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NBA Franchise Leading Scorers: A Complete List

Karl Malone is the Utah Jazz leading scorer. He has scored the most points for a single franchise with 36,374. Not far behind him are the Lakers Kobe Bryant (33,643) and the Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitski (31,560). The franchise leading scorer with the lowest number of points is Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets (10,444), with even the Pelicans Anthony Davis scoring more than him (11,059).

You’ll notice the absence of both Kareem and Lebron James from the top end of that list. While they are the top two point scorers in NBA history, Kareem split his points between the Bucks and the Lakers, whereas Lebron has split his between Cleveland, Miami and now the Lakers.

That doesn’t mean they don’t appear on the list as a franchise record holder, we get into the details below.

List of NBA Franchise Leading Scorers

We’ve ranked each NBA franchise and its current all-time leading scorer below by total points scored.

NBA FranchiseLeading ScorerPointsRegular Season Games PlayedPoints Per GameCareer Status
Utah JazzKarl Malone36,3741,43425.4Hall of Fame
Los Angeles LakersKobe Bryant33,6431,34625.0Hall of Fame
Dallas MavericksDirk Nowitzki31,5601,52220.7Hall of Fame
Chicago BullsMichael Jordan29,27793031.5Hall of Fame
Houston RocketsHakeem Olajuwon26,5111,17722.5Hall of Fame
San Antonio SpursTim Duncan26,4961,39219.0Hall of Fame
Boston CelticsJohn Havlicek26,3951,27020.8Hall of Fame
Indiana PacersReggie Miller25,2791,38918.2Hall of Fame
New York KnicksPatrick Ewing23,6651,03922.8Hall of Fame
Atlanta HawksDominique Wilkins23,29288226.4Hall of Fame
Cleveland CavaliersLeBron James23,11984927.2Active
Sacramento KingsOscar Robertson22,00975229.3Hall of Fame
Golden State WarriorsStephen Curry21,71288224.6Active
Denver NuggetsAlex English21,64583725.9Hall of Fame
Philadelphia 76ersHal Greer21,5861,12219.2Hall of Fame
Miami HeatDwyane Wade21,55694822.7Hall of Fame
Portland Trail BlazersDamian Lillard19,37676925.2Active
Minnesota TimberwolvesKevin Garnett19,20197019.8Hall of Fame
Oklahoma City ThunderRussell Westbrook18,85982123.0Active
Detroit PistonsIsiah Thomas18,82297919.2Hall of Fame
Milwaukee BucksGiannis Antetokounmpo16,28071922.6Active
Phoenix SunsWalter Davis15,66676620.5Retired
Washington WizardsElvin Hayes15,55173121.3Hall of Fame
Toronto RaptorsDeMar DeRozan13,29667519.7Active
Los Angeles ClippersRandy Smith12,73571517.8Retired
Charlotte HornetsKemba Walker12,00960519.8Active
Memphis GrizzliesMike Conley Jr.11,73378814.9Active
Orlando MagicDwight Howard11,43562118.4Retired
New Orleans PelicansAnthony Davis11,05946623.7Active
Brooklyn NetsBrook Lopez10,44456218.6Active

We’ve included how many games it took them to get there, their corresponding points per game and their career status. Are they still active? Are they retired? Did they make the hall of fame? We have put all that information in the article below but you can also watch it in the video below too.

There are 3 players who are already their NBA Franchise record holder and still play for that franchise. They are Steph Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard, all 3 are in a position to add to their totals and climb that table!

List of Notable all-time Scorers for each NBA Franchise

We have gone through the Franchise data and pulled out each team’s next most notable scorer. This might be the person a currently active player pushed into second place, it might be a player in a position to take top spot soon or a franchise center piece that’s young enough and hot enough to potentially challenge for the all-time franchise scoring record. In some cases, it’s just the next best guy. We break down each Franchise in alphabetical order below the table.

