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How to buy a retro NBA Jersey?

If you are a type of person who, like me, loves a bargain then you will probably be on the hunt for retro (or vintage) jerseys. One mans rubbish is another mans treasure and finding a retro NBA jersey for a competitive price makes any purchaser feel happy. However, you maybe think how to buy a retro NBA Jersey?

How to buy a retro NBA Jersey? In order to buy a retro NBA jersey you will need to hunt in vintage shops, goodwill shops or find a retro jersey on Ebay. You will need a eye for detail to establish what are fakes and whats real.

If you are thinking that it is impossible to find a good deal then the jersey opposite is a clear sign of what can be purchased.

I managed to obtain this Michael Washington Bullets Jersey for the grand total of $24 (£30) which also included recorded delivery to my house.

There are bargains everywhere and I have put together the following tips in order to help you find your way on how to buy a retro NBA jersey.

Retro NBA Jerseys in Vintage Shops?

Vintage shops are a gold mine for NBA jerseys. The great thing about vintage shops is that most people do not know the true value of a jersey. The bad thing about vintage shops is that most people don’t know the true value of a jersey. You are probably wondering what I mean by the statement.

Lets take the above Michael Jordan Washington Bullets Jersey which I purchased and can be described as a unique find. If you discount the postage that the seller paid then the grand total of the jersey is $19 (£24) which is an absolute bargain. This shows that people do not know the value of a jersey, as I would of said that this jersey is probably worth double than that. However, some vintage shops don’t know whether there jersey is legitimate or what it is worth. I have seen many a Hardwood Classic which is cheaper to buy from Mitchell and Ness rather than a vintage shop.

Therefore, you need to consider the following elements when deciding to buy a retro NBA Jersey. We have put together a table of what to do if you are shopping in a vintage shop in person or if you are shopping online.

QuestionIn the vintage shopShopping online in a vintage shop
Is there any damage to the jersey?Make sure you take you time looking
at the jersey and check for obvious signs of damage.
Study the pictures carefully are
there any signs of damage? Can you email the store to ask if there is damage.
Are the labels legitimate?Check the labels, are they illegitimate and do they tally with the era that the jersey is from.Again see if you can see the labels
and if you are unsure email the store.
Is it good value for money?Is the jersey reasonably priced, an easy way of doing this is going on ebay
whilst you are in the shop and seeing what similar jerseys are going for.
Same as if in the shop

If you consider these questions then you will come to a reasonable decision as to whether you should buy the jersey or not. Ensure that you keep emotion out the the decision (easier said then done) but its important that you buy a legitimate piece. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on a fake. If you are sitting here wondering how do you tell if it is legitimate then there is a quick and easy solution to this. What you need is a legit check.

What is a legit check?

A legit check is where you post a photo of your product on a forum of knowledgeable people who can instantly tell you whether it is legitimate or a fake. The best place to do this is the basketball jersey feed on Reddit. There are so many knowledgeable people on this Reddit forum and I actually legit checked the Jordan jersey which I mentioned at the start of the articles.

Legit Check on Jordans Bullets Jersey from r/basketballjerseys

All you have to do to legit check you retro basketball jersey is to a good picture ensuring that you have included all appropriate labels visible in the photo. Highlight the reasons as to why you think it may or may not be a fake. You will usually have to wait a few minutes (there are people on there all the time) to get a response.

I share my whole retro jersey experience in the following video check it out.

Can you buy retro NBA jerseys from charity shops?

You can buy retro NBA jerseys from charity shops (known as goodwill shops in the states). However, your options are more limited, for instance if you are shopping online at the charity shop you are not able to ask questions. Furthermore, stock can also be an issue at a charity shop, not all charity shops stock NBA jerseys and it can be luck of the draw.

However, you are more likely to find a better deal in a charity shop if you can find a jersey in the right size. Again you should look at the questions in the vintage shop section and apply these to your charity shop purchase.