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What Is Michael Jordan Invested In?

Michael Jordan is well known as one of the greatest basketball players to ever exist. Even though he made a surprisingly little amount of money for his actual play in the NBA, he has made sure to capitalize on any opportunities that pop up for him away from the court. This has led to a number of huge investments that he has cashed in on. So, let’s cover some of them. What is Michael Jordan invested in? What Is Michael Jordan Invested In? NBA star Michael Jordan has a handful of popular investments. He had initially invested into Sportradar, headphone brand Muzik, Gigster and even aXiomatic. There are still others like the tequila brand Cincoro and the Miami Marlins of the MLB. The list goes on and on.

You could also even consider his ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets as an investment, as he is the majority owner though it’s more than just an investment. Let’s break down a few of these investments a little further and try to explain what they do as a company. If Jordan invested into it, he had to have a lot of faith in them.

Most Notable Investment

Outside of the Hornets, the most notable investment that Jordan has ever made has been with aXiomatic. If you weren’t already aware, aXiomatic isn’t just your standard business that had potential to break out any week. No, this is instead the parent company of an eSports team. The eSports team in question here is Team Liquid. This squad is currently estimated to be worth around $320 million as well. Back in 2018, sources claimed that Team Liquid was the third most valuable eSports company in the entire world. The only teams above them at the time were Cloud9 and Team SoloMid. This type of investment wasn’t a massive surprise for entrepreneurs that are looking to pounce on openings that present themselves. The eSports scene has been growing in popularity for a few years now and it is only a matter of time before they really start to break out even further. Jordan was a part in the $26 million funding round for the company along with a few other popular names. Such as Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber, Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis and Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik. However, Jordan was the only new investor among those named for this particular round of investing. Side note, another legendary basketball player by the name of Magic Johnson is currently invested into aXiomatic as well. He wasn’t a part of this round of funding but has invested money into the company himself over the years. Nobody was quite sure how much of the $26 million Jordan decided to fund, but the investment could end up being a fantastic idea for him if eSports continues to go the direction that they are going.

Michael Jordan Professional Sports Investments

Just because he officially retired from playing, doesn’t mean that he isn’t a fan of professional sports anymore. That is especially true when it comes to baseball. He didn’t have a great run with the Chicago White Sox when he made the transition of basketball to baseball a few decades ago. However, the sport is still close to his heart. In fact, he was one of the 18 owners that were able to purchase the MLB team, the Miami Marlins. It was reported that the threw in $5 million to become an official owner/investor with the organization. At the time the purchase was made, Derek Jeter was the official CEO of the organization and had a few percentage points more ownership than Jordan. It was said that Jordan even offered advice to Jeter before the deal went down, and was apparently a driving force to helping this dream become a reality. One quote that came from Jordan was, “If you believe in the plan, stick to the plan. Don’t alter it midstream.” This was in response to Jeter asking him for advice over the decision to purchase the Marlins. The Marlins weren’t great in the following years of this deal, but that doesn’t mean that they can turn it around soon with Jordan still hanging around the franchise.

Other Investments

One big investment that we haven’t talked about yet was Michael Jordan deciding to go in on a new tequila brand called Cincoro. He didn’t go into this entire process on his own though. He got a ton of help from major NBA contributors that shared the exact same interest as him. Joining Jordan on this adventure was president and owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Jeanie Buss, the two lead owners of the Boston Celtics Wyc Grousbeck and Emilia Fazzalari and the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks Wes Edens. If there was ever a strong group to come together and take this idea to new heights, it would be them. Cincoro reportedly comes from the Spanish words “five and “gold”. There are four different brands of this tequila, ranging from $70 a bottle all the way to a ridiculous $1,600 a bottle. The next investment that we need to cover is with Gigster. Gigster has a goal in mind to get a field of freelancers and other workers to do incredible work at a fixed price for major companies. They also plan on developing huge next-generation projects for those same businesses. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Jordan felt confident enough in them to hand over an investment of his own. In two years after their initial launch, Gigster shot up to $32.5 million in funding. New technology is at a premium nowadays with the way the world is going. Gigster has the potential to end up creating the next big thing and helping all of these investors get that much richer. It’s exciting to see the work they do in the future.