NBA FranchiseAlternate PlayerPointsRegular Season Games PlayedPoints Per GameNotable Because
Atlanta HawksTrey Young8,99035325.5Active (10th)
Boston CelticsJayson Tatum9,86543922.5Active (15th)
Brooklyn NetsBuck Williams10,44063516.42nd Place
Charlotte HornetsDel Curry9,83970114.02nd Place
Chicago BullsZach Lavine8,56234924.5Active (8th)
Cleveland CavaliersZydrunas Ilgauskas10,61677113.82nd Place
Dallas MavericksLuka Doncic9,10033027.6Active (7th)
Denver NuggetsNicola Jokic12,05459620.2Active (4th)
Detroit PistonsJoe Dumars16,401101816.12nd Place
Golden State WarriorsWilt Chamberlain17,78342941.52nd Place
Houston RocketsJames Harden18,36562129.62nd Place
Indiana PacersRik Smits10,78086712.42nd Place
Los Angeles ClippersBlake Griffin10,86350421.62nd Place
Los Angeles LakersJerry West25,19293227.02nd Place
Memphis GrizzliesJa Morant5,55724822.4Active (8th)
Miami HeatAlonzo Mourning9,45959316.02nd Place
Milwaukee BucksKareem Abdul-Jabbar14,21146730.42nd Place
Minnesota TimberwolvesKarl Anthony Towns11,77251123.0Active (2nd)
New Orleans PelicansBrandon Ingram5,28522323.7Active (5th)
New York KnicksWalt Frazier14,61775919.32nd Place
Oklahoma City ThunderShai Gilgeous-Alexander5,66722924.7Active
Orlando MagicNick Anderson10,65069215.42nd Place
Philadelphia 76ersJoel Embiid10,71839427.2Active (8th)
Phoenix SunsDevin Booker12,68853023.9Active (4th)
Portland Trail BlazersClyde Drexler18,04086720.82nd Place
Sacramento KingsDe’Aaron Fox7,97439520.2Active
San Antonio SpursGeorge Gervin23,60289926.32nd Place
Toronto RaptorsPascal Siakam8,01047117.0Active (5th)
Utah JazzJohn Stockton19,711150413.12nd Place
Washington WizardsBradley Beal15,39169522.1Active (2nd)

Atlanta Hawks Franchise Leading Scorer

Dominique Wilkins is the Atlanta Hawks Franchise all-time leading scorer. He scored 23,292 points in 882 games, averaging 26.4 points per game during his Hall of Fame career. He scored his final points for the Hawks in the 1993-94 season when he moved to the LA Clippers. He would play his final NBA game for the Magic in 1999.

The player most likely to threaten Dominique’s record is Trey Young, the Hawks point guard has already scored 8,990 in just 353 games, averaging 25.5. Still active for the Hawks Franchise Young sits 10th on their all time scoring list. With only 5 seasons under his belt, Young could be around for a while and look to close that gap to Wilkins.

Boston Celtics Franchise Leading Scorer

John Havlicek is the Boston Celtics Franchise all-time leading scorer. He scored 26,395 points in 1,270 averaging 20.8 points per game during his Hall of Fame career. He was a one franchise player, winning 8 NBA titles alongside the great Bill Russell. He played 16 seasons for the Celtics between 1962 and 1978.

The player best placed to break his record for the illustrious franchise is Jayson Tatum. The do it all wing drafted by the Celtics in 2017 has played 6 years for the Celtics and already reached 15th on their all-time scoring list with 9,865 points in just 439 games, averaging 22.5 points per game. With his scoring averages ticking up, reaching over 30 points per game in 2022-23 as he settled into his role as the Celtics leader, there is every chance he will break the top 10 in a couple of seasons. Longevity and not moving away from the Celtics are all that stands between him and being able to retire as the Celtics all-time leading scorer.

Brooklyn Nets Franchise Leading Scorer

Brook Lopez is the Brooklyn Nets Franchise leading scorer. He scored 10,444 in 562 games for the Nets, averaging 18.6 points per game. While still active he has not been with the Nets since 2017, currently anchoring the Bucks defense with Giannis.

Lopez only scraped being the Nets Franchise leading scorer, by 4 points! With the side in a rebuilding phase without an obvious young star likely to take Lopez crown let’s give a shout out to Buck Williams who trails Lopez by those 4 points in second place with 10,440 in 635 games averaging 16.4. Williams played 8 seasons for the Nets between 1982 and 1989.

