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JxmyHighroller – The Basketball Video Legend

If you, like me, spend hours watching YouTube and in particular basketball documentaries then you would have certainly heard of JxmyHighroller. Putting it simply, he is the don of YouTube basketball mini documentaries. The fifteen minutes I spend washing up in the evening is always slightly delayed as I watch Jimmy’s documentaries whilst doing the washing up. But I wondered who is JxmyHighroller?

Who is JxmyHighroller? JxmyHighroller (Jimmy) is an American YouTuber who produces mini basketball documentaries on various subjects of the NBA. He is based out of Vancouver, Washington and has an in depth knowledge of basketball and is very good at displaying his knowledge in his videos.

JxmyHighroller Background

Jimmy has been playing basketball all his life. He won a National Championship with his High School team and also went to State. Although Jimmy had success in basketball, he decided to take a scholarship offer to a NCAA Division 1 college for his athletics. Jimmy’s athletics improved when he moved high schools and his basketball coach sidelined him for the season. Due to Jimmy being sidelined he focused more on his athletics, it paid of and he got a NCAA Division 1 scholarship. It is obvious that basketball is the love of his life, just by the passion he talks about the sport in his videos.

Jimmy identified in his question and answers video that LeBron is his favourite NBA player and that Michael Jordan was his all time favourite athlete. Jimmy has a number of hobbies such as Xbox (anyone played against him?), guitar and obviously basketball.

JxmyHighroller Channel

Jimmy’s channel actually started nine years ago back in 2010. The first six videos of the channel were nothing to do with basketball at all and were actually focused on athletics. This makes a lot of sense given that Jimmy’s main sport at College was athletics. He left the channel alone for seven years!

However, two years ago Jimmy made a video about LeBron James and whether he was the G.O.A.T.. The video was a little bit of fun but the videos soon started to take off. Jimmy was hitting hundreds of thousands of views on his videos in no time. Some of his videos were getting a million views! Why The Julian Newman and Lamelo Ball Comparison Should Have Never Happened was the first video in his back catalouge to get a 1 million of views. This then became a regular trend.

At this time Jimmy has 196 videos! With multiple videos viewed over a million times and one video has 9.7 million views! This guy is talented and so many basketball fans can relate to him and the ideas he speaks about in his videos.

What is JxmyHighrollers Best Videos?

There are a number of videos I have enjoyed whilst watching Jimmy’s channel. I love stats and I love the graphs that Jimmy puts up on his channel they are awesome. His latest video on GameScore had me transfixed.

I also liked Jimmys video on predictions which came true, some of them are just crazy. Like the kid who wrote in his year book that the Raptors will win the 2019 NBA Finals in six games, a year before the finals.

What NBA players does JxmyHighroller Know?

In his youth Jimmy had to guard Zach LaVine who now plays in the NBA. Klay Thompson went to the same college as Jimmy and Jimmy got to know Klay well. Klay even bought the NBA trophy to Washington State and Jimmy got to hold it.

How much does the JxmyHighroller Channel Make?

Going on Social Blade to see JxmyHighroller analytics, I was surprised at the earnings that Jimmy made. But then I thought, this guy is the don of basketball videos. Seriously, he doesn’t make you watch thirty seconds of adverts before watching his videos, he just has a couple of pop up adverts. I had never appreciated this before but it makes me engage in his videos so much more. Jimmy makes up to £1,000 a day from his videos which is awesome and fully deserved.

Below are his stats on subscribers and views that he has acquired in the two years. I would strongly suggest you subscribe to his channel its awesome.