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When did Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson split?

Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson split in 2016 after being together for 16 years. Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss were engaged they could not make a long distance relationship work and therefore decided to call it a day in 2016. Since then Jeanie Buss is gone on to get married to Jay Mohr. We take a look at Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss relationship.

Phil Jackson became the Los Angeles Lakers head coach in the year 2000. This is where he met Jeanie Buss as she was Involved in the business side of operations of the Lakers. This was obviously because her father up was in ownership of the Lakers at the time. when genie first met Phil she thought he was quite arrogant however over the ensuing weeks they realise that they actually quite liked each other.

They started dating in secret however in the end she need told her family that she was now dating Phil Jackson. this obviously made things and little bit awkward when the Lakers sacked Phil Jackson in the mid-2000s full stop however they soon than the error of their ways and reinstated Phil Jackson as head coach.

Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss wearing  engaged however Phil Jackson having to do coaching in different areas of the country made life difficult. therefore they ended their engagement in 2016. Jeanie  still is very positive of Phil and she asked him to consult on various Lakers matters.