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NBA Player Salary Calculator

Easily and simply work out how much an NBA player is paid after tax. You can also see how much money they make in a minute. Input the salary and choose the state they’re located in. If you would like an ok indepth article on NBA Contracts then make sure you check out our guide here.

Please note that this tool has taken the broad brush approach to taxes. As an example jock tax has been taken as an average of 3%. Furthermore, federal tax has been calculated at the highest rate given that the majority of people earn over $100k on the NBA.

NBA Salary Calculator

NBA Salary Calculator


Federal Tax: 0.00

Agent Fee: 0.00

Escrow Tax: 0.00

NBA Medical Tax: 0.00

State Tax: 0.00

Jock Tax: 0.00

Total Salary After Taxes:

0.00 USD

Salary Breakdown:

Monthly: 0.00 USD

Weekly: 0.00 USD

Daily: 0.00 USD

Per Minute: 0.00 USD