Charlotte Hornets Franchise Leading Scorer

The Franchise with the murkiest Franchise history, just trust us, this information is accurate as far as the official NBA franchise records go.

Kemba Walker is the Charlotte Hornets Franchise leading scorer with 12,009 points in 605 games, averaging 19.8 points per game during his time in Charlotte. He is still active but hasn’t played for the Hornets since leaving for Boston in 2019.

Although the Hornets have sensation Lamelo Ball on their roster, his health and chances of being an elite NBA scorer long term are far from clear. So let’s give a shout out to the player Kemba Walker passed on the Hornets All-time scoring list. Now known mostly as the father of Steph Curry, Del Curry scored 9,839 in 701 games averaging 14.0 points per game and sits in 2nd Place on the Hornets all-time scoring list.

Chicago Bulls Franchise Leading Scorer

Michael Jordan scored 29,277 points in 930 games for the Bulls, averaging 31.5 points per game. He is the G.O.A.T.

We aren’t even going to mention current scoring powerhouse Zach Lavine (8th all time with 8,562) here out of respect to Mike’s record.

Cleveland Cavaliers Franchise Leading Scorer

LeBron James scored 23,119 points in 849 games for the Cavs, averaging 27.2 points per game over 2 spells in Cleveland. He led them to their only NBA title in Franchise history. Currently playing for the LA Lakers, he sits atop the NBA with an all time points tally of 38,652 regular season points.

His one time running buddy Zydrunas Ilgauskas sits in second place all-time for the Cavs scoring with just 10,616 points. The big Centre played 771 games for the Cavs, averaging 13.8 points per game, many of them assisted by King James himself.

While the Cavs current roster looks young and loaded with elite players like Mitchell, Mobley and Garland, it’s going to be a while before any of them catch Lebron.

Dallas Mavericks Franchise Leading Scorer

Dirk Nowitzki is the Dallas Mavericks Franchise all-time leading scorer. He scored 31,560 points in 1,522 games, averaging 20.7 points per game during his Hall of Fame career, and played entirely with the Mavericks organization. The big German revolutionized the power forward position with his shooting, winning a title for the Mavs in 2011. He is one of only 3 players to score more than 30,000 points for one franchise. Dirk scored his last points for the Mavericks in the 2018-19 season after which he retired from the NBA.

In 2018 the Mavericks drafted Luka Doncic, the Slovenian national has cemented himself as a franchise cornerstone and one of the best players in the NBA. Already reaching 7th on the Mavericks all-time scoring list with  9,100 points in 330 games. He has averaged a massive 27.6        points per game in his 5 seasons in the NBA. He looks set to end his career high up on the Mavs franchise scoring list, can he topple Dirk? Only time will tell.

Denver Nuggets Franchise Leading Scorer

Alex English is the Denver Nuggets Franchise all-time leading scorer. He scored 21,645 in 837 games for the Nuggets, averaging 25.9 points per game. He played 11 seasons for the Mavericks in his hall of fame career.

Not known for his scoring Denver Nuggets “Point Centre” Nicola Jokic is already 4th on the Nuggets all time scoring list with 12,054 points in 596 games. He has averaged 20.2 points per game in his 8 year career, winning back to back MVP titles and hoping to lead the Nuggets to their first NBA championship in the 2023 Playoffs. The durable big man’s points average is on the up-tick after a slow start in the league, averaging over 25 points per game his last 3 seasons. He’s a safe bet to retire as the Nuggets Franchise leading scorer.

Detroit Pistons Franchise Leading Scorer

Isiah Thomas is the Detroit Pistons Franchise leading scorer. Thomas scored 18,822 points in 979 games, averaging 19.2 points per game during his Hall of Fame career. He led the Pistons to 2 NBA titles, and could have made it 3 in a row if injury had not affected him during the 1991 Playoffs.

Without any clear current stars looking to make scoring waves in Detroit, let’s take a look at Joe Dumars who is 2nd on the Detroit Pistons Franchise leading scorer list. Dumars scored 16,401 points in 1,018 games, averaging 16.1 during his hall of fame career. Playing alongside Thomas he also won 2 NBA titles, battling Jordan many times in the Playoffs.

What an elite back court.

