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What Business Does LeBron James Own?

LeBron James is easily known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. You don’t get a title like this without maximizing your play on the court. However, LeBron maximizes his life outside of basketball as well, getting his hands on a number of talented businesses. There are many to cover. So, what business does LeBron James own?

What Business Does LeBron James Own? There are a handful of businesses that LeBron James owns, but five stand out among the rest. Those are Uninterrupted, Blaze Pizza, SpringHill Entertainment, Fenway Sports Group and Ladder. There are other places such as Lyfe and Tonal, to which he has investments in. However, those aren’t considered businesses that he owns or is a partial owner in. Even Nike isn’t considered to be a business that he owns though he does have a unique lifetime deal with them. At the end of the day though, all of these places have been wildly impactful to his overall wealth throughout the years for LeBron James.

Each of these businesses have contributed to LeBron and his lifestyle in different ways. They were all created for various reasons as well and have different impacts on society. Uninterrupted was one of the most notable ones due to the massive news story that came before it.


Uninterrupted first came around when a Fox News reporter named Laura Ingraham told LeBron James to “Shut up and dribble.” As you can probably expect, this didn’t go over well with LeBron and other athletes from across the world who wanted to speak out regarding social issues in the world. James decided to take matters into his own hands by creating Uninterrupted. It is a media platform that encourages athletes to speak for themselves. At first it started with just short videos like what you would find from Twitter or TikTok but now it has evolved into podcasts and other film-like structures. James was able to create this and has majority ownership over it for the time being. It’s an incredibly helpful way for athletes to voice their own opinions and feel heard. If you ever happen to head over to Uninterrupted, you will often find the tagline “More Than An Athlete.”

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza wasn’t a very popular establishment when LeBron James found out about it. In fact, they were relatively small at the time. James felt confident in their abilities and what they brought to the table so he invested $1 million along with a group of other people back in 2012. James started to promote the company along the way and before you knew it, the place just exploded in popularity. The small pizza chain continues to grow wildly fast and you can even hear about Blaze from LeBron himself on his social media accounts. Last but not least, James even pulled some pranks to help get more viewership to the company. For example, he once worked behind the counter at a local Blaze Pizza shop under the name “Ron”. He was able to help any customer that came in and acted like he had no idea who LeBron James was when anybody asked about him. It was an incredible idea to promote it and I’m sure the profits that have come back in return were stellar.

Spring Hill Entertainment

At this point, most people who are familiar with LeBron James know that he loves the movie industry. I mean, he quite literally stars in one. However, he took this love to the next level when he decided to join SpringHill Entertainment. James spent part of his childhood in the Spring Hill area which is where that part of the company name comes from. LeBron and this studio have helped create a number of good shows and films. For example, television shows like “Survivor’s Remorse,” “The Shop” and “The Wall” were all created under SpringHill Entertainment. LeBron also used this company to create full length movies like “Hustle” and “Space Jam: A New Legacy” which is that movie we mentioned earlier that he stars in. According to Forbes, they estimate that this company is valued at $300 million and rising by the day. It’s one of his best owned businesses at the moment.

Fenway Sports Group

LeBron James was working alongside his business partner Maverick Carter when he came to the decision to get into the sports business. James and Carter knew that in order to make these dreams become a reality, they needed to first invest in a company that could help make it happen. They invested heavily into Fenway Sports Group and eventually it led to a lot of doors opening up down the line. Because of this investment, James and Carter were able to become part owners of the Boston Red Sox. On top of that, they were able to become part owners of the Liverpool Football Club. These are two wildly popular sports franchises and LeBron is a major decision maker in both of them while he is currently still playing in the NBA. There aren’t many players that can say the same. LeBron has also mentioned that he has a goal with Fenway Sports Group to eventually own an NBA team. He didn’t openly say which one he wanted to buy, though he hinted that he would prefer to own a Las Vegas based organization.


Finally, we come to Ladder. Ladder isn’t talked about nearly as much as the other companies that LeBron owns but that doesn’t mean it is less successful. We all know how much LeBron cares for his body and tries to keep it in tip top shape for his basketball career. This is why he was able to work with his trainer Mike Mancias in order to create Ladder. This company is based on sports nutrition and is meant to help athletes reach their full potential. They offer supplements for daily use and “formulate products to complement a strong nutritional foundation and unlock the next level in training and exercise.” Another partner in this company happens to be Arnold Schwarzenegger as well!