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What are the Nike NBA Earned Edition Jerseys?

When Nike announced a mid-season release of a new jersey you may of been a little perplexed. The jerseys which Nike announced where the Nike NBA Earned edition jerseys however, these were only issued for 16 teams and not every team in the league. Therefore, you maybe wondering what are Nike NBA Earned Edition Jerseys?

What are Nike NBA Earned Edition Jerseys? The 2020-21 Nike NBA Earned edition jerseys have been released to celebrate the 16 teams that made the 2020 NBA playoffs that were famously played in the Orlando Bubble.

These jerseys take design cues from the team name, logo and existing colours and look to amplify these iconic elements to showcase the best of these franchises. We take a look at how the Nike earned Edition jerseys differ from normal jerseys and where you can purchase these jerseys.

How are the Earned Edition Jerseys Different that the Current NBA jerseys?

These jerseys are slightly different than the teams current jerseys sets in that 15 of these jerseys have special silver insignias, this includes a Silver Nike Swoosh on the top left front of the uniform, a Silver earned edition jock tag on the bottom right front of the jersey and a Silver NBA logo above the players name on the back of the jersey. The shorts all feature a Silver Nike swoosh and silver NBA logo.

As the 2020 NBA Champions the Los Angeles Lakers jersey stands alone, with all the insignias mentioned above detailed in Gold instead of Silver to represent their 2020 NBA championship triumph in the Orlando Bubble.

Which teams have 2020-21 Nike NBA Earned Edition Jerseys?

All 16 teams that made the 2020 NBA playoffs have ‘Earned’ themselves one of these jerseys:


  • Boston Celtics
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Miami Heat
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Orlando Magic
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Toronto Raptors


  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Houston Rockets
  • LA Clippers
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Portland Trailblazers
  • Utah Jazz

When will NBA teams be wearing their Earned Edition Jerseys?

The Dallas Mavericks were the first team to proudly wear their Earned jersey, debuting them on the 10th March when they played the San Antonio Spurs. On following day on the 11th March the Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trail Blazers all debuted there new jerseys. The Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers all followed suit on the 12th March. On the 14th March the Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets debut their jerseys. This leaves debuts for the Indiana Pacers and LA Clippers on the 17th March, the Boston Celtics on the 19th March. Finally the Toronto Raptors are scheduled to debut their jersey on the 2nd April, when the host the Golden State Warriors and last but not least the Orlando Magic will be giving their new Earned jersey a whirl on the 9th April when they host the Indiana Pacers.

All jersey choices can of course be viewed on the NBA lockervision website:

When are the earned NBA jerseys released?

The Nike NBA Earned jerseys will be available to buy from Thursday 18th March 2021.

Where can I buy NBA earned edition jerseys?

Earned edition jerseys will be available from all the usual spots, check out our links below for the best deals in the market at the moment, wherever you are in the world! We have put a list of the suppliers of Earned Edition jerseys below.

Have the NBA released Earned Edition jerseys before?

Yes, Nike release NBA earned jerseys in the 2018/19 season, this was the first time Nike had done earned jerseys, the range that year was highlighted by the Pink Miami Vice Heat jersey. Nike and the NBA took a year off in the 2019/20 season from earned jerseys but now they are back, we expected to see Earned jerseys as a feature release every season going forward.

Which team has the best Nike Earned edition jersey?

Ranked 16-1 from the worse to the best this year’s Nike NBA Earned edition jerseys:

16. The LA Clippers:

I have never been a fan of grey jerseys, so this one takes the dubious honour of number 16 on this list, grey, boring, and bland not much else to say about this one I am afraid.

15. The Portland Trail Blazers:

Another grey jersey, another very low mark from myself. The lighter, more Silver tone means that its scores higher than the Clippers effort, but really not much to comment on here. 

14. The Miami Heat:

Last year’s NBA finalists have been rewarded with a rather unsightly Gold/Yellow colour, the shade of this jersey is particularly unappealing. Unfortunately for the Heat I feel they have become victims of their own success here, with their Vice jersey seemingly being the top ranked City jersey every year this jersey feels like a major let down.

13. The Houston Rockets:

Nothing terrible about this jersey, but at the same time nothing exciting, its basically just a flip of their Icon jersey.

12. The Dallas Mavericks:

Another jersey that it feels like we gave seen before, nothing really to get the blood pumping here.

11. The Boston Celtics:

The pops of lime green on the collar and trim are nice, but this feels safe and unexciting, please try harder next time!

10. The Milwaukee Bucks:

The use of the deer antlers coming in from the side of the jersey is a very nice touch and is artfully executed, however it still feels too similar to the existing Icon jersey to leave a lasting impact. 

9. Oklahoma City Thunder:

I am enjoying the use of the staggered Thunder wordmark first seen on the last years Statement and City jerseys with the OKC wordmark, however overall this again feels like they played it safe. A solid jersey but not a game changer.

8. The Indiana Pacers:

Feeling the early 2000’s Reggie Miller vibes with this jersey, not sure if I like the off-centre pinstriping but it’s definitely interesting!

7. The Philadelphia 76ers:

With a big bold liberty bell icon on the front, at least this jersey is giving us something new for the cannon of 76ers jerseys, its kept within the classic 76ers Color scheme but the bell adds just enough interest, a nice move away from the cream jerseys the Sixers have released recently as well.

6. The Orlando Magic:

Side panels reminiscent of the McGrady/Hill Magic of the early 2000’s make this jersey the perfect mix of nostalgia and current iconography. Just enough flair to see the Magic break into the top 10.

5. The Utah Jazz:

Another very familiar looking jersey, however the hardwood classic look of the iconic Jazz note on the green jersey with yellow accents make this jersey stand out from the crowd.

4. The Brooklyn Nets:

The Nets have caught lots of abuse online due to the Ariel style font used on the front of this jersey, however I feel like the Subway theme works really well here and turns the usually pretty stale Black/White offering of the Nets into something interesting.

3. The Toronto Raptors:

Old school classic Purple Raptors colourway mixed with new school jersey design works really well here. I personally think that White instead of black would have given this jersey much more ‘Pop’ but this is a clean jersey that invokes memories of the classic ‘Dino’ Raptors looks simply with a good use of colour. Top marks.

2. The Denver Nuggets:

The beauty of this jersey lies in its simplicity, great use of the Nuggets logo on a clean white jersey. I have nothing more to say.

1. The Los Angeles Lakers:

Another simple concept very well executed. Invoking the spirit of last years Mamba Jersey, the classic black Lakers jersey is always a winner, the gold accents on the tick and NBA Logos to signify the 2020 NBA championship are perfect finishing touches and sit great on the black.