Golden State Warriors Franchise Leading Scorer

Stephen Curry is the Golden State Warriors Franchise leading scorer with 21,712 points in 882 games, averaging 24.6 points per game in his first 14 years of his NBA career. Showing no signs of slowing down the only ever unanimous MVP and 4x NBA Champion averaged almost 30 points per game in the 2022-23 season. By the time he’s done he is going to take some catching.

The man Curry caught and passed who sits second on the Warriors all-time scoring list is Wilt Chamberlain who scored a massive 17,783 points in just 429 games over 6 seasons for the Warriors. Wilt averaged 41.5 points per game, while playing 47.2 mins per game. The 100 point man doesn’t hold any franchise scoring records.

It took Steph Curry 12 seasons to pass the record that Wilt set in just 6.

Houston Rockets Franchise Leading Scorer

Hakeem Olajuwon is the Houston Rockets Franchise leading scorer. Hakeem scored 26,511 points in 1,177 games for the Rockets, averaging 22.5 points per game and winning 2 NBA titles in his Hall of Fame career. Hakeem was drafted ahead of Michael Jordan in 1984 and played almost his entire career for the Rockets, save for his final season before retiring in 2002 when he played for the Raptors.

While not currently on the Rockets squad, James Harden sits second on their all-time scorers list with 18,365 points. Heavily rumored to be returning to Houston before his career ends he played 621 games for the Rockets, averaging 29.6 points and winning an MVP title.

Indiana Pacers Franchise Leading Scorer

Reggie Miller is the Indiana Pacers Franchise leading scorer. Miller scored 25,279 points in 1,389 games for the Pacers, averaging 18.2 points per game in his Hall of Fame career. While never able to get his Pacers sides over the hump and win a title. Battling against Jordans Bulls and the Bad Boy Pistons just to come out of the East, he finally made the Finals in 2000 only to be crushed by the Shaq & Kobe Lakers. Tough brakes.

Outside of Reggie Miller’s reign and a brief spell of success with Paul George, the Pacers Franchise has largely been devoid of superstars. Second on their all time scoring list is Rik Smits who scored 10,780 points in 867 games for the Pacers, averaging 12.4 points per game.

Los Angeles Clippers Franchise Leading Scorer

Randy Smith is the LA Clippers Franchise Leading scorer. Smith put up 12,735 points in 715 games for the Clippers. Averaging 17.8 points per game in his nine seasons with them between 1971 and 1979. For the first 8 seasons they were known as the Buffalo Braves and the final season the San Diego Clippers. Randy Smith is one of only two Franchise leading scorers to be eligible, but not elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Blake Griffin sits second on the Clippers all-time scoring list with 10,863 in 504 games. The high flying big man looked set to break Smiths record after signing a massive contract extension with the Clippers in 2017 before being traded mid-season to the Pistons. During his time with the Clippers he played with Point God Chris Pail who helped him average 21.6 points per game and many highlight dunks. Never forget Lob City.

Los Angeles Lakers Franchise Leading Scorer

Kobe Bryant is the LA Lakers Franchise leading scorer with 33,643 points in 1,346 games, averaging 25 points per game in his 20 years with the Lakers. Kobe only ever played for the Lakers, winning 5 titles before retiring in 2016. He leads a super-star pack of Franchise talent. Oh and he could pass too…

Jerry West sits in second place on the Lakers all time scoring list with 25,192 points in 932 games for an average of 27 points per game. West played all 14 of his NBA seasons with the Lakers, winning only 1 NBA title as he was constantly thwarted by Bill Russell’s Celtics in the NBA Finals. Still, his magnificent scoring record puts him one place ahead of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the Lakers list who is second on the NBA’s all time career scoring list thanks to his combined Bucks/Lakers career.

Memphis Grizzlies Franchise Leading Scorer

Mike Conley Jr. is the Memphis Grizzlies Franchise leading scorer. He scored 11,733 points in 788 games, averaging 14.9 points per game. While still active as the veteran presence on a young Timberwolves roster he hasn’t played for the Grizzlies since 2019, moving to Utah after 12 seasons in Memphis.

