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Who owns the Lakers right now?

The majority owner of the Lakers is The Buss Family Trust which is led by Jeanie Buss who is the Governor of the Los Angeles Lakers. We take a look at the breakdown of the ownership of the Lakers and explain how the ownership of the team works. Below is a break down of the ownership of the Lakers.

Individual Owner of the LakersPercentage of Ownership of the Lakers
The Buss Family
(Jeanie Buss, Jim Buss Janie Buss, Jesse Buss, Johnny Buss and Joey Buss each own 11% of the Lakers and collectively the family holds 66% of the Lakers)
Todd Boehly and Mark Walter27%
Patrick Soon-Shiong4.5%
Ed Roski2.5%

When Dr Jerry Buss dies in 2013, he had his majority ownership share of the Lakers put in a trust for his six children. Jerry Buss owned 66% of the Lakers and therefore, each one of his children owned 11% of the Lakers. However, as the trust is a collective the Buss Family Trust is the biggest owner of the Lakers as collectively the Buss Family Trust own 66% of the Lakers. Jeanie Buss was named as the Governor of the Lakers in the Trust Deed and therefore, Jeanie has the final say on all the decisions related to the Lakers.

Todd Boehly and Mark Walter own 27% of the Lakers as they purchased this stake from Phil Anschutz in 2021. It is purported that one day Todd Boehly and Mark Walter will one day become the owners of the Lakers however, Jeanie Buss has stated she never intends to sell. Furthermore, Todd Boehly is currently busy running Chelsea Football Club which he purchased in 2022 for $2.5 billion. Boehly and Walter do not have any say in how the Lakers are run.

In 2010 Patrick Soon-Shiong purchased 4.5% of the Lakers from Magic Johnson who was looking to invest in another NBA Franchise, the Detroit Pistons. Patrick Soon-Shiong is a minority owner of the Lakers and therefore, does not have any influence in the day to day running of the Lakers.

Ed Roski has owned 2.5% of the Lakers since 1998 and like Patrik Soon-Shiong is a minority shareholder and therefore, has no authority on how the Lakers are run. The Buss Family Trust as the majority owner make all the decisions.