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What Business Does Russell Westbrook Own?

Most of us in the NBA community are more than aware of who Russell Westbrook is. One of the most explosive point guards in NBA history has made a name for himself on the court. However, he has also developed quite the business outside of the league.

What Business Does Russell Westbrook Own? Westbrook doesn’t own simply one specific business. He actually owns and is a part owner of numerous million-dollar businesses. His shoe deal is just one of them. Westbrook owns multiple car dealerships and signed a partnership with Hennessy to support minority business owners. Russ also joined the board of Varo Bank back in 2021, helping them reach $63 million in funding.

Overall, Westbrook seems to be a brilliant businessman outside of basketball. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the businesses that he owns and helps operate. We should also take a moment to talk about what he might be planning to do down the line.

Westbrook Has a Lot of Business Opportunities

It doesn’t seem to matter which way you look, Westbrook has ties everywhere. The fact that he is a high-ranking member of the advisory board for Varo Bank just proves his intelligence on the matter. As for the Hennessy deal that he made a little while ago, he did it because he wanted to help create the “Make Moves That Smart Movements” campaign. The whole idea surrounding the project is that more materials are expected to be handed out to business owners that are of Black, Asian and Latino heritage. Then finally, we reach his car dealerships. Word has it that Westbrook has always been a huge car person. He stared in a commercial for a man named Bob Nouri, and the two actually grew pretty close over the set. During the time, Nouri introduced him the business side of these dealerships and the rest is apparently history. Westbrook received some help from Nouri to open up his dealerships across the Southern California area. His first one was created all the way back in 2016. From that point on, he is estimated to have a total of 10 dealerships owned to his name. He makes a ridiculous amount of money off of real estate. He was able to sell a mansion that he owned in Oklahoma for over $1 million in total. To put it into perspective, Westbrook paid less than half of that total when he spent the money on it in 2020. He also sold another mansion for an additional $4 million.

Westbrook in Movies

Russ sharing the stage with other professional actors wasn’t something that anybody thought would ever happen. Well, it still hasn’t. He almost flipped the script on its head by being an executive producer in a movie though.  he showed up in Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre. The whole premise of the story was based off of the actual Tulsa Race Massacre that happened. Surprisingly, the show received three Emmy nominations but wasn’t fully able to win one themselves. Russ also took place in a collab with Jordan Brand that was created in order to present more opportunities for black and brown children in bad communities. Russ may have had a pretty bad recent season for the Lakers, but hearing about things like this make it all that much better. Before we move onto the next section, we have to bring up the documentary that Westbrook has done over himself. The title of the project is called Passion Play: Russell Westbrook and it apparently came out in 2021. The whole point of this was to follow the life of Russ. It was also to showcase the type of professionalism that Westbrook brings to practice every single day. Overall, each of these television shows and documentaries that Westbrook has starred in ended up being decent in one way or another. Maybe down the line we are going to be watching Westbrook perform or produce a couple of other movies or televisions shows. Until then, we can just rewatch and remember the projects that he was able to play a large factor in. Hopefully that keeps everybody entertained until his next big project outside of the NBA.

Russell Westbrooks Brand

Every incredibly popular player in the NBA lately has been getting shoe line after shoe line. Westbrook didn’t miss out on that party. The explosive point guard decided to sign with Jordan Brand many years ago and picked up a signature shoe because of it. He didn’t just sign a casual shoe deal with Jordan Brand though, he picked up the highest grossing contract in the history of the company up to this point. I guess it’s safe to say that they desperately wanted to add him onto their roster. On top of the insane amount of money that went his way, Russ is going to be earning that over the course of the next 10-years. Which, by now, it about four more years. The deal with Jordan Brand will be officially over by 2025 unless by some random chance the two sides decided to keep on working through projects together. With the amount of money that he is receiving on a daily basis from this brand, it’s evident how savvy Russ is not only on the court but as a business man also. Russ also worked his way to get a new clothing line. This is a personal clothing line called Honor the Gift, something Russ does pretty often. Honor the Gift has been floating around the world since 2017 now and is very known to provide excellent streetwear outfits along with next level fashion. Westbrook was inspired by a number of different memories from his past in order to make this dream a reality. Because of how much of a success the first line was, Westbrook announced that he would be releasing a full-blown fall collection. This one is called Inner City Love, likely paying tribute to where he first grew up.