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Which NBA Players are in Space Jam?

Netflix has put NBA Space Jam on their movie list, I suspect this is due to the interest of Michael Jordan following with the launch of The Last Dance. Obviously, the main star of Space Jam is Michael Jordan However, there are more NBA players than you think who are in the movie. We have gone back through the movie and found which NBA players were in Space Jam.

The Last Dance Viewers Are Flipping Out Over Space Jam Footage

Which NBA player are in Space Jam? The following NBA players were in Space Jam Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson and Shawn Bradley. There are many more NBA Players with Cameos.

We have watched Space Jam numerous times and have divided the list between speaking parts and non speaking parts. We have created an easy reference table below and we have also gone into more depth in the article.

NBA PlayerSpeaking role in space Jam
Larry BirdYes
Charles BarkleyYes
Patrick EwingYes
Muggsy BoguesYes
Larry JohnsonYes
Shawn BradleyYes
Del HarrisNo
Vlade DivacNo
Cedric CeballosNo
Danny AingeNo
Alonzo MourningNo
NBA players that appeared in Space Jam (1997)

Chicago Bulls Team in Space Jam

At the end of the movie Michael Jordan returns to the NBA and more importantly the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan was wearing the #45 shirt during the period and the game against Orlando Magic was Jordans first game back at the United Centre following his baseball sabbatical. The start of the game is shown, therefore the following NBA players are in the movie Scottie Pippen, B.J. Amstrong, Toni Kukoc and Will Perdue.

In the final scene of Space Jam (1996) Shaquille O'Neal can be spotted in a  Magic #32 Jersey : shittymoviedetails

Orlando Magic Team in Space Jam

The Orlando Magic who were playing the Chicago Bulls in the game at the end of the film consisted of Shaquille O’Neal, Anfernee Hardaway, Horace Grant, Nick Andersen and Donald Royal. Notable as this would not be the last time Shaq would grace us with his presence on the big screen.

What number did Michael Jordan wear for the Toon Squad in Space Jam?

Despite being about to temporarily flirt with the number 45 jersey in his Chicago Bulls return. Jordan chose to wear his iconic number 23 for his starring role in the movie Space Jam (1997). This is intersting as it seems that the pretender to his throne, Lebron James, looks set to wear number 6 in his apearance for the Toon squad when Space Jam two hits the screens. This is despite him curently wearing number 23 for the Los Angeles Lakers.