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Podcasts Hosted by NBA Players

Podcasts are episodic series of audio files that are accessible on different devices and provide insight into different topics. Interestingly a lot of players from the NBA also host podcast talking about various subjects.

Podcasts that are hosted by NBA players are available on the internet. Approximately 10-15 players from the NBA host podcast – some regularly and the other ones occasionally. Sometimes there is a duo of players reviewing different topics. The following are a list of podcasts:

  • All The Smoke – Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson
  • The ETCs with Kevin Durant
  • T.ROSS Podcast – Terrence Ross
  • The Steam Room – Charles Barkley & Ernie Johnson
  • The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter
  • Inside the Green Room with Danny Green
  • Pull Up with CJ McCollum
  • Jalen & Jacoby
  • The No Chill Podcast – Gilbert Arenas
  • The Big Podcast With Shaq
  • Go Off with Austin Rivers

Podcasts on the NBA are always interesting to listen to, but it is more exciting to hear the analysis and evaluation from NBA players, who have both expertise and experience. Let’s explore more about the different podcast and which players they feature.

What is the duration of podcasts?

Podcasts hosted by NBA players could start from 20 minutes and exceed 1 hour. Depending on the topic and guests the duration could vary. On average, they last for 30 minutes and the hosts try to mention the main points.

NBA Players and podcasts

Here is a handful list of NBA players that host podcasts:

All The Smoke – Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson

While both of these players are retired, no one can deny and that Barnes and Jackson were some of the most influential figures in the NBA, primarily because of their approach to basketball. There are many controversies related to them, but when it comes to podcasts, both of these players provide deeper analysis on various issues that exist throughout the league. They have 117 episodes overall but have not released the one since March 2020.

The ETCs with Kevin Durant

In addition to being one of the most dominant and formidable players in the league, Durant also co-hosts a podcast with Eddie Gonzalez, where, with special guests, they talk about various topics – ranging from sports to culture. Each episode dives deep into the history and provides a comprehensive analysis of events that played a major role in shaping the modern world. They have 17 episodes in total and update the content more or less regularly.

T.ROSS Podcast – Terrence Ross

Terrence Ross’ podcasts are diverse because they cover everything from sports to conspiracy theories. In these podcasts, you will discover a completely different side of Ross, who has 42 episodes in his repertoire and releases new video weekly.

The Steam Room – Charles Barkley & Ernie Johnson

Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson have a history of cooperation for 20 years on Inside The NBA. They also host a podcast, where the conversation goes beyond the field of basketball covering more universal events. To their name, they have over 50 episodes and the new ones are added regularly.

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

The Mavericks shooting guard who missed the 2021 playoffs because of the injury has a podcast co-hosted with Tommy Alter. Together they discuss major events inside and outside the NBA, interview some of the most famous names. The show offers listeners interesting stories and you can choose between 61 episodes. The content is updated regularly.

Inside the Green Room with Danny Green

Danny Green is one of 4 players that managed to win the championship title in 3 different teams. The Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard co-hosts a sports podcast with Harrison Sanford, where they discuss life and stories of Danny Green himself. There are more than 80 episodes available in the series.

Pull Up with CJ McCollum

Pull Up is one of the most popular podcast series that is hosted by Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum. It should be noted that McCollum has gained a major in journalism and is considered one of the future stars in sports media. He does not wait for retirement and provides information about different topics – from free agency to favourite glass of wine. Lovers of interesting stories are going to learn a lot from McCollum and new episodes are released almost every week.

Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose, a former NBA player and David Jacoby formed a magnificent duo. Having over 909 episodes, they discuss everything from sports to pop culture. They have expertise on various topics and the number of podcasts proves that.

The No Chill Podcast – Gilbert Arenas

No other player in the NBA can compare with Gilbert Arenas. He still remains one of the most controversial figures to have played in the NBA. His disqualification and incident with guns are remembered by players and viewers. Arenas was very talented but unfortunately failed to live up to expectations.

However, the past experience did not impede the player to start a podcast where Agent Zero regularly shares his stories, ideas, while being joined by different athletes and actors. There are more than 100 episodes available, but recently, there have been no major updates.

The Big Podcast With Shaq

Can you think of any other player who has been so dominant as Shaq in his prime? Not only Shaquille O’Neal became a sports analyst after retirement, but also started hosting podcasts. With over 200 episodes in his repertoire, Shaq talks about news, entertainment and his own life. John Kinkade and Rob Jenners are also alongside him and the show is pretty funny to listen to.

Go Off with Austin Rivers

The son of Doc Rivers, Austin Rivers has not had a new episode since May 2020. However, the available 7 episodes show a side of him, that you have never heard of. The podcasts are very informative and Rivers talks in a way that makes guests engaged in debates. The themes include sports, culture and many more.