The NBA jersey still has to have the tags on the NBA jersey and be in a brand new state. If you do not have the tags, you will not get a refund. Also you are required to pay full of jersey to get back to Mitchell & Ness.

How do I return my NBA Jersey to eBay?

If you are on eBay and you purchase a NBA jersey which you believe to be genuine and the buyer has not stated that the NBA jersey is a fake or replica in their title or description. Then you are entitled for a refund under the eBay guarantee. EBay guarantees that if your order didn’t arrive, it was faulty or damaged or doesn’t match the listing description you will get your money back.