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A Complete List of all NBA Teams by Division

As you are probably aware, the NBA has six divisions which are split between the Eastern and Western Conference. We have put together a complete list of NBA Teams in order of division below:

NBA TeamNBA Division
Boston CelticsAtlantic Division
Brooklyn NetsAtlantic Division
New York KnicksAtlantic Division
Philidelphia 76rsAtlantic Division
Toronto RaptorsAtlantic Division
Chicago BullsCentral Division
Cleveland CavaliersCentral Division
Detriot PistonsCentral Division
Indiana PacersCentral Division
Milwaulke BucksCentral Division
Denver NuggetsNorthwest Division
Minnestoa TimberwolvesNorthwest Division
Oklahoma City ThunderNorthwest Division
Portland TrailblazersNorthwest Division
Utah JazzNorthwest Division
Golden State WarriorsPacific Division
LA ClippersPacific Division
Los Angeles LakersPacific Division
Phoenix SunsPacific Division
Sacramento KingsPacific Division
Atlanta HawksSoutheast Division
Charotte HornetsSoutheast Division
Miami HeatSoutheast Division
Orlando MagicSoutheast Division
Washington WizardsSoutheast Division
Dallas MavericksSouthwest Division
Houston RocketsSouthwest Division
Memphis GrizzliesSouthwest Division
New Orleans PelicansSouthwest Division
San Antonio SpursSouthwest Division

List of NBA Divisions in alphabetical order

  • Atlantic Division
  • Central Division
  • Northwest Division
  • Pacific Division
  • Southeast Division
  • Southwest Division

List of Atlantic Division Teams in Alphabetical Order

List of Central Division Teams in Alphabetical Order

List of Northwest Division Teams in Alphabetical Order

  • Denver Nuggets
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Portland Trailblazers
  • Utah Jazz

List of Pacific Division Teams in Alphabetical order

  • Golden State Warriors
  • LA Clippers
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Sacramento Kings

List of Southeast Division Teams in Alphabetical Order

  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Charotte Hornets
  • Miami Heat
  • Orlando Magic
  • Washington Wizards

List of Southwest Division Teams in Alphabetical Order

List of NBA Teams East and West

Below is a list of NBA team depending on if they are based in the East or West of conferences of the NBA.

NBA TeamEast or West
Atlanta HawksEastern Conference
Boston CelticsEastern Conference
Brooklyn NetsEastern Conference
Charotte HornetsEastern Conference
Chicago BullsEastern Conference
Cleveland CavaliersEastern Conference
Detriot PistonsEastern Conference
Indiana PacersEastern Conference
Miami HeatEastern Conference
Milwaulke BucksEastern Conference
New York KnicksEastern Conference
Orlando MagicEastern Conference
Philidelphia 76rsEastern Conference
Toronto RaptorsEastern Conference
Washington WizardsEastern Conference
Dallas MavericksWestern Conference
Denver NuggetsWestern Conference
Golden State WarriorsWestern Conference
Houston RocketsWestern Conference
LA ClippersWestern Conference
Los Angeles LakersWestern Conference
Memphis GrizzliesWestern Conference
Minnestoa TimberwolvesWestern Conference
New Orleans PelicansWestern Conference
Oklahoma City ThunderWestern Conference
Phoenix SunsWestern Conference
Portland TrailblazersWestern Conference
Sacramento KingsWestern Conference
San Antonio SpursWestern Conference
Utah JazzWestern Conference