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Atlanta Hawks Jersey

It wasn’t so long ago that the Atlanta Hawks sent 4 players to the Allstar game and led the Eastern conference. Even back then though, Al Horford, Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver were more functional than stylish. Each of those players has since left the team and their coach, Mike Budenholzer, is now in Milwaukee building a contender around Giannis. Despite this the Hawks are now more relevant than ever. Trae Young is one of the most exciting young guards to join the league. Finally, they have a player with a style that fits with the city and along with him, Jersey’s to match.

Atlanta Hawks Jersey 2019-20 Season

Atlanta Hawks 2019/20 season Jerseys are a follow on from last years, with the annual update to the City Edition. The Hawks have 4 Jerseys they will rotate through:

Association Jersey White

Icon Jersey Black

Statement Jersey Red

City Jersey Peachtree

The core 3 Jerseys, Association, Icon and Statement haven’t updated since their launch for the 2018/19 season (if you are unsure of what is the difference between jersey types, we explain it here). They feature a triangular pattern that draws inspiration from the Hawks breast. Other features are the asymmetrical design of the shorts, the bold colour scheme the inclusion of the socks and laces in the overall uniforms colour scheme. Finally, the entire trio is designed to be mix and match with shorts, socks and jersey all being interchangeable to create new, fresh looks. The essence of streetball style.

Standing apart from these is the more traditional looking City Edition Jersey. Taking inspiration from the Peachtree streets that connect the towns of Atlanta together. Seen in the city as a beacon celebrating both the told and the new. With any luck this will be mirrored by the team on the floor as they maintain their recent history of success and combine it with the new flare that Trae Young dishes out each night.

So that’s what Atlanta are doing this year, but what about years past? What are the most iconic Atlanta Hawks Jerseys of all time?

Top Three Most Iconic Atlanta Hawks Jerseys of All Time

Atlanta Hawks 1987/88 season

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Dominque Wilkins was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 1982 (by way of Utah) with the 3rd pick of the NBA draft. He would play for them until 1994 when he was part of a mid-season trade with the Clippers. He won multiple all-star selections, won the scoring title in 1985/86 and is now a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Despite never winning the ultimate prize, he created many iconic moments in the Atlanta Hawks familiar red jersey with white Hawks stripe across the chest. Non more so than in his high-flying clash with Michael Jordan in the 1988 Allstar Weekend Dunk Competition. Who won? Watch below to find out!

Atlanta Hawks Jersey  – Dikembe Mutombo

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Dikembe Mutombo and his giant index finger joined the Hawks from Denver for the start of the 1996/97 season. He would play almost 5 season there before leaving for Philadelphia in 2001. Mt Mutombo was known for his huge blocks. He was THE rim protector, big guys, small guys, fast guys, explosive guys. They all got sent out and shown the finger wag. He could play as well and had a devastating array of post moves and dunks. When it comes to defence Mutombo is iconic and has been imitated on every court around the world since. See below to find out why:

Atlanta Hawks 2014/15 Jersey

I mentioned above that the Hawks had 4 Allstars in 2015. Quite a feat. One month before that in January 2015, their entire starting five was named as NBA Player of the month. A feat that has not happened before or since and is an absolute testament to how great a team they were. Lacking a Superstar, they would lead the East with a 60-22 record. Only the emergence of the Warriors dynasty on the West coast would stop them from claiming the best record in the league. An iconic moment for fans of team basketball.