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Boston Celtics Home White Jersey 1992-1995

About the Jersey

The 1992-1995 period is a rebuilding era for the Boston Celtics. The Big 3 era came to an end, after Larry Bird and Kevin McHale retiring and Robert Parish signing for the Charlotte Hornets. 1994-1995 was also the Celtic’s final season in the Boston Garden. 


Champion became the manufacturer of NBA jerseys following Sandknit going bankrupt. Champion signed a manufacturing deal for four years initially. However, Champion ended up manufacturing the NBA jerseys until 2001.

From 1997 Nike and Starter produced jerseys for a number of teams and therefore, Champion did not produce jerseys for all 27 NBA teams for the whole period.

Size Guide

ManufacturerSize TypeSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Please note the sizes are in inches

Washing Instructions

A Champion jersey can be machine washed on a 30 degree setting. You should wash your jersey separate to other clothes.

You cannot bleach a Champion jersey or use fabric softeners on a Champion jersey. You can iron a Champion jersey on a cool heat and you cannot put a Champion jersey in the tumble dryer.

Where to buy this Jersey

If you are looking to buy this jersey then one of the below retailers may have this jersey in stock. Click the logo of the shop to be taken to that shop. If the jersey is this current seasons jersey or a recently worn jersey then Fanatics and the NBA Store are your best bet in order to pick up the jersey. However, if the jersey is more vintage then the other shops may a version of the jersey.

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