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Where to buy NBA jerseys in the UK?

Being a basketball fan in the UK can be tricky sometimes. Particularly when you want to buy NBA jerseys. Therefore, we have put together a comprehensive list of all the retailers in the UK that sell NBA jerseys. We have listed all these retailers below.

UK RetailerLink to Retailer
NikeView NIKE NBA Jerseys
FanaticsView Fanatics NBA Jerseys
NBA Store EuropeView NBA Store NBA Jerseys
Mitchell & NessView Mitchell & Ness NBA Jerseys
The Throwback StoreView The Throwback Store NBA Jerseys
Pro Direct SportView Pro Direct NBA Jerseys
Kickz.comView Kickz NBA Jerseys
FootlockerView Footlocker NBA Jerseys
JD SportsView JD Sports NBA Jerseys
Foot AsylumView Foot Asylum NBA Jerseys
Sports DirectView Sports Direct NBA Jerseys

We’ve also gone into depth on what these retailers stock and supplied any useful promo codes. 


Nike is the official manufacturer of NBA jerseys. Although they are the manufacturer of all NBA jerseys, their stock is limited to a certain amount of NBA jerseys in the UK. It would be safe to say that Nike mainly stocks just the famous NBA teams and the current popular teams within the NBA (lets face it the Phoenix Suns wouldn’t have been stocked three years ago).

The one benefit there is with the Nike website is that you can sign up to be a Nike member. This means that you can get a free delivery on all your purchases. This is a nice feature as I really don’t like paying for delivery.

We did a comparison of retailers and you can see my thoughts on Nike below.


Fanatics are the official retailer of the NBA and as well as having their own site, they also own the NBA store. There are differences between the Fanatics website and the NBA stores websites.

With Fanatics you are going to have the ability to buy jerseys for every team in the NBA. However, the price range varies per team, the more obscure jerseys can some times cost a little bit more. But it does give you the opportunity to at least get a jersey of your niche team (trust me I am a Pacers fan). Fanatics is the place to come, if you want to buy the latest gear that has just dropped or if there is merchandise for various NBA events, it will be on the fanatics website.

With Fanatics there tends to be regular sales and offers on free delivery if you spend a certain amount on jerseys or merchandise. Make sure you sign up for the Fanatics newsletter, as you will get 15% off of your first purchase.

We did a comparison of ordering products from Fanatics and Nike. You can see the review of Fanatics below.

NBA Store Europe

The NBA store has a lot of merchandise for NBA teams, obviously the bigger market teams have more of the merchandise on sale. But you are still able to get the jerseys that you want to get.

Very much like fanatics they’re a regular sales on at the NBA store. However, if you always want 10% off at the NBA store then make sure you use the promo code basketballnoise and this will give you 10% off of your order.

If you are in London then you may want to go to the physical NBA Store. To find out how to get there check out our article here. We did a comparison of the Fanatics, Nike and NBA Stores and you can see our review of the NBA Store below.

Mitchell & Ness

Mitchell & Ness are authorized to create throwback jerseys on behalf of the NBA. They also have a UK website which sells throwback jerseys. There are a significant number of jerseys on their website and cover all periods of time. If you have someone who is a fan of NBA jerseys then make sure you check out Mitchell & Ness because the throwback jerseys are amazing.

The Throwback Store

The Throwback Store is an independent retailer which is run by Mark. If you are trying to get unique NBA jerseys or merchandise than the Throwback Store is the place you need to go. We are talking about amazing vintage jerseys. These are hard to find pieces at reasonable prices. I’ve used the Throwback Store before and the service is great.

The Throwback Store also has an app which is really cool and it’s just good value for money. I’ve had one of Mark’s mystery boxes which was great. I was really impressed with the level of jersey in the mystery box.

Furthermore, even famous footballers have bought from Mark which shows the quality that he has in his store.

Pro Direct Sport

Pro-Direct Sport has a good collection of NBA jerseys. They will not have every team jersey available to buy. However there is a good selection. These can vary from association, statement and icon jerseys of various teams (there’s still no paces jersey so I’m not having much luck here). If you’re looking for one of the big teams or a throwback jersey then this is definitely worth having a look at. As there are a number of Mitchell & Ness jerseys stocked here. is another great place to look for jerseys. They will stock current jerseys but they also mix this in with throwback jerseys. These are made by Mitchell& Ness however, there is a good range of throwback jerseys available for purchase. You can make it little saving at by signing up for their newsletter which is called courtside access. This will give you a €10 voucher on your first order.


Foot locker has a range of NBA jerseys as well as a range of NBA merchandise. The range is comprehensive and you can get most teams jerseys from foot locker. It’s definitely worth checking out because Foot Locker is a reputable retailer and therefore you know you’re not going to have any troubles with the garments that you purchase.

JD sports

JD sports is another retailer in the UK that sells NBA jerseys. As with many retailers in the UK, they will tend to stock only the large market jerseys, however, due to going under the radar as a retailer of NBA jerseys. You can pick up some absolute bargains that they have in their sales.

Foot Asylum

Foot asylum is another retailer in the UK that sells NBA jerseys. They seem to be the large market NBA teams such as the Lakers. What’s those researching this article? They had a Mitchell and Ness throwback jersey of Shaquille O’Neal on their website which is kind of cool and a bit unique. Make sure you check their site for bargains. 


I always find it strange to say that ASOS sells NBA jerseys but they do. However, these tend to be the biggest teams and they have low range in jerseys. If you’re a Lakers fan then you got to be fine but for every other team then you might be struggling a little bit. It is always worth having a look at the Jersey section just to see if they’ve got any reductions through the sale and you can get a bargain from time to time, but it shouldn’t be your first place to stop to find a jersey.

Sports Direct

Yes, Sports Direct does sell NBA jerseys. However my issue with Sports Direct is their returns policy and that’s why this has to be totally transparent with you from the off. If you get bought a jersey from Sports Direct, if you have to return it because it was a wrong size or something along those lines then you do not get a refunding cash. You get a credit note which has to be spent in Sports Direct. This is a little frustrating as perhaps they don’t have the jersey you want in stock.


For me personally I wouldn’t buy any NBA jerseys from Amazon. The reason for this is in my opinion, people are selling jerseys from on Amazon for full price. Therefore, I stay clear of Amazon.