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What is the Boa Challenge?

With the Netflix movie Hustle releasing in 2022 and the involvement of not just Lebron James as producer, but Adam Sandler in a starring role flanked by dozens of elite NBA players the hype is more than just real. I’ve seen the movie and loved it! A great entry in the sports movie pantheon.

Speaking of hype, part of the plot revolves around getting lead character Boa Cruz (Juan Hernangomez) noticed by NBA big dogs.

What is the Boa Challenge? The Boa Challenge is a basketball game created by the characters in the 2022 Netflix movie Hustle. Introduced by Dr J in order to gain maximum social media traction, it involves lead character Boa Cruz (The Boa) playing all comers 1v1. Stan Beren (Sandler) explains the rules of the Boa Challenge (1:18:03). If an opponent hits the rim they get $5, score a basket for $100. If they can beat him in a game of 1v1 to 5, they win $1,000. The ensuing montage opens with The Boa pinning the first street level challenger on the backboard. It culminates with him holding his own against NBA star Tobias Harris as the global media looks on in awe.

It’s as simple as it seems. Boa Cruz’s oncourt personality in Hustle is that of a hard working, explosive defender who can lock anyone down. The Boa Challenge (#boachallenge) in the movie and for the other characters and through the screen for the viewer brings this to life in a very real way.

Does Boa Cruz play Dr J?

No. In the movie Dr J just introduces the challenge and then watches on with a smile on his face, probably thinking back to his glory days before the ABA when he was a street ball legend. He does play against Stan’s wife (Queen Latifah) though.

Does Boa Cruz Beat Tobia Harris?

While it’s not expressly stated in Hustle, it does appear that Boa edges NBA Star Tobias Harris 5-4 in the Boa Challenge while, then, team mate Seth Curry looks in. During the Boa Challenge montage the screen is filled with familiar voices from courts past and present. Standouts include AI, Luka Doncic and Shaq & Charles Barklay live from the TNT set.

Is the Boa Challenge real?

While the actual events in the Boa challenge montage were staged for the Netflix Movie Hustle. The challenge itself is something that can easily be done anywhere there are ballers, a hoop and a ball. While we would suggest you’d have to be super confident to bet money on people not being able to hit the rim against you, it’s certainly a fun challenge you could take into practice or even when just messing around on a court with your friends.

What are the rules of the Boa Challenge?

Lead character Stan Beren (Sandler) explains the rules of the Boa Challenge from the Netflix movie Hustle on timestamp 1:18:03.

During a game of 1v1 vs Boa Cruz (Hernangomez) If an opponent hits the rim they get $5, score a basket for $100. If they can beat him in a game of 1v1 to 5, they win $1,000.

It’s not stated in the movie, but from the montage footage what is clear is that another unspoken rule exists. You have to be trying to score a basket, no power throws at the rim. Basically  – don’t be a dick.