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What is Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth?

Kobe Bryant is worth an estimated $500million. This would put him as the 9th richest athlete in the world and the 3rd richest NBA player.

Kobe may have generated most of his money from his significant NBA salary, lucrative shoe deals with both Adidas and Nike and other endorsement deals, but he’s also an entrepreneur. How did he amass his wealth and what does Kobe plan to do now he’s retired?

Kobe Bryant had a Rap Album and Performed on a Destiny’s Child Track

More and more these days the line between athlete and musician is blurred. Pop artists with abandoned ambitions of being NBA stars feature on the court at All-Star weekend. NBA stars with singing or rapping dreams that just won’t die often pop up in videos, feature on tracks or even release their own stuff. Like many things on the court, Kobe Bryant was a pioneer of this as well. Always one to made sure he stepped all over Shaq’s turf, he released a rap album titled K.O.B.E in 2000 and deputed the lead single (also called K.O.B.E) at the 2000 All-Star game, with model Tyra Banks. This side career was short lived and it didn’t generate a lot of money, but it set the tone for Kobe’s career, on and off the hardwood. He would could turn his hand to anything he wanted and he would probably succeed at it.

Kobe Bryant’s Endorsement Deals and Signature Shoes

Based in the huge market of LA, Kobe had access to opportunities not just in music and Hollywood, but endorsements and business as well. Kobe is

currently still making upwards of $14million a year for his shoe deal with Nike. But before that Kobe was signed with their rival Adidas. He signed with them when he was drafted straight out of high school in 1996. For his first season he sported the Adidas EQT Elevation before he had a signature shoe ready for launch. It was in 1997 that Adidas dropped the KB8. He would make 4 more signature shoes with Adidas before moving onto Nike in 2003. Although due to legal and personal troubles it wouldn’t be until 2005 when Nike were finally able to unveil their first Kobe Bryant Signature shoe, the Zoom Kobe 1.

Kobe didn’t just endorse shoes and make music off the court during his 20 year NBA career. He had a long list of major brands he had deals with. McDonalds, who felt they had to distance themselves from the troubled star in 2003. Sprite, Nutella, Lenovo, Turkish Airlines and Spalding. The basketball manufacturer still create signature products with Kobe today, the line is still worth 10’s of millions a year in revenue.

Kobe Bryant on Wall Street

As soon as he retired Kobe announced that he was going to be setting his laser focus on the world of finance. Announcing in 2016 that he was partnering with Jeff Stibel ( to start a $100 million investment fund that was focusing on media, technology, and information companies. The fund, called Bryant Stibel, launched with a portfolio of 13 companies. Including companies such as The Players’ Tribune, LegalZoom and Scopely an up and coming Video Game design business. Kobe has never been one to sit on his laurels, he is a competitor in the mould of his idol, Jordan. I’m sure he plans to pass MJ on the rich list one day soon. But first he will have to get past his Lakers mentor Magic Johnson.

Kobe Bryant wins an Oscar

It wasn’t long after his retirement that Kobe started picking up trophies again. Winning an Academy Award for best animated short story (the link takes you to our article on Kobe Bryant’s Oscar Win). Working with Disney animator Glen Keane, they bought to life a letter Kobe had written when announcing his retirement in 2015. Named “Dear Basketball” it is an inspirational tale of letting your passion and perseverance bring your dreams to life. Never one to stay away from controversy, while accepting the Oscar,

Kobe remarked – “I mean, as basketball players, we are really supposed to shut up and dribble. But I am glad we do a little bit more than that.” This was in direct reference to follow all-time great Lebron James being told by a Fox News host to just “shut up and dribble”. It seems Kobe is far from done courting drama in the worlds spotlight.

Kobe Bryant winning an Oscar for Dear Basketball. Did the Oscar contribute to his net worth?

Kobe Bryant – Author?

Another one of Kobe’s many ventures aimed at expanding his net worth is as an author of young adult books. The Wizenard Series focuses on a down and out team of High School Basketball players who get a new coach. The mysterious professor Wizenard. He soon starts to unlock their potential and teach them valuable life lessons about the importance of team work and individual perseverance. The first volume in what’s sure to be a long running saga is titled “The Wizenard Series: Training Camp” and introduces the characters, premise and the magic of the game. It’s already a New York Times best seller and looks set to influence the minds of many young people growing up around the world.

Magic Johnsons LA Fortune

Despite playing in an age before the exorbitant player salaries and lucrative endorsement deals of the modern NBA, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has set himself up as one of the Richest athletes of all time. Only earning approximately $18million in NBA salary and around $5million in traditional endorsement deals. Now estimated to be just behind Tiger Woods and a way ahead of Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Magic has turned what he earned in the NBA into something quite spectacular. When he retired in 1996, Magic ventured further into entrepreneurship aiming to introduce established brands to ethnically diverse markets. He would eventually do this through Magic Johnson Enterprises. Two of his big early investments were in his only NBA team, the LA Lakers. Buying a 4.5% share for $10million and selling it in 2010 for over $50million. The second was Starbucks, the then much smaller, Seattle based coffee chain teamed up with Magic. He guided them to establish their brand footprint in economically disadvantaged areas. This sent the company into the stratosphere and alongside his Lakers shares he also cashed out of Starbucks in 2010, netting around $100million. He has repeated this pattern in the years since, investing in low income areas of the country, helping brands establish themselves and driving up both opportunity and profits.

He was also a chat show host and the Lakers GM for a time. He didn’t seem to have the same success with these as the rest of his life.

Lebron James and the Rich Athletes List

While Kobe looks forward at taking his wealth past Magic and one day maybe even catching MJ he should keep one eye behind him. The 14th richest athlete is still playing in the NBA. Has just move to the LA Lakers and is about to launch not only an assault on the NBA title with new side kick Anthony Davis, but on Hollywood as well. Space Jam 2 is sure to be a hit that catapults Lebron’s status and wealth off the court into the upper echelons. Watch out Mamba, the King is coming.

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How much did Kobe make a year?

In Kobe’s last season his salary was $25million. In his first season, 20 years before it was just over $1million.

Who is the richest basketball player?

Michael Jordan. He is worth over a billion dollars and is the 3rd richest athlete in the world.