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What is the most Iconic Kobe Bryant Jersey?

Some NBA players leave their marks on the game like no other. Their impact is not constrained to the court, but is truly global: more than just among basketball fans, these players leave a cultural impact for years to come like very few can.

What is the 13th most iconic jersey of all time? The 2008-2009 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers away jersey is the 13th most iconic jersey of all time, according to the list “The Top 75 Greatest Basketball Jerseys of All Time.” This list was created by SLAM Magazine in 2021, based on a list of Mitchell and Ness’ best-selling jerseys. The number 24 jersey features a yellow base and purple side panels with white stripes on the edge of the side panel. The “Lakers” lettering and name are purple, and the numbers are white.

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Why is Kobe Bryant iconic?

In 1996, the Los Angeles Lakers ended up with Kobe Bryant, after arranging a trade on draft day with the Charlotte Hornets. Kobe was still a little raw as he was coming straight out of high school, but early flashes of his skill had fans and coaches on the edge of their seats. While Kobe and Shaq were a promising duo, the arrival of coach Phil Jackson at the start of Kobe’s 4th season really allowed him to shoot to stardom. The Lakers were taking the league by storm, winning 3 straight championships. After well-publicized rifts with Shaq and Phil, as well as issues off the court, Bryant’s postseason success cooled down a little bit. But his game was as smooth and as deadly as ever. Bryant was soon back to his winning ways, but injuries started to nag him at the tail-end of his career, causing him to retire at the end of the 2015-2016 season.

Bryant’s trophy cabinet includes 5 NBA titles, 2 NBA Finals MVP awards, 1 MVP award, 18 All-Star Game appearances (and 4 All-Star Game MVP awards), 11 All-NBA First Team honors, 9 NBA All-Defensive First Team honors, 2 scoring titles, and even had a Slam Dunk Contest title to his name.Kobe was an elite scorer on the court: early in his career, he was a high-flying slasher, but later in his career he developed a smooth and deadly midrange game. His ability to score at will led to some memorable performances, including his 81-point game. While Kobe is synonymous with being an offensive threat, Kobe was also an excellent defender. He averaged 25 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game, and 1.4 steals per game.

Kobe’s legend was more than what the stats show. His ultra-competitiveness, well-known as the “Mamba Mentality.” He had a clutch factor that others couldn’t replicate. His work ethic was also unrivaled, and his self-confidence drew many admirers as well as critics. He was known to push teammates, often beyond their limits, and was known to take it all upon himself when he couldn’t “trust” his teammates to perform at his level. The “Mamba Mentality” made Kobe a role model to other NBA players and fans all around the world, who saw him as the closest player to Michael Jordan.

Why is the 2008-2009 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers away jersey iconic?

Kobe won his only MVP award the year before the 2009-2009 season, but a loss in the NBA Finals disappointed him. In classic Kobe fashion, he came back better, recovering from a pinky injury he got the previous season. He averaged 26.8 points per game, 5.2 rebounds per game, 4.9 assists per game, and 1.5 steals per game. On his way to leading the Lakers to a conference-best 65-17 record, Kobe was voted for the All-NBA First Team as well as All-Defensive NBA First Team. He also was voted to the All-Star Game, where he shared the All-Star Game MVP award with Shaquille O’Neal. Kobe kept up his strong performances in the playoffs, averaging 30-5-5 throughout the postseason. En route to the Lakers defeating the Orlando Magic in the NBA Finals, Kobe got his 4th championship that eluded him the previous season, and a nice little NBA Finals MVP trophy to go along with it.

Why is the 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers away jersey iconic?

The 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers away jersey has a yellow base and purple side panels with white stripes on the edge of the side panel. The “Lakers” lettering and name are purple, and the numbers are white. It is another variation of the classic Lakers purple-and-gold color scheme, with the side panels adding more of a touch.

The Lakers franchise was reeling from their lack of postseason success, as they had not won a title in a few years, despite strong conference play and consistent playoff appearances. The last season was the closest they had gotten, but lost to bitter rivals the Boston Celtics. The Lakers had a strong season, closing out the year with the best record in the Western Conference. After consecutively beating the Utah Jazz, the Houston Rockets, and the Denver Nuggets, the Lakers matched up against Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic (many were disappointed to not have a Kobe vs. LeBron Finals series, as the Cavaliers lost to the Magic earlier in the playoffs). The Lakers beat the Magic 4-1 to win their 15th championship.

What other notable players wore the 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers away jersey?

The 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers roster was a mix of stars and Lakers legends. Notable players, along with Kobe Bryant, to wear the 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers away jersey include Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, and Trevor Ariza.

Who manufactured the 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers away jersey?

The 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers away jersey was produced by Adidas, who held the license for manufacturing jerseys for the NBA at the time.

Kobe Bryant was truly a basketball legend, well before his untimely passing. Kids around the world would call out his name while shooting into a basketball hoop or a garbage can. Such a strong impact is solely reserved for the iconic, and Kobe Bryant was as iconic as it gets.