Ja Morant is the explosive new face of the Grizzlies franchise. An undersized point guard with outsized athleticism he relentlessly attacks the rim. Already posting 5,557 points in just 248 games, his 22.4 points per game average already has him as 8th all time on the Grizzlies Franchise scoring list. Having played just 4 seasons in the NBA, he looks set to shatter Conleys Franchise scoring record in a few years time.

Miami Heat Franchise Leading Scorer

Dwyane Wade scored 21,556 points in 948 games over 2 spells for the Miami Heat. He averaged 22.7 points for the Heat during his Hall of Fame career, in which he spent 15 seasons in Miami. Winning 3 titles, one with Shaq where he picked up Finals MVP ahead of the Big Diesel and 2 with Lebron James during his “Heatles” run. Drafted by the Heat in 2003 and retiring in 2019 he is one of the Heats Franchises all time legends for way more than just his scoring.

Alonzo Mourning sits in 2nd place on the all time Heat scoring list with 9,459 points in 593 games. Known primarily for his defense, Mourning was still able to average 16 points per game during his Hall of Fame career.

The Heat roster is currently built around veteran wing Jimmy Butler, who won’t have enough years left in his career to catch Wade or even Zo. If Heat’s place on top of the Heat scoring charts is going to be threatened it’s by someone who currently hasn’t worn a Heat uniform.

Milwaukee Bucks Franchise Leading Scorer

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the Milwaukee Bucks Franchise all time leading scorer. Giannis has scored 16,280 points in 719 games, averaging 22.6 points per game in his 10 year Bucks career. After averaging less than 17 points per game in each of his first 3 years with the Bucks the 2x MVP has seen his scoring explode to almost 30 a game in recent years. Giannis led the Bucks to the title in 2021 putting up 50 points in the close out game against Phoenix in the Finals.

Giannis passed the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to take top spot in the Bucks all-time scoring table. Kareem scored  14,211 points in 467 games for the Bucks. Averaging 30.4 points per game in his 6 seasons with the Bucks. Kareem also won a title in Milwaukee before finishing his career in LA.

Minnesota Timberwolves Franchise Leading Scorer

Kevin Garnett is the Minnesota Timberwolves Franchise leading scorer. He scored 19,201 points in 970 games. Garnett averaged 19.8 points per game during the 14 seasons he played in Minnesota in his Hall of Fame career. Maybe best known for his time as a Celtic where he pitted himself against a young Lebron James in the Playoffs, won the title in 2008 and battled Kobe in the Finals in 2010. His time at the Timberwolves is where he played his best Basketball.

Karl Anthony Towns was supposed to have delivered more success than he has. Coming into the NBA in 2015, he has now played 8 seasons in the NBA. Individually he has been brilliant, scoring 11,772 points in 511 games, averaging 23 points per game. However team success has been hard to come by. Now flanked by Anthony Edwards and Rudy Gobert the Wolves hope that KAT can lead the team to playoff success in the near future. If he stays in Minnesota he is sure to break Garnett’s scoring record.

New Orleans Pelicans Franchise Leading Scorer

Anthony Davis scored 11,059 points in just 466 games for the Pelicans. Averaging 23.7 points in 7 seasons with the Pelicans. Drafted in 2012 the Pelicans were rarely able to surround him with a roster that matched his talent and could stay healthy. Eventually he forced his way out to the Lakers where he won a title in his first season next to Lebron in 2020.

Already charging up the Pelicans leaderboard is the man who came the other way in the Davis trade. Brandon Ingram has scored 5,285 in 223 games for the Pelicans, exactly matching Davis’ average of 23.7 points per game. In just 4 seasons in New Orleans Ingram has reached 5th on the Pelicans all time scoring list and looks to crush Davis Franchise record if he can get all world wrecking ball Zion Williams on the court with him.

New York Knicks Franchise Leading Scorer

Patrick Ewing is the New York Knicks franchise leading scorer. Ewing scored 23,665 points for the Knicks in 1,039 games. Averaging 22.8 points per game in his 15 seasons in New York. His            Hall of Fame career saw him drafted with the 1st pick in 1985, playing the bulk in New York before finishing out his time with 1 season stints in Seattle and Orlando.

