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How much does a mop boy make in the NBA?

It is widely reported that Mop Boys earn between $60,000 and $90,000 depending on their hours of work, qualifications and experience. This is largly inncaurate information, NBA teams may pay each mop boy based on their skill and experience. NBA Floor Cleaners can receive payments after each game based on a hourly rate. The NBA Mop boy, also known as an NBA Floor Sweeper, role atracts an average hourly rate of around $14.53.

The job of a mop boy is an interesting one but at the same time requires a lot of effort and energy. Let’s find out more detail regarding the salaries and other features of this job. Read on to find out what an NBA Floor cleaner’s roles are, what they get paid and why the internet thinks they can earn upwards of $70,000 a year!

Is it hard to become a mop boy?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Depending on your skills and education, the procedure could be different. You may need to fill out the application form and send it to the NBA team. They have a different methodology to hire mop boys so the process will likely alter from team to team. However, one thing is clear – without education and experience in this field it is unlikely that anyone will consider your application. There are hundreds of such requests sent to each team and you need to stand out from the crowd in order to make an impression.

Contacting associates and HR managers is certainly a possibility but it is not as effective as the method we have mentioned above. If you are lucky and manage to receive an answer, you will be able to ask for further procedures.

Why the salary varies?

By researching the information about salaries of mop boys, rarely do they exceed $70,000. Total salary depends on a lot of factors and primarily – skills and experience. If a mop boy has a solid educational background and a degree, he is likely to get more than the average salary.

While the salary might seem large, there is a lot of work to do, which is time-consuming and requires strong physical capabilities as well as mental focus. If we compare the salary to the median US income it is possible to notice major differences. We have looked at the annual salaries of an American and compared it to the salary of the NBA Mop Boy and this can be seen below.

Sometimes mop boys are given additional funds if the teams qualify for the playoffs. In case a team advances to the next round, the funds could increase and mop boys can receive tips from particular players.

We should note that it is almost impossible for an NBA Floor Cleaner to take home upwards of $70,000 a year in salary. In fact that average salary is calculated based on an hourly rate, which is then multiplied out as if that eomployee was working a standard 40 hour week 52 weeks a year. While an NBA Floor Cleaner attracts a birlliant hourly rate, the hours available to work are limited.

Even if emplyed for the 4 hours around each NBA home court game. That would still only give them 41 games X 4 hours = 164 hours (about 1 month) of paid work a season. Of course I am sure they can pick up extra duties at practice facilities and other team events to bump the salary up, but $70,000 a year?

No chance.

Duties of a mop boy

During working hours, mop boys responsibilities are to clean the dirt from the floor and get rid of debris. In some cases, teams might give additional tasks to mop boys. Furthermore, when there are breaks between quarters mop boys should be fast to clean the floor, which makes it one of the most tedious jobs in the NBA. They need to be alert all the time, to carry out the assigned tasks.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, which significantly impacted the world and different sports, new regulations have come into force. Teams and workers need to comply with new protocols to ensure safety and maintain hygiene on the court. Extreme sweating make floors wet, which increases the chances of spreading the virus, thus it is necessary to take care of such matters efficiently.

While we are talking about mop boys, in June 2021, the hype started around mop boys on Twitter, where people started searching for the answer on how to become the floor cleaner in the NBA. The salary was probably a determining factor.

What benefits do mop boys get?

In addition to receiving a pretty decent salary, mop boys have a wide range of additional benefits that are credited by the team. Like salaries, benefits could vary and each team individually decides what to grant their workers.

First of all, a lot of youngsters are willing to meet their idols on the court. When you are working alongside Kevin Durant, Steph Curry or LeBron James watching them playing in front of you is a great pleasure. Secondly, they are entitled to get additional money to purchase food. While this is still up to a team to reward good workers, even the small amount of money is noteworthy.

In certain circumstances, mop boys might have their studies financed when they enter college. Such cases happen rarely in the NBA, but still if one manages to leave a good impression, it will not be gone unnoticed from the team’s point of view.

It needs no further explanation that mop boys are granted free access to watch every game. Even when they are not working, teams allow them to attend matches to showcase their support.

Is an NBA Floor Cleaner a good career in the NBA?

It purely depends on a particular person and his goals. If we take a look from a financial perspective they received funds (more than $50,000) are higher than the median salary existing in the United States. Furthermore, workers are credited with increased benefits and perks from the teams. At the same time, it is possible to meet famous NBA players, watch their training sessions and in some cases even play with them.

As for the disadvantages of the job, we can point out that it is tiring and requires a lot of energy. During games, mop boys are involved in the working process constantly and they should be fast and arrange everything rapidly, but their job is respected and that’s why they receive such a high amount of money from NBA teams.