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What is the NBA version of Wordle?

There are a number of NBA Worlde Games NBA  players, specifically Poeltl and Larry Birdle. We take a look at the games and see who created them and how to play them., I may even let you in on my secret strategy (I am sure people use the same strategy).

What is Poeltl?

Poeltl was the first NBA version of Wordle, which was released by Gabe Danon who works on the DunkTown podcast. The essence of the game is to guess who the NBA player in eight guesses or less. To help you who determine you can look at the silhouette (some people would class that as cheating). With each guess you find out if you are getting closer to conference, division, position, height, age and jersey number, as correct answers will be highlighted in green. 

How to play Poeltl?

The key to playing Poeltl is trying to narrow done the players team as quickly as possible. The first step is to choose a prominent player, below I choose Steph Curry. There were no greens and this means we can rule out any team in the Western Conference. My next guess is going to be a player who is significantly taller than Steph Curry in order to reduce the number of guesses. Therefore, I decided to choose Julius Randel

As you can see from below, I have the right division but the wrong team. This means the player is either from Boston, Brooklyn, Philadelphia or Tornto. One issue I didn’t realise is that Julius Randle,wears the same number as Step, so that doesn’t help.

The only thing to do is guess a player from one of the other teams. The only other player I could think of at the same position as Randel was Pascal Siakam. By a stroke of luck the player is on the Toronto Raptors.

The main person I can think of in Toronto is Scottie Barnes as he won Rookie of the Year in 2022.Again I got lucky, the player was Scottie Barnes. 

If you are new to the game then you can also look at the silhouette option which gives you a silhouette of the player. However, a lot of people consider this to be cheating. 

Who invented Poeltl?

Gabe Danon (linkedin profile here) is the creator of Poeltl and is also a producer of Dunktown Podcast. Gabe is a web developer at Duck Bridge LLC. One Friday morning he sent a tweet to the 328 followers about his new game Poeltl and it took off. 

What is Larry Birdle?

Larry Birdle uses a similar concept to Poeltl whereby you have to guess the NBA player in the fewest number of guesses. However, a difference between the games is that Larry Birdle tells you in a percentage in how accurate you are with your guesses.

Larry Birdle also offers legacy option which allows you to guess the player from the NBA 75 year list. You have to determine the player through their height, weight, position, number of MVP’s, age and shirt number.

Who invented Larry Birdle?

Jacob Tepperman invented Larry Birdle, as Poetlt only allowed you to have one game a day. Where as Larry Birdle allows you to play an unlimited amount of times. However, Jacob has created a game which I think is probably the best game I have ever played and its Larry Birdle 2. We reached out to Jacob who supplied the below video explaining the basis of his games and the best strategy.

What is Larry Birdle 2?

Larry Birdle is a 25 square grid whereby you have 24 guesses to get give teams of players. What makes the game interesting is that the teams can be horizontal or vertically. Therefore, its key to try get the right players in to the the teams as soon as possible.

With three guesses to go I got all the teams correct. As this records every player in the NBA its difficult to get every team right, so you need to do a bit of guessing. The great aspect of this game is that you can have an unlimited amount of games.