The current Knicks roster is looking to reignite itself, led by Julius Randle (4 seasons with Knicks) and new signing Jalen Brunson (1 year with Knicks), neither of whom look like threatening the all time Knicks scoring leader any time soon.

The Knicks franchise second leading scorer is Walt Frazier who scored 14,617 points in 759 games, averaging 19.3 points per game during his 10 season with the Knicks (1967-77).

Oklahoma City Thunder Franchise Leading Scorer

Russell Westbrook is the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise leading scorer. Westbrook scored 18,859 points in 821 games for the Thunder. Averaging 23 points as he played alongside future MVPs Kevin Durant and James Harden. Westbrook was the man who stayed, winning MVP the year after KD left town as he became the first player since Oscar Robertson to average a triple double for a season in 2016-17. Westbrook eventually left town and has bounced around several franchises since, never really making the franchise altering impact he had at OKC.

The current Thunder Roster is young and hungry. Led by point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander who has scored 5,667 points in 229 games across 4 seasons for OKC. His average of 24.7 points per game has seen him reach far beyond what was expected of him, being named to the NBA All First team in 2022-23. The Thunder franchise record is combined with that of the Supersonics that came before them, however discounting these years only KD and Westbrook stand ahead of Shai since they moved to OKC and became the Thunder.

Orlando Magic Franchise Leading Scorer

Dwight Howard is the Orlando Magic franchise leading scorer. He scored 11,435 points in 621 games for the Magic, averaging 18.4 per game. The Magic had a hot start to their existence drafting back to back 1st overall picks Shaq and Penny not long after their inception in 1989. After injuries to Penny Hardaway derailed the success and Shaq agitated to get to LA, the Magic hit a slump. Then Dwight Howard emerged as a defense juggernaut leading them back to the NBA Finals in 2009.

Howard took the top spot from Nick Anderson, one of the Magics original draft picks. He scored 10,650 points in 692 games for the Magic, averaging 15.4 points per game in 10 seasons.

The current Magic roster is young and hungry. With players like Paolo Banchero, the Wagner Brothers and Markelle Fultz on the roster we may see a challenger to Dwight’s record emerge in the next few seasons.

Philadelphia 76ers Franchise Leading Scorer

Hal Greer scored 21,586 points in 1,122 games, averaging 19.2 points per game in his Hall of Fame career. Drafted in 1958 Greer played his entire career for the Franchise. The first 5 years based in Syracuse as the Nationals, before moving to Philly in 1963 and becoming the 76ers. Greer retired in 1973 as the Franchises leading scorer and remains so to this day.

8th on the 76ers all-time franchise scoring list and coming up fast is Joel Embiid. Claiming his first MVP title in 2023 he has scored 10,718 points in just 394 games for an average of 27.2 points per game. Having battled injury through the early part of his career, he looks to be rolling now. If he stays in Philadelphia for the bulk of his prime he will be a challenger for the Franchise record before he retires.

Phoenix Suns Franchise Leading Scorer

Walter Davis is the Phoenix Suns all time franchise leading scorer. Davis scored 15,666 points in 766 games for the Suns. Averaging 20.5 points per game across 11 seasons in Phoenix between 1977 and 1988 before finishing out his career in Denver. Walter Davis is one of only two Franchise leading scorers to be eligible, but not elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Devin Booker has become an elite NBA scorer. In just 8 season in the NBA (all with the Suns) he has scored 12,688 points in 530 games, averaging 23.9 points per game. This has propelled him to 4th on the Phoenix Suns all time scoring list. With Davis’ record just 2,978 points away, it is almost a certainty that Booker will be the Suns Franchise leading scorer by the end of the 2024-25 season.

Portland Trail Blazers Franchise Leading Scorer

Damian Lillard is the Portland Trail Blazers Franchise leading scorer. One of only 3 franchise leaders to be currently active on the same teams roster, he already has 19,376 points in 769 games, averaging 25.2 points a game. Big Game Dame has repeatedly expressed his contentment in Portland and does have a desire to go elsewhere. Lillard grabbed the franchise scoring title in December 2022.

The man Lillard passed is Clyde Drexler who sits number 2 on the Trail Blazers all time scoring list. Clyde the Glide scored 18,040 points in 867 games for an average of 20.8 points per game. Drafted by the Blazers in 1983 he played 12 seasons in Portland before being traded to the Rockets in 1995.

