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Did Master P play in the NBA?

Yes, Master P had two stints with an NBA team. Master P played for the Charlotte Hornets in the 1998 pre-season. He played for the Tornoto Raptors in the 1999 pre-season.

However, Master P’s contract was not extend past pre-season by either team and he never played a regular season game as an NBA player. These two opportunities came to him when he was already in his 30’s.

You are now probably wondering how good is Master P at basketball. It’s not easy to get a contract with an NBA team even if it was just for pre-season. There are a lot of questions that need answering such as was Master P drafted and can you get a Master P jersey. Read on or watch our youtube video below we will enlighten you on the NBA career of Master P.

Did Master P get drafted?

No Master P was not drafted to a specific NBA team he played for a number of teams in pre-season games. Master P’s NBA career was due to a twist of fate rather than a years of working to become a pro player. The 1998-99 season was renowned for the lockout which stretched from July 1998 until January 1999. The Charlotte Hornets held a pre-season open scrimmage which fans could attend. At this time Master P was a huge celebrity and was rumoured o be a proficient basketball player. He was already in his 30’s and lacked the size and athleticism usually needed to stand out as an NBA prospect, of any age.

Unfortunately, for Master P he never made it to a regular season game in the NBA. Both the Charlotte Hornets and the Toronto Raptors cut Master P before the season got started for real. Although Master P believed he should belong in the NBA and there are number of highlights on YouTube (check out below). Master P had the stamina to last on court but his biggest problem was that he lacked both size and explosive athleticism. At ‘just’ 6ft 4 and of slight build, his game was based on shooting, dribbling and his solid understanding of the game. He didn’t have the physical presence to stand out as a genuine prospect amongst modern NBA players. Although his celebrity and the skill he did have worked to draw crowds at a time when, post Michael Jordan, the league was struggling for viewers.

How old was Master P when he played in the NBA?

Master P was 31 when he played for the Charlotte Hornets in pre-season 1998. Master P was 32 years old when he played for the Toronto Raptors in the 1999 pre-season. Prior to this opportunity Master P, then known as Percy Robert Miller, played basketball in high school and earned an athletic scholarship with the University of Houston. He would only stay for a couple of months before dropping out. Before his NBA appearances mentioned above, this was the last time he was involved in high level basketball.

Following his brief flirtation with the NBA he would go on to play a bit with the ABA and the CBA. Averaging 24 points for the Vegas Rattlers in 2004 – at the age of 37. 

How many points did Master P score in the NBA?

When playing for the Charlotte Hornets Master P scored four points in his pre-season game. When Master P was playing for the Toronto Raptors he notched up eight points. This gave Master P an average of 6 points per game, over the course of his two games. This meant that Master P had a better career average for points, then 72 players picked in the 1998 and 1999 NBA Draft.

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Does Master P still play basketball?

Master P played in various basketball leagues during the early 2000’s and Master P even took part in the 2008 NBA Celebrity game. However, his basketball days are behind him. Master P has an AAU team, called the P Miller Ballers, which travels the country to play in AAU tournaments. For a number of years Master P’s son, Romeo, featured for the team and then played for UCLA. However, Romeo did not make it to the NBA however, Master P’s believes that is down to his fame.

Does Master P’s son play basketball?

Not only has Master P been in the media alot recently for his attempts to increase black ownership in sports, not least with his attempts to spearhead a group trying to buy the struggling Reebok brand from Adidas, but his son has now set a precedent that relates to both Basketball and Business.

With the NCAA finally being forced to change their policy around student athletes earning money from their talent while they are student athletes, it is not a suprise that one of Master Ps sons, Hercy Miller, is one of the first to sign one of the biggest innitial endorsement deals.

Hercy Miller signed a $2million endorsement deal with ‘Web Apps America’, which will allow him to earn money while he competes in the NCAA for Tennessee State Basketball. Will Hercy go one better than his father and take the court in a regular NBA season game? Only time will tell, but he certainly looks set to try and if he has half the drive and passion of his father i’m confident he’ll achieve whatever he wants to.