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What NBA Players are in Netflix Hustle?

Having just finished watching the incredible Hustle on Netflix, I was blown away. not just by the great Sandler performance or how intense and sweaty the hooping looked, but also by the sheer volume of NBA related talent they got into the movie. IT IS JAM PACKED FULL. I guess when Lebron James produces a proper (sorry Space Jam 2) Basketball flick, he’s going to have a lot of pull!

What NBA players are in Netflix Hustle? The most notable NBA players that are in the Netflix movie Hustle are Juancho Hernangomez, Anthony Edwards, Mo Wagner, Tobias Harris, Seth Curry, Dirk Nowitski and Kenny “the Jet” Smith. However this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are 50 NBA related people listed in an epic closing credits. Below we look at some standouts and provide a full list of who, why and where they appear.

PlayerCharacterKnown forNotes
Juancho HernangomezBoa CruzNBA PlayerMain Character
Anthony EdwardsKermit WiltsNBA PlayerMain Antagonist
Tobias HarrisHimselfNBA PlayerCompetes in the Boa Challenge
Tyrese MaxeyHimselfNBA PlayerLocal NBA player
Seth CurryHimselfNBA PlayerLocal NBA player
Matisse ThybulleHimselfNBA PlayerLocal NBA player
Doc RiversHimselfNBA Coach76ers Head Coach
Kenny SmithLeon RichFormer NBA Playergood job acting!
Julius “Dr J” ErvingHimselfNBA LegendMultiple speaking lines
Dirk NowitskiHimselfNBA LegendAppears via Video Phone call
Boban MarjanovicDimitri Jovanovic aka Big SerbianNBA Player22 years old
Allen IversonHimselfNBA LegendAppears in the Boa Montage
Shaquille O’nealHimselfNBA LegendTNT Set
Charles BarkleyHimselfNBA LegendTNT Set
Luka DoncicHimselfNBA PlayerAppears in the Boa Montage
Moe WagnerHaasNBA PlayerYoung prospect dubbed the German Jordan
Mark JacksonHimselfNBA CoachDraft Combine
Kyle LowryHimselfNBA PlayerAppears in the Boa Montage
Trae YoungHimselfNBA PlayerFinal Open Run
Aaron GordonHimselfNBA PlayerFinal Open Run
Jordan ClarksonHimselfNBA PlayerFinal Open Run
Khris MiddletonHimselfNBA PlayerSmall speaking part
Pierre OriolaHimselfSpanish National PlayerSpanish National practice
Willy HernangomezHimselfNBA PlayerSpanish National practice
Jose CalderonHimselfFormer NBA PlayerSpanish National practice
Felipe ReyesHimselfSpanish National PlayerSpanish National practice
Leandro BarbosaHimselfFormer NBA Player
Alex AbrinesHimselfSpanish National PlayerSpanish National practice
Maurice “Mo” CheeksHimselfFormer NBA Player
Aaron MckieHimselfFormer NBA Player
Mike JamesHimselfNBA Player
Michael FosterZeke WashingtonFuture NBA PlayerScouted by Stan at start of Hustle
James GoldsteinHimselfNBA Superfan
Grayson “The Professor” BoucherHimselfStreet Ball LegendTeaching Boa dribble moves
Chris MatthewHimselfLethal Shooter – streetball nameTeaching Boa shooting
Aaron “AO” OwensHimselfAnd1Boa Challenge
Larry “Bone Collector” WilliamsHimselfAnd1
Lonnie “Prime Objective” HarrellHimselfAnd1
Waliyy “Main Event” DixonHimselfAnd1
Bobby VerdimHimselfCoach
Billy KingSixers General ManagerFormer NBA Executive
Pat CroceHimselfFormer NBA Executive
Emeka OkaforHimselfFormer NBA Player
Dave JoergerAss Coach 76ersCoach
Dell DempsAss Coach 76ersNBA Player
Jay WrightHimselfCoach
Sergio ScarioloHimselfCoach – Spanish National TeamSmall speaking part
Mark CubanHimselfDallas Mavericks Owner
Brad StevensHimselfBoston Celtics GMSmall speaking part

Who plays Boa Cruz in 2022 Netflix Hustle?

The main character, Boa Cruz in the movie Hustle is played by NBA player Juancho Hernangomez. The Spanish national team player, signed with the Jazz when the film was released has played 6 seasons in the NBA. He was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 2016. His brother Willy, who also had a small part in the Hustle, also plays in the NBA.

Who does Anthony Edwards play in Hustle?

Timberwolves power guard Anthony Edwards plays the hateable Kermit Wills in the Adam Sandler basketball movie Hustle. He is pitched as the main on court antagonist for Boa Cruz. Edwards in character trash talking is brutal, even bringing Boas young daughter into the mix to try and get in his head. This is very different from the reported personality of Edwards, who by all accounts, aside from his competitive fire, is a very nice guy with a great sense of humor. He also gets the chance to show off some of his explosive on court moves, taking Boa down a peg or to as he learns the US basketball ropes.

How is Dirk Nowitski in Hustle?

The giant German appears in a speaking role on screen when Sandler’s character (Stan) video calls him in an attempt to convince Boa that he is in fact an NBA scout and not just some crazy American who followed him home on the bus.

Is Kenny Smith in Hustle?

Kenny “the Jet” Smith appears in Hustle as the power agent Leon Rich. He has a multi scene speaking role, that he does justice. He plays the former college teammate and current confidant of Stan (Sanders) as he tries to find his rightful place in the NBA. I personally was hoping that Sandler and Smith would have a scene where they get into it on the court, but sadly, that wasn’t to be.

There are many brilliant cameos, from Mark Cuban, through Trey Young, Brad Stevens and even Streetball legends like AO, Main Event and The Professor. Hustle is a real basketball movie, made by basketball people for basketball fans. If you haven’t seen it, you should change that up.