Who Wears 00 Jersey in the NBA?

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An NBA player can be associated with a jersey number, just look at how Michael Jordan wore the number 23 jersey and it has become a symbol of his career. The double zero jersey is a recently new edition to the basketball jersey number, double zero was first worn in 1976 by Robert Parish. In the history of the NBA 38 players have worn the 00 jersey. Therefore, it is a unique number for an NBA player to choose for their jersey.

We have looked back at the data over the last twenty years of the NBA and to see how many times NBA players have chosen the 00 jersey to wear for a season. The 2016 and 2018 season had the most NBA players wearing the 00 jersey, at six a piece. However, in the 2006 and 2007 season the 00 jersey number wasn’t chosen by any NBA player. The graph below shows the popularity of the 00 jersey number with NBA players over the last twenty years.

When did the 00 Jersey become arrive in the NBA?

The first basketball player to wear the 00 jersey in the NBA was Robert Parish. He had won the 00 number since high school. He was given the 00 number as all other numbers had been taken at his high school when Robert wasn’t there. Robert wasn’t keen on basketball, so he wasn’t fussed that he had been given the 00 jersey. The NBA allowed the 00 jersey and Robert Parish became the first NBA player to wear the 00 jersey in 1976. His Celtics 00 jersey was retired, due to his epic performances.

Which Position wears 00 Jersey most in the NBA?

We wondered whether there was a correlation between an NBA’s player position and if they decided to wear a 00 jersey. As there are only four players who are wearing the 00 jersey this season the data set is rather small but as you can see from the below that three out of the four players wearing the 00 jersey are power forwards.

Current NBA Players who wear a Double 00 Jersey?

There are currently four players who wear the 00 jersey. We put together a little guide to show you who the players are who wear the 00 jersey and highlight if they have worn any other jersey numbers prior to this. Currently the following players wear the 00 jersey:

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony had to wait a long time to get a contract from a NBA team in 2019 however, Anthony jumped at the chance to play at Portland and picked up the 00 jersey. Anthony had previously worn the 15 Jersey with the Denver Nuggets and then the 7 Jersey with numerous teams. However, Anthony was just happy to be with a team and picked up the 00 jersey. The city jersey for Portland, look absolute amazing, as featured in the picture above.

Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson originally started playing for the Lakers wearing the no.6 jersey and then moved to the Cavaliers and took the no.8 jersey. However, after his move to the Utah Jazz he picked up the 00 Jersey and has been wearing it ever since.

If you’re a Jazz fan you can pick up the jersey by clicking the link below.

Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon was drafted to the Orlando Magic in the 2014 NBA draft. Gordon picked up the 00 jersey straight away and has worn it ever since. Gordon is wearing the Orlando Magic icon jersey with the 00.

Rodions Kurucs

Kurucs was drafted in the 2018 NBA draft by the Brooklyn Nets. Kurucs is from Latvia and picked up the 00 jersey for Brooklyn. He has only been in the league a year and therefore, only time will tell whether he sticks with the 00 jersey.

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