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What’s the best record in the NBA?

Records are an integral part of the NBA. When we talk about the regular-season record this is the most important part of the league, because teams try their best to do whatever it takes and surpass the others.

What’s the best record in the NBA? During the 2015/2016 season the Golden State Warriors broke the regular-season record held by the Chicago Bulls and won 73 matches, losing only 9. To this day this is the best record in the NBA and hardly anyone will break it. 

The Golden State Warriors broke the record with Curry leading the team and we should not forget that they surpassed the formidable Chicago Bulls. We will have a look at the record more closely as well as the comparison between these two teams.

How Did Everything Happen?

The Golden State Warriors were already the champions of the 2014/2015 season when they broke the record. After a year, they started the season impressively. On the final day of the season they beat the Memphis Grizzlies (125:104) at home and broke the everlasting Chicago Bulls record with 73 victories in one regular season.

This is a team that is widely considered to be one of the best ones in the history of the NBA. Steph Curry alongside Klay Thompson, created a formidable team, crushing the opponents and a head coach Steve Kerr was also pivotal in the success.

The success of the regular season was hampered by the fact that they did not manage to win the championship title, losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers 4:3. We need to mention that they were leading the series 3:1.

No matter how everything will unfold in the NBA, the Warriors will remain as a team that did their best to make their fans proud, make their coach proud. They were simply unstoppable during the whole season of the NBA and yet, a lot of people try to underestimate their achievements.

Golden State Warriors vs Jordan’s Bulls – Comparison

This record will haunt us for a long time, passing through numerous feelings. The idea that Chicago of the 95/96 model has lost a tangible part of its halo of divinity could be nostalgic. Now we are slowing down on particulars, recalling in detail how the Warriors started in the 24–0 season, while the ill-fated Steve Kerr was replaced as head coach by the unfired Luke Walton. 

These numbers, amounts, metrics are great, they captivate with their shy indifference. They are efficient, subtle and graceful like a sword. They can be taken into service and accurately stabbed with them in any basketball dispute. But when it comes to telling ourselves that Golden State, with 73 wins and 9 losses, is better than the Bulls with 72-10, then thoughts start to get confused. 

Is it possible to tamp the emotions and feelings of that Chicago into this unit and make that team just the foundation for the achievement of the current Warriors? Everyone will decide for himself, but it seems that the time for this has not come yet. 

The people are not ready to acknowledge the achievement of Steph & Co without winning the title. They are trying to shut up the Warriors apologists with the number of Bulls championships. It’s just that there are a little more of them than the rest, the quality of Bulls is time-tested quality. In this sense, the Warriors are in a somewhat disadvantageous position. We need to have a look at several important details;

  • The richest toolkit of modern media (Internet, social networks, NBA globalization), which will make any success and failure of the Warriors more meaningful.
  • The style of the Warriors themselves, due to which they win: Jordan dominated the generally accepted game, and the Warriors, whether you like it or not, along the way rewrote the principles of the game itself.

Opponents Were Different

The Warriors, in particular Steph Curry, have an opponent like LeBron James. Not just an outstanding basketball player, but a human resource capable of creating stellar collaborations. If Curry and the Warriors take down the top basketball monarch over and over again, it will be the next historic NBA showdown. The battle for who is to be considered the face of the league is already underway, but it is still far from the climax.

The current economic mechanism of the NBA is much more perfect and efficient. Especially now, at a time when the salary cap is increasing, and teams have the opportunity to carry out a large-scale reorganization for years to come. The Warriors are today both in image and financially one of the most successful players in the league. Chicago, for all their unshakable greatness, permanently suffered from squabbles over the amount of contracts.

These are just a few of the reasons why the Warriors are Better But for them, and for most of the rest, the test of time is necessary. The magnificent Phoenix of Nash and D’Antony did not become the champion, but captivated the hearts of many fans almost as much as today’s “Warriors”. Three seasons later, the Italian gave way to a funeral march. 

But after all, the aphorism that it is easier to climb the throne than to stay on it has not yet been canceled. Curry and the Warriors are no exception here, even considering how bright and rapid their ascent was. Now they are not copying the Bulls story, they are writing their own.