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Who has the most accolades in NBA history?

Individual titles in the NBA are instrumental for a player’s success. In addition to winning championship titles, athletes can fight for other awards such as the MVP, defensive player of the year, etc.

Who has the most accolades in NBA history? Michael Jordan has the most accolades in NBA history. The greatest player of all time collected 22 trophies during his career including 6 NBA championships and 5 MVPs. The legend of the Chicago Bulls and basketball is superior in this aspect too. 

Winning individual awards in the NBA is a tough task and not everyone manages to do it. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss other players and what they managed to achieve.

How many accolades does Michael Jordan have?

Whether Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time is frequently debated, but no other player managed to impact basketball in such a way as MJ. His first trophy came in his first year with the Bulls when he won the Rookie of the Year Award in 1985. After that, with the same Chicago Bulls, “Air Jordan” won two 3-peats and in each of these finals, Jordan was an MVP. Adding to that, MJ became an MVP of the regular season 5 times and All-Star MVP 3 times.

While Jordan was mainly known for his performance in the offence, the shooting guard excelled in defence as well, which led to winning the Defensive Player of the Year Award in 1988. He also became a scoring champion for a mind-blowing 10 times.

How many accolades does Bill Russell have?

While Bill Russell played during an ear, when basketball was not as competitive as it is now, still we cannot underestimate his accomplishments with the Boston Celtics. The legendary center won a record 11 championship titles in 13 seasons with the Celtics – something that looks impossible in modern basketball. In addition, he claimed 5 regular-season MVPs and 1 All-Star MVP. Bill Russel was regularly leading the rebounding category in the NBA.

How many accolades does LeBron James have?

The King who is often compared to Michael Jordan is one of the most versatile and athletic players who has ever played in the NBA. Playing for 3 different teams, LeBron won championship titles in each of them (2 in the Miami Heat, 1 in the Lakers and 1 in the Cleveland Cavaliers). Adding to 4 championships, LeBron also has 4 Finals MVPs and 4 regular season MVPs. When he was drafted in 2003 by the Cleveland Cavaliers, he also won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2004. And of course, we should also mention 3 All-Star MVPs. LeBron is still playing actively and has a great chance to overcome Bill Russell. The King does not seem to be losing his cool while becoming older.

How many accolades does Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar frequently does not get the credit he deserves, but the American player is an all-time leader in scoring. The only person who can surpass him is the above mentioned LeBron James but The King must stay healthy.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won the majority of his accolades with the Los Angeles Lakers. In his prime, Jabbar was simply unguardable. He managed to win 6 NBA championships as well as 6 regular-season MVPs. In 2 of these 6 Finals, Jabbar won an MVP title twice. In 1970, he also became the Rookie of the Year.

How many accolades does Magic Johnson have?

With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson created a formidable duo that was wreaking havoc on the Celtics and opposing teams. Johnson was pivotal in the Lakers’ success, as he was playing as a point guard and was a conductor of the team. Because of his versatility, he could play in several positions

Magic won 5 NBA championships with the Lakers and claimed the Finals MVP titles twice. Johnson became a regular-season and an All-Star MVP 3 times respectively. Unfortunately, he was forced to retire early because of health problems.

How many accolades does Tim Duncan have?

Tim Duncan is a legend and symbol of the San Antonio Spurs. By many experts, he is the greatest power forward of all-time in the NBA. It is difficult to disagree with them, as Duncan won everything possible on a team and individual level.

His first title came in 1998 when he won the Rookie of the Year Award under Gregg Popovich. Later he added 5 NBA championship titles with 3 Finals MVPs. In a regular season he won the same award twice and became an All-Star MVP once in 2000.

How many accolades does Kobe Bryant have?

If Duncan is a symbol of the San Antonio Spurs, then Kobe Bryant is a symbol of the Los Angeles Lakers. The legend, who passed away in a fatal helicopter crash in 2020, has 12 accolades to his name including 5 championship rings, 2 Finals MVPs, 1 regular season MVP and 4 All-Star MVPs. He is a unique player to have spent 20 seasons with a single franchise and in his final game, he set another record by scoring 60 points against the Utah Jazz.

How many accolades does Shaquille O’Neal? 

The guy who brought a storm on a basketball court. Shaq was the most dominant center of all time and hardly anyone can argue with that. Kobe and Shaq are frequently inseparable, because they created a legacy together with the Los Angeles Lakers, winning 3 titles in a row. In 18 seasons, O’Neal won 4 championship titles, 3 Finals MVPs, 1 MVP, 3 All-Star MVPs and the Rookie of the Year Award in 1993. There was no other big man in the NBA to match O’Neal in endurance and dominance.