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What happens if a NBA Player gets ejected from a NBA game?

If the ejection took place early in the game then the player will shower and dressed. If the injection took place near the end of the game the player would wait for their team mates to come in the changing room.

Most of the commotion and excitement elements of an ejection happens on the court but people may wonder what happens following  an ejection. What does a NBA player do once they have been ejected. Well we take a look at what goes on.

What happens when a NBA player is Ejected from a Game?

Once a NBA player is ejected from a game they must leave the court and go to their changing room. The NBA player is not allowed to return to the court for the rest of the game. Usually the NBA player is escorted by a member of security or one of their own teams personnel. There is a number of reasons for this but the main being for the players safety. Particularly, if the ejected player is an away player. The last thing that any team would want is NBA players inciting the crowd and for items to be thrown on the court. Over the years, teams have struggled to deal with ejected players quickly which can lead to crowd reactions, such as when Bill Walton dolls were thrown on to the court, as the video shows below.

Once the player has left the court, they will go to their changing room and have a chance for reflection of what has happened on the court. The player can begin to think what they will say to the media. Each NBA player has to do post game media and there will be a media interview at a later point of that evening. Therefore, a period of reflection and what the player is going to say to the press is appropriate and that is what most NBA players think about when they’re on their own in their dressing room. If the ejection took place in an early part of the game then the players would shower, get any phyiso they require and maybe watch the rest of the game on tv. If the ejection happened towards the end of the game then they would most likely wait for their team mates to come in to discuss what just happened and get ready together.

What does a NBA player say to the media after being ejected?

A NBA player will put their point of view across as what caused the ejection. The NBA players will quantify their actions for example, was their reaction due to frustration. The players will tend to apologise for their actions and explain what happened from their perspective.

What does the NBA do if you are ejected from the Game?

The minimum punishment from the NBA to a NBA player for an ejection is a $1000 fine and a one game suspension. However, punishments and suspensions can be increased dramatically depending on the severity of the ejection. Obviously, touching an official would increase the fine and ban significantly.