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What is Drop Bonus on NBA Top Shot?

With Collector Score giving buying privileges during pack drops it’s important to know what your score is, how it is affected and what you can do to improve it. Want to have a better chance of landing a Rare Lebron on NBA Top Shot… read on.

What is Drop Bonus on NBA Top Shot? NBA Top Shot Drop bonuses add supplemental points to your Collector Score that can change from drop to drop. They will have different requirements associated with them. These Drop Bonuses will not merge into your Collector Score, displaying separately. You can view the various bonuses applied for each drop on the respective pack pages.

In order to fully understand how NBA Top Shot Drop Bonus can be of benefit to building your collection, you must first understand how Collector Score (CS) works. Below we start by looking at the Collector Score Bonus.

What is NBA Top Shot Collector Score Bonus? 

NBA Top Shot Collector Score is essential when building your collection of NBA Top Shot Moments. Collector Score Bonus triggers when you are holding whole sets, whether this is a team set e.g. all series two Denver players or a themed set e.g. Hustle & Show series 3. It also triggers when you complete and hold a Challenge Reward.

CS itself  is how NBA Top Shot rewards collectors for collecting individual moments. The bigger your collection the higher your CS, this can then be enhanced by Collector Score Bonus as you complete whole sets. Below we lay out the current rules for how this bonus applies.

  • Set Completion Bonus –  100% Bonus per Moment – This bonus can be attained by completing a Set such as The Gift. Bonuses for the Set Completion Bonus do not stack.
  • Series Team Bonus – 50% Bonus per Moment – This bonus can be attained by collecting at least 1 Moment from each player on a team of your choice for a given series.
  • Full Team Bonus – 150% Bonus per Moment – This bonus can be attained by collecting at least 1 Moment from each player ever to be featured on a team of your choice.
  • Challenge Completion + Reward Owned – This bonus can be attained if you have completed a Challenge and still own that Challenge Reward. This will vary based on the challenge, follow this link to see the detailed breakdown.

How to find your score and improve it

If you are looking at your account on a mobile, you’ll be able to see your current score at the top of the page.

This score will be an accumulation of all the moments you have including team and set bonuses. If you click on this it’ll give you a full breakdown of who you have collected on each team.

The NBA Top Shot community is full of incredible people who contribute to making life easier for everyone, us included. If you’re looking to complete team or themed sets you must visit and link with your Top Shot account. You’re able to track exactly how close you are to a team collection as well as getting the cost it will take to complete!

You can see from the screen shot I’m so close to a full team collection for Giannis’ Bucks but the Eric Bledsoe series 1 moment still eludes me…and rightly so at that price!

The Own the Moment tracker is so useful, not only can you track your current collection there’s also a calculator to help you to get to your desired score. You type in your desired target and it will automatically calculate the cheapest way to get there based on floor (the lowest current ask) prices.

SHOW ME THE MONEY! The Top Shot team and Dapper Laps want to reward its customers for investing in their product. An additional pack drop bonus gets applied to your score depending on how much you’ve spent. Market spend is calculated at the start of each drop and you’ll be able to see how much is added to your score on the pack drop page, with the eligibility checker. Basically, everything you do on Top Shot contributes to that collector score and rewards loyalty.

Imagine, back in the day, you were collecting your Panini or Topps sticker book and every time you bought cards you gained a loyalty stamp… which in turn meant you had access to better, rarer cards further down the line… the shinies of the NFT world.

What’s in it for me?

Collector score provides great utility within the NBA Top Shot world and there is definitely a benefit to building your score. Common packs are exactly that, pretty common and most people joining the queue to get a common pack are successful. In previous drops a higher Collector Score has allowed you to buy more than one pack from that drop, another built in advantage of growing your score.

It’s when you start looking at collecting the Rare and Legendary Pack drops that the Collector Score comes into its own. In recent times there have been priority queues with those on higher scores able to get better access to these rarer packs, it’s not uncommon for people to miss out altogether though because of how many are available. Hence Rare! Legendary packs are a whole different ball game!! All the Legendary pack drops I’ve witnessed have required a 10,000 Collector Score just to get access to the general queue, and even then there’s no guarantee you’ll get a pack. Ultimately, the higher your score the higher the chances you’ll have at accessing those Rare and Legendary packs.

What’s next?

LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry are arguably some of the most popular NBA stars on Top Shot who have a plethora of moments ranging from common to Legendary… but we are yet to see what most sports fans believe are the two greatest players of all time make an appearance. I’d wager a whole lot of Dapper Balance that when Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan get their debut moments announced there’ll be a big collector score needed just to get in the queue.

The best thing about NBA Top Shot and their collector score is that they’re always listening to their community through Twitter and Discords, it’s an evolving metric which will undergo further changes/adjustments as they move through the seasons. This is why the product is still in ‘Beta’ mode and will continue to improve going forwards. They’re constantly looking at the balance of rewarding long term collectors as well as bringing new people to the party.

Whatever your Top Shot goals are, remember that it’s your money and you collect the moments you love. Just be sure to measure that collector score along the way.