Sacramento Kings Franchise Leading Scorer

Oscar Robertson is the Sacramento Kings franchise leading scorer. Robertson scored 22,009 points in 752 games. Over his 10 years with the Franchise he averaged 29.3 points per game. Drafted in 1960, the Franchise was then called the Cincinnati Royals. The Big O would leave for Milwaukee in 1970 where he would win a title with Kareem.

While young Kings PG De’Aaron Fox has a long way to go to catch Robertson, his 7,974 points in 395 games are impressive. His career average through 6 sessions of 20.2 is on the up as he averaged 25 points per game in 2022-23 on his way to gaining NBA All third team selection. He looks to be the cornerstone of an exciting King’s roster that made the playoffs for the first time in 16 years the same season.

San Antonio Spurs Franchise Leading Scorer

Tim Duncan is the San Antonio Spurs franchise all time leading scorer. During his hall of fame career, played entirely with the Spurs he scored 26,496 points in 1,392 games, averaging 19 points per game. Duncan won 5 titles with the Spurs between 1997 and 2017, anchoring their defense and epitomizing a team that strived to play beautiful, team first basketball.

With the Spurs still deep in the rebuilding phase, there is no clear successor to challenge Duncan’s place on top of the franchise scoring table. George Gervin sits in 2nd place with 23,602 points scored over 899 games for an average of 26.3 points per game. Duncan only eclipsed Gervin in his last few seasons, Duncans longevity defined his career and it’s clear that the IceMan was a better pure scorer. Gervin came over with the Spurs from the ABA in 1976 and retired after a final season stint with the Bulls in 1986.

Toronto Raptors Franchise Leading Scorer

DeMar DeRozan is the Toronto Raptors franchise leading scorer. DeRozan scored 13,296 points in 675 games, for an average of 19.7 points per game. Drafted by the Raptors in 2009, he played 9 seasons in Canada before being traded for Kawhi Leonard. The fan base was torn about the loss of DeRozan who had always left it all out on the court. However Kawhi came into town for 1 season and delivered the Raptors the only title in Franchise history in 2019 before leaving as a free agent.

Pascal Siakam is the standout player in a young Raptors core. He was there with DeRozan and then with Kawhi playing a key part in the title run. He has scored 8,010 points for the franchise in 471. His average of 17 points per game has been enough to put him as 5th on the Franchoise scoring list. Pascal Siakam has still not reached his ceiling, if he does, the DeMar’s scoring record might be in jeopardy.

Utah Jazz Franchise Leading Scorer

Karl Malone is the Utah Jazz franchise leading scorer. He scored 36,374 points in 1,434 games. The most points any player has ever scored for one franchise. He averaged 25.4 points per game in his 18 seasons with the Jazz. His Hall of Fame career never yielded a title, losing tO Jordan’s Bulls in the Finals. In his final NBA season he left Utah to join Shaq & Kobe in LA. Unfortunately he got injured in the Finals and the Lakers suffered defeat at the hands of the 2004 Pistons.

Second on the Jazz franchise scoring list is John Stockton. The point guard, who probably assisted on the majority of Malones baskets, scored 19,711 in 1504 games, averaging 13.1 points per game. Stockton played 19 seasons, all for the Jazz and recorded an NBA record 15,806 assists.

Washington Wizards Franchise Leading Scorer

Elvin Hayes is the Washington Wizards franchise leading scorer. Hayes scored 15,551 points in 731 games for an average of 21.3. The hall of famer joined the Baltimore Bullets from Houston in 1972 and played for them for 9 seasons as they changed name from the Baltimore to Capitol Bullets and then to the Washington Bullets. It was only in 1995 that the Franchise became the Washington Wizards.

Second on the Wizards Franchise All-time scoring list is Bradley Beal, the current Wizard has scored 15,391 points in 695 games, averaging 22.1 points per game. Despite the team gaining little postseason success, Beal is happy with his role as the franchise leader. Unless there is a shock trade before the season starts, Beal will pass Hayes when he scores his 160th point of the 2023-24 season.