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Who is the most charitable NBA player?

Being in the NBA is not only about competing, winning titles and receiving huge salaries. In addition, players love to give back a certain amount of money to people who need it the most. Charity is an integral part of the NBA.

Who is the most Charitable NBA Player? The most charitable player in the NBA is LeBron James. Not only The King and one of the greatest players of all time shows his prowess on the court but also helps people and is particularly aimed at developing youngsters.

James is not the only one who is helping others in need. In this article, we will have a closer look at other players and how they contribute to different communities.

Does NBA have its own charity program?

Before we move to specific players, it is necessary to point out that NBA also has a charitable organization, aimed at developing and empowering Black communities. All NBA teams donate $1 million each and this program has a lot of supporters.

Generous NBA players – who are on the list?

We have mentioned at the beginning of our article that besides LeBron, other famous players share the responsibility of assisting others. Let’s have a look at the list of the most charitable players.

LeBron James

LeBron James is the main star of the NBA and one of the few basketball players of our time who did not go to university. The small forward came to the professional league from school. Nevertheless, throughout his career, James actively supported various educational programs.

In 2018, the financial capacity of his charitable foundation grew so large that James was able to afford to open a school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Not a sports school or a private one, but an ordinary public school in which every child can study.

James described the opening of the school as one of the greatest experiences of his life. But 25 years ago, he slept on couches with friends and regularly skipped school. He regularly donates funds to charity and is determined to help youngsters establish themselves.

Kevin Durant

Probably LeBron’s one of the notable rivals, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant surprised the kids back in 2018 when he decided to help the Boys & Girls Clubs in Menlo Park, California.

The NBA star paid for the graduates for their first year of college. Despite the fact that Durant himself does not regularly comment on charity activities, the effort and love he puts in helping others are unexplainable. This is not just a donation of money. This is the constant support of children. He constantly returns and turns to face people. And as his former teammate, Quinn Cook noted, he’s like a superhero – on and off the floor. In 2017, Durant reportedly donated over $13 million, which is a massive amount of money. He is a very modest person and the majority of his deeds are not known to the general public.

Stephen Curry

The greatest 3-point shooter of all time – like many other NBA players, Curry devotes a lot of attention to charity. For every three-pointer he throws, he donates 3 bed nets to the Nothing But Nets Malaria Foundation. Also, in 2019 the basketball player responded to the request of a resident of the city who shared photos of an outdated basketball court, the resident said that the city refused to provide assistance. And curry was the one to help to renovate the court.

Curry also supported a wide range of charity activities during his career. We can mention the Animal Rescue Foundation as well. At the same time, the Golden States shooting guard travels around the world to combat different diseases and protect human rights.

John Wall

In 2016, John Wall became NBA’s Community Assist Award winner. This award goes to the basketball player who actively participates in charitable activities in their community.

Over the recent years, Wall opened an educational foundation for children and youth, with the help of Bright Beginnings Inc. organized a program to support homeless children. In addition, he was active in Light the Night Walk, a charity event hosted by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Community. Wall is a very generous and emphatic person, constantly caring about others and children especially.

Damian Lillard

Portland Trail Blazers leader and explosive point guard, Damian Lillard is the most recent winner of the NBA’s Community Assist Award. The NBA and the Kaiser Permanente Consortium will donate $ 10,000 to the Special Olympics Oregon, which is dedicated to helping athletes with intellectual disabilities. Since coming to the NBA back in 2012, Lillard has been actively supporting youth players and is likely to continue his “job” in the future.

Honourable Mentions

Of course, this is not a complete list of basketball players who donate part of their income to charity. The tragedy in Haiti, for example, which happened in 2010, was not overlooked by many NBA players. Dwyane Wade established a Haiti earthquake relief fund. Former Miami Heat shooting guard recruited other athletes to help the injured Haitians. And former NBA star ex-Miami player Alonzo Mourning personally flew to Haiti to help rescue workers clear the rubble. Wade also enjoys participating in poker tournaments. The Miami Heat defender spends everything he earns on charity. Paul Pierce was frequently drawing teammates to bowling competitions organized by his charitable foundation. Bowling is loved not only by Boston players but also by the guys from Atlanta. Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia also practised such competitions. Tony Parker, was frequently attending charity auctions when he was married to Eva Longoria.